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Minds Chat(Our Future Careers) PowerPoint Presentation
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Minds Chat(Our Future Careers)

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Minds Chat(Our Future Careers)
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Minds Chat(Our Future Careers)

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  1. Minds Chat(Our Future Careers)

  2. Learning Circle Group:High school(Age 17-18 years) Sponsoring Teacher: Moza Al MuqbaliSponsor School:Um Salama Basic SchoolCity: SoharCountry: Sultanate of OmanName of Project:Minds Chat (Our Future jobs) Teachers in the Circle: Lilian:Kenya Nisreen:Syria

  3. Description of the Project: • Goal Of The Project: . To compare how students in different countries and cultures have planned for their future.. Type Of Writing Requested Student will produce essays,films,leaflet,powerpoints,postersDescription Of What You Are Looking For From Other Schools: The students are in their last years of schooling ,so I think it is a good idea to see how students of Kenya Syria and Oman have planned for their future.

  4. Students will answer the following `questions:What are their most favorite future careers? Why do most of them like to get these jobs? What are the factors that determine their choices: gender, high salary, good reputation, comfort..ect? Are the youth's career choices different from their parents or elders` choices, how? Ideal Number Of Submissions From Each School:2-3 response from each school a week . Preferred Length Of Articles: One to two pages Deadline For Receiving Information (Circle deadline is the second week of April)

  5. Acknowledgement: • I would like to thank all the teachers and students who have shared their wishes, hopes and dreams with us. A special thank to Ms Lilian from Kenya and Ms Nisreen from Syria who have been very collaborative in making our circle efficiently fruitful and interactive. • I would especially thank Ms Lillian's students: Thelma Mweresa, Saumu Tunga, Ajiambo Verolyne for their hard work and their strong desire to collaborate with us. • Also I would like to thank Ms Nisreen`s students who posted their work on my project.

  6. I can't forget my students whom I extremely love and who are usually eager to be involved in iEARN projects. A special thank to Najwa Al mFahad,Ahed Al Ghaithi, Manal Al Muqbali and class:12F1 who took part in the jobs` survey, I wish all their dreams become true. • Thanks my facilitators, Barry Karmar and Minoo Shamsnia for your valuable comments and your willingness to guide me and giving me the feedback, I have learnt a lot from them. • A special thank also to my country coordinator Mr.Issa Al Anqoudi who encouraged me to register in this course.

  7. The work of Kenya's students Kenya Kenya Kenya

  8. General information: Learning circe level: High schoolThe teacher: Lilian NyarangaThe School: keveye Girls' Secondary schoolCountry: kenya

  9. Our Dreaming Future jobs in Kenya • I want to be a Pediatrician:I have always loved children. Their innocence and naivety add to their beauty and make them more adorable. This strong passion for the little angels influenced my career choice of wanting to be a pediatrician. A developing country like mine still has high infant mortality and few pediatricians, hence by becoming one I will be making a major contribution to my country. Giving a child a second chance in life and a healthy life I will indeed be living my dream. Living this dream is a challenge in its own ways because it means I have to excel in the sciences and mathematics. The subjects are not that easy so that means I have to put in a lot of effort and sacrifice in order to get good grades. But I am determined and I know I will make it. • Thelma Mweresa Form 3 Keveye Girls High school

  10. Searching for Youth`s talents My name is Saumu Tunga.I would like to pursue a career that deals with exploring youth talents and abilities. I want to help the youths discover their hidden talents and make a living out of it. These days the youths are involved in vices like drug abuse, prostitution, rioting etc which lead them astray. They ignore their talents because their is no one to support them. The only thing hindering me from my career aspiration is that there is no course in my country that specializes in talent search, but hopefully my government will see the need and introduce it in the universities soon Saumu TungaForm 2East

  11. LOVE TEACHING: I have always admired teachers and I believe they do a noble job. I love teaching because it will give me an opportunity to interact and shape the young children's life so that they can become useful members of the society. Many students don't like choosing this profession because they feel students give teachers a hard time. They also think teaching is not a well paying job and that many people look down on teachers. I tend to disagree with them, I find teachers to be an admirable lot, they sacrifice too much, they work so hard they guide and counsel us. That is the reason why they are blessed people. For if you help someone in need God will also bless you. I admire my Teacher Miss Lilian, I also want to thank you teacher Moza and teacher Nisreen and all the teachers of iEARN, for the good job you are doing to us. Written byAjiambo VerolyneForm 3WKeveye Girls

  12. A Professional Actress I am known to be very confident, couragious, dramatic, hyperactive with a very high self esteem. I have always admired actors and actresses, that's why my dreams are to be a professional actress. The movie and acting industry in my country is still growing. It is not advanced like the hollywood in USA, bollywood in India or Nollywood in Nigeria. Even though the profession is not that well recognized and the pay not that good, I am still not discouraged. I am passionate about acting and I believe I can make a good living out of it. Another problem I face with my career aspiration is the perception people have about acting, they believe it is a profession for failures and leads to immoralities. Most parents will not want their children to pursue acting. I am lucky because my mum has been an actress and I have her support. Ringos Brenda Adhiambo. Form 3NKeveye.

  13. Syria`s students work Syria Syria The students conducted a survey and the came up with the following results: Syria

  14. Our Dreaming Future jobs in Syria The most desired jobs and careers here in our school at least are : Being a Doctor: a lot of students want to study medicine in Damascus University because they think it is a great opportunity to gain respect , appreciation and money which will drive you in the end to have a safe , happy life . Others think it is a great thing when you save a human life or when you help patients to win the challenge against illnesses.

  15. General Information: • The Teacher : Nisreen Al – Bani . The school : Al Basel Secondary Schoo for Preeminent of Damascus . City: Damascus . Country : Syria .

  16. Engineering : With its unlimited fields , engineering gives pupils a free choice to participate the domain they like , and in the same time to guarantee their future economically . And to be a little specific , Computer engineering college is a sweet home for these who love sitting in front of the screen all day creating programs , and those who like arts and have a spacious imagination that help them innovating new designs and creating alternatives , can find their purpose in architecture and civil engineering's colleges.

  17. Law: Damascus University is famous for its law department that every year graduates many lawyers who are professional and ready to practice their jobs immediately. Youths here in Syria mostly choose this department either for gaining reputation and money or because they've got low marks in high school. .

  18. Teaching: This job is very wanted especially from girls. Most of the students love teaching and enjoy dealing with pupils because they think it is a very important and principal matter to give the community a well-prepared generations , and take care of talented persons ; this way we can nearly ensure that the future of the universe is safe. .

  19. GENERAL INFORMATION:For a long time , youths have dreamt of being doctors and engineers , that after a while they realized that it wasn't what they want . Nowadays Syria is much more opened and new academics are choosing varied options to study , just like : computer engineering , décor designing , singing , philosophy and even Business administration which is the most recent field in our country. So , Finally we should say that although there are other important jobs but Syrians like the jobs we mentioned above the most . However, they respect each worker whatever was his job because they believe that it is not shame to be a small worker in this big world, but doing nothing and staying lying on the couch is the shame itself .

  20. Oman Oman Oman

  21. My students in class 12/1 have conducted jobs survey. The number of the participants in the sample is about 24 and they came up with the following results:

  22. Jobs` survey The number of the participants: 24 Their Grade: 12 Their Age: 16-18 years old Their Gender: Females

  23. Youth and their parents From the result of the survey we found out that Omani youths` thinking of their future is totally different from their parents. Most of their mothers are housewives and their fathers have jobs which do not require high qualifications such as farmers, fishermen, shopkeeper, guards, working in military. As our country is a developing country, Omani youth `s ambitions regarding their future careers has also developed. Twenty years ago, Omani youth were interested in specializing mainly in teaching and working in military as well.

  24. Jobs which enable them to serve their community: However, by looking at the survey above, we can guess that Omani youth dreaming job have varied and they become more aware of what they want to be. When we conducted the survey we found out that most of them want to be doctors, dentist and engineer. The reasons from their point of view is to help people and to get high prestige in their community. Others said they wish to be lawyers to spread justice among people. Jobs according to their hobbies and interests: There are other careers Omani students wish to work in jobs which meet their hobbies and interest such as photographers, actress and astronomer.

  25. Jobs which deals with social and psychological issues: The survey also has revealed that the Omani youth has become aware of their society's issues and they want their future jobs to help in solving these issues for example: some of them dream to be socialists and psychologists to solve people's problems

  26. Um Salama School Grade:12