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Celebrating Earth Day Every Day PowerPoint Presentation
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Celebrating Earth Day Every Day

Celebrating Earth Day Every Day

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Celebrating Earth Day Every Day

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  1. Celebrating Earth Day Every Day By: Mrs. Cohoon

  2. What is Earth Day? Earth Day is a holiday that is celebrated all around the world on April 22nd. We all think of ways in which we can help the Earth become a better place to live.

  3. How can we help to make the Earth a better place to live? There are many things WE CAN do to celebrate Earth Day every day: • We can use trash cans for our garbage; we should not litter. • We can recycle our glass, plastic and newspapers. • We can use only as much water as we need to. • We can be kind to everyone we meet. • We can plant flowers and trees.

  4. WE SHOULD USE TRASH CANS FOR OUR GARBAGE; WE SHOULD NOT LITTER: • If we want to keep the Earth clean and tidy, we need to throw all of our garbage in trashcans. • We could also pick up any litter we see in our neighbor-hood.

  5. WE SHOULD RECYCLE OUR GLASS, PLASTIC AND NEWSPAPERS: • We should throw all of our glass and plastic garbage in a separate container. • We should gather all of our newspapers and place them in a brown bag. • We should place these recyclable items on our curbs to be picked up (only on special days).

  6. WE SHOULD USE ONLY AS MUCH WATER AS WE NEED TO: • We should never waste water by letting it run from a faucet when we are not using it. • We should always turn the water faucet ALL THE WAY off. It should not be leaking.

  7. WE SHOULD BE KIND TO EVERYONE WE MEET: • We should help others in need. • We should share with others. • We should smile and use manners.

  8. There are many other things we can do EVERY DAY to celebrate Earth Day. If we all work together,we can make a difference!