Earth s fury
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Earth’s Fury. Natural Disasters Part II Meteorology. Earths Fury. Science Elective Science course credit needed to graduate by most. I will treat you as you act. I wish to treat you as young adults who are soon to graduate HS and move on in the “real” world. Why Natural Disasters?

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Earth s fury

Earth’s Fury

Natural Disasters

Part II Meteorology

Earths fury
Earths Fury

  • Science Elective

    • Science course credit needed to graduate by most.

  • I will treat you as you act.

    • I wish to treat you as young adults who are soon to graduate HS and move on in the “real” world.

  • Why Natural Disasters?

    • Rather than throw material at you and hope you learn it, I hope to show you what you WILL see at some point in your life.

    • I want everyone to be prepared and understand.

Your teacher
Your Teacher

  • Mr. Andrews

    • Senoir Andrews, Yo Andrews, Shorty, brother from anothamotha, whatever…

  • I teach Earth Science mainly.

    • Geologist

      • (soft sediment and sedimentary stratigrapher)

    • Teacher

      • I am not going to lie and say I know everything, but we can think and figure most things out together.

    • Coach

      • I coach golf currently, Soccer and baseball in the past.

  • I enjoy outdoors (golf, fly fishing, skiing) and love to show others the cool things out there.

Units of study
Units of study

We will discuss: Volcanoes, Earthquake, Tsunamis, Floods, Landslide, Mass Extinctions, Impacts and climate change.


1. Natural Disasters and Causes

2. Locations, Risks and Prevention

3. Affects on Society

4. Independent project


  • Unit Tests = 34% (only 4!)

  • Class work/Activities = 33% (lots)

  • Daily and other Quizzes = 17% (1-2 every week)

  • Participation = 16% (everyday)

    • Showing up on time, prepared, works with others, respectful, does what is asked, on task at all times.

  • Final Exam 20% (this may change)

    • if your overall average for the course is above an 85 you do not need to take the final.

Work policy
Work policy

  • Assignments are due on the date given. Late homework will be accepted up to a day late with a 20% penalty.

    • Work later then a day will not be accepted for a grade.

    • Check progress book daily for any issues or missing work

  • If a student is absent when an assignment has been given, it will be the responsibility of the student to find out what was assigned and to complete the assignment by the next time his/her class meets.

    • Feel free to email me with any questions or concerns

  • If a student misses a test it will be made up the next class when they return. All test dates are posted two weeks ahead or more.


  • You are expected to have these EVERY class!

    • Notebook with unit packet (yes to take notes)

    • Writing utensil (I will not supply, so don’t ask)

    • Agenda (No agenda=no pass)

    • I recommend a flash drive to store files and bring home to finish work.


Not that






  • You will be expected to be in class everyday and on time.

    • You cannot and will not pass if you do not show up regularly.

  • Your participation grade will be based on your interaction with the course and classroom discussions.

  • All projects and work are to be completed on time.

  • No Electronics (Yes, that means no phones-unless pre-approved)


  • Respect

    • Teacher and everyone in the class (& world)

  • Be on time

    • Know when class starts be in the room BEFORE the bell.

  • Be prepared

    • Have all work that is due ready to turn in on time!

  • Be Courteous

    • Don’t be rude to others in the class, their opinion matters too no matter how wrong you think it is.

  • Try you best

    • Don’t settle or garbage! You will get out of the class what you put into it!

Flow of class everyday
Flow of class everyday

  • Normally class will flow the same everyday:

    • Hand in work due in the folder or electronically

    • Daily Quiz (starts at the bell and timed 1 minute per question) I will collect but may or may not grade.

    • Discussion or notes

    • Work or activities

  • Many days we will be working on computers in the classroom or in the computer LAB 2003.

  • Know your due dates! They will be written down for you to record!

Sample quiz review

  • Get out a small piece of paper and put your name on it.

  • When the bell rings, the quiz will begin.

Question 1
Question 1

  • How many grooves are there on the edge of a quarter?


  • 1.) 119



    • Or go to district website and find me under staff directory.


    • We sometimes use this website in class.

      • Log on same as you would use to log on to school computer


    • Log in same as last year.

      • If you forgot it go to the office. I expect you to use and check it daily. I will update often (every class)