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Indra Espacio

Indra Espacio. SMOG 26-6-2006 Final Presentation Technical Part. ( Área reservada a imagen ). ESRIN– Final Presentation, June 26th 2006. Smog Team- Indra Espacio. Index. Progress Meeting –Technical presentation Introduction to Smog project (General view) Technical Presentation

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Indra Espacio

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  1. Indra Espacio SMOG 26-6-2006 Final Presentation Technical Part ( Área reservada a imagen ) ESRIN– Final Presentation, June 26th 2006 Smog Team- Indra Espacio

  2. Index Progress Meeting –Technical presentation Introduction to Smog project (General view) Technical Presentation Project achievements Goals met in PAS,PGS,FEP,DDS and MAN. Advantages of the actual system Scalability of the system Full system distribution

  3. Introduction • The main objectives of the SMOG project are: • To define a generic architecture, applicable to the Ground Segment of Earth Observation Small Missions. • To define an Advanced Ground Facility, AGF, as a basic node of the future ground segment. • To define and to construct an AGF Prototype for the validation of the major concepts applicable to AGF.

  4. AGF Prototype functions • Acquisition of telemetry data from MODIS and ERS satellites • Transformation of the telemetry into Computer Compatible Format • Generation of EO products: MODIS and ERS products • Storage, archive and catalogue the EO products • Dissemination of products to the EO data users

  5. AGF : Design concepts • What were we facing at? • Prototype with 5 Main subsystems • 1 Manager controling the system • Smart Communication design to cope with modular architecture • Databases • Product Procesors Integration: reuse • Reusability, Distribution etc...

  6. AGF : Design concepts II • What do we have to show? • 5 Subsystems: • Manager • PAS. Product Archive S/S • PGS. Product Generation S/S • DDS. Data Dissemination S/S • FEP. Front End Processor • JMS communications. • Scalability,distribution, portability and reuseability.

  7. AGF : Design concepts III • AGF management framework based on a hierarchical architecture composed by two layer: • MAN • PGS, PAS, DDS and FEP with their own local manager, task manager, responsible for managing its resources and internal activities.

  8. MAN JMS Server TASK MAN TASK MAN TASK MAN TASK MAN JMS Client JMS Client JMS Client JMS Client FEP PGS PAS DDS Database AGF SW architecture: S/S 1.- Initial Stage Commands/response (JMS) 2.- Intermediate Stage DB access (JDBC) 3.- Final Stage

  9. AGF : Protocols • Control flow: orders from AGF_MAN to S/S Using JMS Communication middleware (software bus) • Data flow: horizontal among S/S Using FTP: Transferences granted by AGF_MAN to each S/S S/S perform FTP transferences (“pull” mechanism)

  10. AGF SW architecture: GUI & S/S

  11. AGF SW architecture: COTS used • Programming languages. • Java 1.4.2 . • JSP. • Javascript. • OS scripting. • HTML. • Database • Oracle 9i • Operative Systems • Linux • Windows XP • FTP server • Log4j • OpenJms • EPSI-ERS 1.2.6: SLC processor and Viewer • MODIS IMAPP 1.5 • MODIS Scanview

  12. AGF SW architecture

  13. AGF SW architecture: Zoomable Physical FEP MAN PGS PAS DDS FEP M&C FEP AGF IQ

  14. Final AGF HW configuration Smogl1: PGS PAS DB Oracle Smogl2: FEP DDS MAN Tomcat

  15. Presentation of the Product (Components) Dell 650 Precision Dell 670 Precision PGS PAS DB MAN FEP DDS Web Server

  16. Presentation of the Product (Components) • FEP • Demodulator • Controlling FEP PC • IQ • Testmodulator • Controlling IQ PC • Distribution network • 2 CISCO firewalls

  17. Presentation of the Product (Components - IQ) Test Modulator Demodulator Controlling FEP PC Controlling IQ PC

  18. Presentation of the Product (Dual Mission Connectivity) ERS-HR At 105Mbps MODIS At 13.125Mbps ERS-HR MODIS MODIS ERS-HR FEP IQ

  19. AGF Performances • Facts: • Orbit period time ~ 100 minutes. • IAGD process time for MODIS is 56 minutes. • Conclusion: • Processing product within 60 minutes < orbit period using low cost HW.

  20. AGF : Achievements (I) • Demonstrate the feasibility of developing a low-cost system able to generate automatically EO products. • Distributed system: 4 platforms. • Most of generic part of system coded in JAVA: MAN, PAS, PGS, DDS -> portable to other systems • Specific components, that is processors, coded in C. • FEP reconfigurable • Simple use, complexity is resolved by background running S/S: AGF MAN, PAS, PGS, DDS, FEP.

  21. AGF : Achievements (II) • Puzzle of SW components: • Three operating system running: • Red hat Linux: AGF S/S • FEP and IQ: Suse Linux • Windows: Client • Processors: • MODIS: downloaded from SSEC • ERS: reused EPSIE SLC processor from INDRA • Quick-Look Viewers: • MODIS scan view • Reused INDRA EPSIE component • Several open source components used (JMS, Log4) used for implementation • Web access

  22. Introduction Roles in the Application

  23. Main GUI components Administrator’s user interface

  24. Main GUI components Coordination Service’s interface

  25. Main GUI components User Service’s interface

  26. Main GUI components User interface

  27. Generate IAGD DMAP File for MODIS sensor. • Check DMAP Received. • Go to Administrator Role and check Jobs. • Verify disseminated Product in Scan Magic HDF viewer. • Launch a IAGD DMAP file for EPSIE SAR sensor and IA for MODIS Sensor.

  28. AGF L0 Viewers • MODIS y ERS ERS viewer (slc) Modis viewer (Scanview)

  29. El valor de la anticipación

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