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introduction to world history i n.
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Introduction to World History I PowerPoint Presentation
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Introduction to World History I

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Introduction to World History I
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Introduction to World History I

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  1. Introduction to World History I Mrs. LaMothe-Toland

  2. What is expected in a regular World History I class? Students are expected to show up to class on time. When the bell rings students are prepared to start class- binder open, pen in hand and ready to take notes. Students are presented the essential knowledge in a straight forward manner. These classes are highly structured. Information is repetitive. Memorization of essential knowledge is required. Tests and quizzes will reflect essential knowledge taught in class. Absolutely no disciplinary issues will be tolerated

  3. Verified credit course • This course is required for all students. Students must successfully pass this class and the SOL exam at the end of the year to meet high school graduation requirements. • Tests , quizzes and class work are used as assessments to gauge how well students grasp the information taught . These assessments must be true as possible therefore we typically donot: • retest, re-do, repair or offer extra credit!

  4. How do I know my child is ready for Honor classes? Can you answer yes to the following questions?

  5. Is my child self-motivated? Does my child come home and study without being told to do so? Does my child begin projects well before due dates? Is my child’s notebook/binder organized? Does my child keep up with note taking in class?

  6. Weighted Grade • Honors WHI is weighted an extra half grade. The expectation is to earn a high “C” or better in honor classes. • At the four week point if students hold a low “C” or lower- they will be asked to meet with guidance counselor to evaluate their status in the honors class . It may be better to transfer to a regular class build the skills necessary to be successful in an honors class and later try the advanced classes.

  7. Honors World History I Expectations • Information will be presented in various ways-via power point, orally, required readings and class discussions. • Students must be able to take notes without being told to do so. • All information is testable- notes, readings, and class discussions. • Students will be given a daily grade (once every unit) which will be weighted as a class work grade- 15-20 questions without a work bank.

  8. Honors World History I Expectations • Students will be assigned essay questions for all tests and exams. • My students will be required to have tracing paper and will put together a map book. • Students need to be self-motivated needing little direction- these classes tend to be large and it will be difficult to get individual attention. • Students must be able to express themselves in class especially if they need help.

  9. Honors World History I Expectations • There is the expectation that all work will be turned in (with very few exceptions) on time. • Absolutely no disciplinary issues will be tolerated in honor classes. I simply point to the door and then call for security. • Remember just because work is turned in does not imply a perfect grade- we expect proper use of grammar, correct spelling, and attention to details in all completed work. Simply answering the question is not enough- students must go beyond questions presented and provide the details. We are looking for students to demonstrate their knowledge.

  10. Honors World History I Expectations • We teach the skills necessary so that students will be successful in their future history classes. • We need your help to reinforce those skills.

  11. We need your help… • Daily preparation is essential to your child’s success. Students need to study 15- 20 minutes each class day. • Ask your child questions about the class- do not be afraid to open their class binder and ask them questions- if they struggle- they need to review. • Students who do not grasp the information easily should create flash cards and review nightly.

  12. We need your help…. • Parents need to monitor their child’s study habits at home. Please understand with large class sizes and with seeing your child once every other day for 90 minutes- you know better about the status of your child. • Please make sure students are prepared for the class day- ask periodically if they have pens, pencils and paper. Do they have the right binders for today’s class- odd or even? You would be surprised how many pens and pencils teachers have to supply on a daily basis.

  13. We need your help…. • Please note: cell phones are a distraction in the class. Generally students are give a verbal warning the first time and then according to the student handbook they will be confiscated and turned into the appropriate administrator.

  14. We need your help… • By working as a team we can help build the skills necessary and prepare the graduating class of 2015 for higher learning – it begins now!

  15. Materials- for Mrs. Toland • 1 ½ or 2 inch binder • One subject spiral notebook for bell work • Loose leaf paper • Pens, pencils and highlighter • Tracing paper- honor students only