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USPS Updates PowerPoint Presentation
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USPS Updates

USPS Updates

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USPS Updates

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  1. USPS Updates December 2008

  2. UDMS • DED_FEDERAL view was in the wrong application group • This view was in the USPS/PPS group. This required a user to have both OECN_USPS and OECN_PPS access to utilize the view. This has been corrected so only OECN_USPS access is required.

  3. W2TAPE • SSA changed the name of the submitter’s PIN to submitter’s user ID. The prompting in W2TAPE has been updated to reflect this.

  4. W2PROC • W2CITY.DAT file <RS_OSDI_CODE> token contains incorrect value. • The above token contained the same OSDI code for every employee. The application has been corrected and this token will now contain the OSDI code based on the employees OSDI deduction records.

  5. W2PROC • Error being flagged on W2REPT for annuity with type of H • In most cases an annuity should not be flagged with a type of H as this type is specific to adoption assistance deductions • However, if this occurred W2PROC would throw an error stating that the total gross – taxable gross does not equal the total annuities • This has been corrected

  6. W2PROC • RS record on the tape file is being updated to comply with 2008 RITA specifications for electronic submission

  7. W2MAINT/SSAEVS • The requester ID has been eliminated from the user interface as this must always be OEVS

  8. W2MAINT/EVSRTN • A message has been added to the report if the SSA considers an employee sent for verification deceased

  9. Tax Tables • The federal and state tax tables have been updated for calendar year 2009

  10. USPSCN/BRWSCN • BRWSCN will now only display checks of type PC (payroll check), DD (direct deposit), or RD (refund of deduction)

  11. MASCHG • MASID, CHGEMPID, and CHGSSN will only update check history if the check type is PC (payroll check), DD (direct deposit), or RD (refund of deduction). • Previously due to the way the key in the file is redefined other check types in the history files could have had their check numbers incorrectly updated

  12. Multiple Programs • When using the pop-up search to find employees by name (to then be used for selections) programs were terminating for districts with a very large number of employees in their files. This problem has been corrected.

  13. ADDCRT.IDX File • ODE is no longer updating the ADDCRT.IDX file • A new procedure is being put in place to download and create a new certification file named ADDCRED.IDX

  14. OECN$:DOWNLOAD_ADDCRED.COM • There is a new command procedure in OECN$ that ITCs can schedule to download a new version of the ADDCRED.IDX file from OECN_DOWNLOAD on a weekly basis. • A new file will be available every Tuesday • There is help at the top of the procedure that describes it’s usage • Further explanation of this process will be documented in the wiki

  15. CRTSCN • Updated to use new ADDCRED.IDX file

  16. USPRPT/EMPCER • Updated to use new ADDCRED.IDX file

  17. USPRPT/CERSUB • Updated to use new ADDCRED.IDX file

  18. USPRPT/CERLST • Update to use new ADDCRED.IDX file

  19. USPRPT/CERTYP • Updated to use new ADDCRED.IDX file