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World History I

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World History I
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World History I

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  1. World History I Unit Six Block EightLecture Early Christianity

  2. Make sure that you are viewing this in “Slide Show” format. Click on “Slide Show” and push “from beginning”. Move through the presentation by pushing on the “up” and “down” arrows” on your keyboard Click me Fastest growing Largest world religion Scattered

  3. The reality of the PaxRomana Click me • The PaxRomana was the height of the Roman Empire and a time of relative peace and prosperity • But the PaxRomana was not a peaceful time in history • Many Emperors were bad leaders or worse cruel and insane • Rome is at war with everyone as it claims more and more territory • The economy is strong but it is based on agriculture.

  4. Jesus Christ Click Here • Jesus of Nazareth is born around 2 to 4 CE/AD and dies around 30 CE/AD • Jesus lived in the middle east during a time of Roman expansion • Jesus is the founder of Christianity • Christianity is built upon Judaism, as the Old Testament is a collection of ancient Hebrew scriptures that lay the foundation for the arrival of the messiah City of Rome Jesus is born and dies here

  5. Basic Christian Beliefs Click me • Christianity is a Monotheistic religion in which Jesus is the Son of God and the incarnation of God (Messiah) • Christians believe in life after death (Heaven and Hell) • The New Testament (Bible) tells of the coming of Jesus, the teachings and life of Jesus, and anticipated end time events and the return of god to earth • Christian doctrine (cannon law) is set by the council of the Apostles (the early church to 500 CE/AD) and thereafter expanded and differed throughout multiple denominations

  6. Do as the Romans do or else! Click me • The Roman Empire becomes very traditional after Octavian becomes the first emperor (macho guys) • Roman citizens must pray to the mythological Roman gods • Anyone who does follow the rules (religious or otherwise) is persecuted • Jesus is crucified for failing to abide by Roman laws (30 CE/AD) • Jews are forcibly scattered throughout the world after a failed rebellion (79 CE/AD)

  7. Christianity expands Click Here • The teachings of Jesus are carried by the Apostles like Paul throughout Rome and memorialized in the Bible • The Roman authorities try to slow the expansion of Christianity, so the religion grows faster in the eastern empire than in the western empire • Christianity is finally adopted and legalized by Emperor Constantine in 313 CE/AD and thereafter made the religion of the empire by Theodosius I in 380 CE/AD No … Not that Constantine

  8. The Empire declines and Christianity fills a void Click Here • The PaxRomana fades because of major issues in the Roman Empire. One problem is the lack of moral authority by Roman leaders (many leaders were acting immoral) • The church becomes the source of moral authority in the Empire and the worshiping of Roman gods is outlawed in 391 CE/AD • Many Romans gradually give their loyalty to the church rather than to Rome. Emperor Gratian in 376 CE/AD finally refuses to become the Pope (Christianity’s religious leader) and from then on the Pope will be the Bishop of Rome (a holy man) • The church was the source of unity during the decline of the empire and into the future Don’t worry … … It’s coming!