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By; Kelly Murphy

By; Kelly Murphy

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By; Kelly Murphy

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  1. The Olympics By; Kelly Murphy

  2. Evolving Events Ancient • Difference; In Ancient Greece they had much more different events such as Chariot Races, Equestrian Racing (is a type of horse racing, like chariot racing), boxing, Pancration (boxing and wrestling combined), and Pentathlon (this includes Javelin, Discus, Long Jump, Running, and Wrestling). (. “Olympics ,Ancient Vs. Present Day.”) • Difference; Now we have Winter Olympics in which they did not have. We also have added Figure Skating, Bobsledding, and Skiing. We also have added Gymnastics, Triathlon, Cycling, Fencing, and Volleyball. We have taken away and added many sports. There are differences between the events in Ancient and Modern Olympics… Modern

  3. Evolving Events Modern AND Ancient Combine • We have added and taken away many sports, for example we have Added Winter Olympics and we have taken away Chariot Races. • But Ancient and Modern Olympics are Similar because we both share the events Javelin, Racing, and Wrestling. We both get and award as well.

  4. Prizes In Ancient Olympics when a person was crowned a winner they were well, actually crowned! But now a days we are given a Medal based on our accomplishment; Gold, Bronze, & Silver. The differences between AO and MO prizes are that MO now we get PURE Gold, Bronze, or Silver. In the Ancient Olympics people would get a crown made of olives, would have a statue of them, and free meals for life. But we both have 1 thing in common and that would be not being paid. The winner would get their prize which was worth a lot of money , like our Gold, Bronze,& Silver are made of REAL G,B, or S which is worth a LOT of money.

  5. Women then and Now Back then the role of women was small. The fathers took them to marry them off to a winner of the Ancient Olympics. Also the women were not allowed to compete in the Olympics. Unlike today where the women can compete.

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