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INDRA FUTURE MINDS COMPETITION. Project presentation . . THE COMPETITION. WHAT IS FUTURE MINDS?. Indra Future Minds Competition is an inter-university competition for attracting talent . Global reach : Europe, Latinamerica and Asia.

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  1. INDRA FUTURE MINDS COMPETITION Project presentation.

  2. THE COMPETITION WHAT IS FUTURE MINDS? • Indra Future Minds Competition is an inter-university competition for attracting talent. • Global reach: Europe, Latinamerica and Asia. • Thecontestisbasedonmulticulturalism and new methodsforworkingbasedontechnology. • Thecontestisbasedonresolvingenigmasproposedby Indra, basedonreal Indra projects. • Award: Indra´s hiring commitment of the two teams that reach the final, in one of the subsidiaries involved in the contest, chosen by the students. • Languages of the competition: • The Contest communication will be done in SpanishandEnglish. • Students can communicatewitheachother in thelanguagetheychoose. • Projects can besubmitted in Spanish, EnglishorPortuguese. • The 2013 edition will be the third edition of the competition.

  3. THE COMPETITION AWARDS • Awardforthe video withthemost votes • Thegroup (6 participants) withthe video thatreceivesthemostvotes willreceive a 16 GB iPodTouchforeachmember. • Awardfortheteamsthatpassthe virtual phase • Alltheparticipantswhoreachthe in-personphase (12) willreceivean Apple iPad. • Travel, lodging and meal expenses duringthe final phasewillbepaidby Indra. • Awardfortherunner-up team • Themembers of therunner-up teamwillbeoffered a job at the Indra facilitytheyselectfromtheofficesparticipating in thecontest once thestudentshavecompletedtheirdegrees. Indra willcoverany visa-related expenses. • Awardforthewinningteam • Theawardforthemembers of thewinningteamwillconsist of an Indra joboffer in the country selectedbyeachstudent, fromtheofficesparticipating in thecontest, once thestudentshavecompletedtheirdegrees. Indra willcovertheinitial transfer expenses (shipping, insurance, visas and a €600 monthlystipendduringthefirsttwelvemonths) as well as twoplane tickets at thesix-month and twelve-monthmilestones of theirhire date).

  4. THE COMPETITION WHO CAN PARTICIPATE? • Final yearuniversitystudentsenrolled in theacademicyear 2012/2013. • Teams of 3 participants + 1 reserve. One of them will be the team captain. • Equipos de 3 participantes + 1 de reserva. Uno de ellos será el capitán del equipo. • 1 team per university. • StudentProfile • Telecommunication/Computer/Industrial EngineeringStudents. • Students in their final year of study. • Goodacademic records (theirstudiesmustbe in line withtheyearsestablished in theiracademic plan oroneadditionalyear). • Initiative. • Abilitytowork in a team. • Abilitytocommunicate in English (spoken and written). • Good social and communicationskills. • Strongprofessionaldevelopmentpotential: Withthedesiretoassumeresponsibility in hisorherprofessionalcareer • Otherinterestsasidefromtheireducation (internships, scholarships, volunteerwork, individual classes, etc.).

  5. THE COMPETITION COUNTRIES INVOLVED Countries involved • ASIA • Philippines • LATIN AMERICA • Peru • Panama • Brazil • Mexico • Colombia • Chile • OCEANIA • Australia • EUROPE • Spain • Portugal • CzechRepublic • Italy • Turkey • Norway Calendar PHASE 0 CV submitting/ Studentsselection December 15th / January 15th 2013 VIRTUAL PHASE March 11th/ March 29th 2013 IN PERSON PHASE 4 teams. 2 challenges Brazil. April 25th and 26th 2013

  6. THE COMPETITION 0 PHASE. PARTICIPANS SELECTIONDECEMBER 15TH/ JANUARY 15TH • Theuniversityselectsthestudentsthatmeettheprofiletodefinedparticipate. • Universitiesprovideeachparticipating office withtheCVsof thestudents fromtheir country. TheCVs are ranked in orderto determine theparticipants and thesubstitutes. • Indra selectsfromeachuniversitythefourstudentsthatmostinterestus. Theuniversitywillnotifythosestudents and Indra willthencontactthem.

  7. THE COMPETITION VIRTUAL PHASE. MARCH 11TH TO MARCH 29TH • Indra defines thegroupsthatwillparticipate in the virtual phase:1 Country universityteam 1 + 1 Country universityteam2 • Eachgroupselectsthe enigma theywouldliketoresolve. • A collaborativeplatformisdeveloped. Usingthisplatform, theteams can communicate and workonresolvingthe enigma. Theplatformwillallowthemto: • Communicatewitheachother. • Publishdocumentation. • Contacttheteamresponsiblefortheproject. • Studentsmustsubmit: • A PowerPoint presentationwith a maximum of 20 slides. • A 2-3 minute video withthecontentthatisdefined. • Additionaldocumentation. • Once reviewed, the videos willbepublishedin theexternal Indra websitefor general voting, and thevotingresultswillbepublished in social networks. Thegroupwiththevideo thatreceivesthemost votes willreceive a 16 GB iPodTouchforeachteamgroupmember. • Thevotes receivedbythe videos willnotinfluencethejury'sdecision; instead, theywillreceiveindependentprizes. • Jury: Theteamresponsibleforthe enigmas + HumanResources. • Thecriteriawithwhichtheproposalswillbeassessedwillbebasedon Indra values. Final result: Twogroups (4 teams) willpasstothe in-personphase.

  8. THE COMPETITION IN PERSON PHASE. APRIL 25TH AND 26TH 2013 • Itwilltake place in Brazil. • Alltheparticipantswhoreachthe in-personphase(12) willreceiveaniPadorequivalent. • In thisstage, eachuniversitywillparticipateindependently, not in groups as in the virtual phase. • Thedocumentationforthe enigmas tobe resolved willbesenttothefinalistteams in ordertofacilitatetheirpresentations in the in-personphase. • Thisphasewillincludeactivitiesregardingknowledgeaboutthecompany. Leisureactivitiesmaybeaddedtotheschedule. • The in-personphaseisdividedintotwoparts: Thesemi-finals, in whichthefourteams compete. Twoteamswillpasstothe final, in whichtherunner-up and thewinnerwillbedecided. • Jury: Indra Manager responsible for the project in which the enigma is based + Human Resources + Customer representative of the project in which is based the enigma. • Final result: Onewinnerteam and onefinalistteam: • Winnerteamaward: Indra´shiringcommitment, in the country chosenbystudentsamongthesubsidiariesinvolved in thecompetition, once thestudent has completedtheirstudies. • Indra willassumetheinnitialtravel expenses (transportation, insurance, visa, and a 600€ monthlyhelpforthefirst 12 months) and twoplane tickets, at 6 months and 12 months of its incorporation. • Finalistteam: Studentswillbeabletoapplyto a position in Indra, in thesubsidiarytheychoose among those involved in the competition, once the students has completed his studies.

  9. THE COMPETITION PREVIOUS EDITIONS 2011 Edition ParticipantCountries:Spain, Mexico, Colombia, Brazil, Chile and Argentina Awarded: First place team: Universidad Politécnica de Cataluña (Spain). Second place team:Instituto Tecnológico de Estudios Superiores de Monterrey y Campus Edo. De México. Impactsonpress: 41 2012 Edition ParticipantCountries:Spain, Mexico, Colombia, Brazil, Argentina, Peru, Philippines, CzechRepublic. Awarded: First place team :University of Philippines. Second place team:Escuela Superior de Ingenieros de Telecomunicaciones Universidad Politécnica de Madrid (Spain). Impactsonpress: 98

  10. THE COMPETITION MOST VALUED ASPECTS OF THE CONTEST BY STUDENTS • Themulticultural experience. • Knowing different projects that are carried out in an organization on the characteristics of Indra. • Knowing a complete project, notjustthetasksthattheywillassume at themoment of becomingpart of a company. • Increasingknowledgeaboutthecompany. • In addition, thecontestallowsthemtodevelopthenecessaryskillsfor a succesfulincorporationintotheprofessionalworld. • Teamwork. • Creativity. • Rigour. • Intercultural skills. • Skillsrelatedto virtual work. • Ability to acquire an overview of the projects..

  11. Nombre Apellido ApellidoDepartamento / Área de negocio alias@indra.esAvda. de Bruselas 35 28108 Alcobendas, Madrid EspañaT +34 91 480 50 00F +34 91 480 50 80www.indra.es

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