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  2. Indra WHO ARE WE? Indra is a global company of consulting,technology,innovation, and talent, leader in high value-added solutions and services for the Transport and Traffic, Energy and Industry, Public Administration and Healthcare, Finance, Insurance, Security and Defence, and Telecom and Media sectors. It is ranked as the second European company in its sector according to investment in R&D with nearly € 500 M during the last three years • 3.000 M€ sales • 42.000 professionals • 128 countries

  3. The contest Whatis FUTURE MINDS? Universities from Europe, America, Asia and Oceania participate. The contestants have to resolve challenges based on real Indra projects. The solution of the enigma has to be based on our values: Rigor, sensitivity, determination and originality. Prize: Indra’s hiring commitment of the winning team, in one of the subsidiaries involved in the contest, chosen by the students (keeping in mind migration restrictions). Language of the contest: The primary language of the competition is English, although the project can be submitted in Spanish, English or Portuguese.

  4. Indra Future Minds 2014 This will be the fourth edition 2nd edition 1st edition 3rd edition Madrid. University of the Philippines Diliman (The Philippines). Madrid. UPC-BarcelonaTech (Spain). São Paulo. Yildiz Technical University (Turkey). 120 students 12 countries 37 universities 250 mentions in the press More than 125,000 votes cast

  5. The contest prizes Prizefor the teams that pass the virtual stage All the participants who reach the onsite stage (12) will receive an Apple iPad. Travel, lodging and meal expenses during the final stage will be paid by Indra. Prize for the winning team The award for the members of the winning team will consist of an Indra job offer in the country selected by each student, from the offices participating in the contest, once the students have completed their degrees. Indra will cover the initial transfer expenses (shipping, insurance, visas and a €600 monthly stipend during the first twelve months) as well as two plane tickets at the six-month and twelve-month milestones of their hire date). There could be possible migration restrictions and/or the need to have certain knowledge of the local language. If those requirements prevent the hiring in the chosen country, there will be a hiring commitment in the home country.

  6. The contest Final year university students enrolled in the academic year 2013/2014. Teams of 3 participants + 1 reserve. One of them will be the team captain. 1 team per university. Who can participate? Student profile • Telecommunication/Computer/Industrial Engineering Students. • Students in their final year of study. • Good academic records (their studies must be in line with the • years established in their academic plan or one additional year). • Initiative. • Ability to work in a team. • Ability to communicate in English (spoken and written). • Good social and communication skills. • Strong professional development potential: With the desire to assume responsibility in his or her professional career . • Other interests aside from their education (internships, scholarships, volunteer work, individual classes, etc.).

  7. The contest EUROPA Spain Italy Portugal AMERICA Peru Brazil Mexico Colombia Chile Panama ROW The Philippines Turkey Australia Countries involved and calendar Countries involved Calendar

  8. The university selects the students that meet the profile to defined participate. Universities provide each participating office with the CVs of the students from their country. Indra selects, by a selection recruitment process, from each university 4 students (3+1 reserve). The university will notify those students and Indra will then contact them. The contest Stages of the competition • Student selection stage • 30 July 2013 • 15 December 2013 • Inter-university league • 15 January 2014 • 15 February 2014 • In the inter-university league the students from the different universitiesof the country compete with each other. • 1 or 3 teams will move on to the virtual stage. • The students will have to solve a problem similar to the problems in the rest of the stages.

  9. Indra defines the groups that will participate in the virtual stage: 1 Country university team 1 + 1 Country university team 2 Students must submit: Presentation of the project: PowerPoint presentation with a maximum of 20 slides, prezi, a 2-3 minute video (they can use one support or various)… Additional documentation. Final result: 2 groups (4 teams) will pas to the on-site stage. The contest Stages of the competition • The documentation for the challenges to be resolved will be sent to the finalist teams in advance, in order to facilitate their presentations in the on-site stage. • This stage will combine activities regarding knowledge about the company with the resolution of the challenges. Leisure activities may be added to the schedule. • In this stage, teams from each university will compete independently and not by groups like in the virtual stage. • The on-site stage is divided into two parts: The semi-finals, in which the 4 teams compete. 2 teams will pass to the final, in which the second-placed and the winner will be decided. • On-site stage in Mexico • 24 y 25 April 2014 • Virtual stage • 24 February 2014 • 23 March 2014

  10. The multicultural experience. Knowing different projects that are carried out in an organization on the characteristics of Indra. Knowing a complete project, not just the tasks that they will assume at the moment of becoming part of a company. Increasing knowledge about the company. In addition, the contest allows them to develop the necessary skills for a successful incorporation into the professional world. Teamwork. Creativity. Rigor. Intercultural skills. Skills related to virtual work. Ability to acquire an overview of the projects.. The contest Most valued aspects of the contest by students

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