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  1. Razor x Game features Genre Targets – Platform/Demo Key Mechanics Story (Background) Story Development Technical Styles Differentiators/USPs Competitive Analysis Schedules Team Members

  2. Razor-X - Tower Defence First Person Shooter with RPG player development - Massive replay ability with multiple class system - Well balanced, coop heavy gameplay

  3. Game Features - Formika is a fast paced, innovative, content rich shooter which requires a balance of skill and strategy to beat.   - The Tower defence FPS has the player take control a technologically advanced Dwarvencommander that the player develops - Build towers that aid players in their fight against the Forma. Unlock more powerful towers to be used in more situations or upgrade to hone the power of towers that are already available - Take on the Forma; massive, alien creatures, vast in number and design, in stunning levels set all over planet Formika.

  4. Game Features Cont… -  The game also incorporates an RPG twist with the on going development of the player’s characters and fully customize their appearance, skills and weapons to suit you. Also make decisions as to which towns to defend and where to channel efforts -  The game also implores expandable content with both single player and multi player story modes in its coop-heavy design -  Massive in content and re playability with unlockable weapons, towers and special items -  Also unlock achievements by slaying the Forma and testing your skills

  5. Genre -  First Person Shooter/Tower defence with RPG character Development

  6. Target Platform/Demographic -  PC Platform via Unreal Development Kit and Unreal Engine.Upto4player Multi player through DDS (Steam, Origin etc) - More hardcore, seasoned gamers that enjoy shooter and tower defence games.  mid/late teens and early 20s with an interest in sci-fi and fantasy.  Also opens doors to fans of Content Heavy games in the RPG factors of the game.  Players of action tower defence games like Sanctum and dungeon defenders.  Individuals with an interest in horde-style games and movies like starship troopers, Alien etc.

  7. Key Mechanics Towers - As well as the first person shooter genre, It is vital that the player places turrets to aid them in their fights with the Forma.  By placing a range of different turrets on the battlefields, the player can further enhance their play experience and styles. - The types of tower that’s are at the disposal of the player also depends on the paths they take as they develop there player. There are different towers for attack, defence, support and other characteristics

  8. Key Mechanics Character Development- In single player and coop modes, the player receives skill points for completing missions, levelling up and unlocking achievements.  These skill points can be used to upgrade character stats to further define the player’s character. - As with towers, certain abilities are available to different builds and class of character. This allows for large amounts of content and re play abilitiy to the player

  9. Key Mechanics Auras- Unlock rare items through achievements that add powerful effects to the player styles.If the player is building a heavy gunner style character, he can unlock the “Battery Bullet”, a device that charges each bullet the player fires with a shock feature that allows damage from each round to jump onto surrounding targets - For example, a tower builder can unlock the Battery Bullet but he would have to do 1000 damage in 1 second with a weapon, a feat that can only be performed by someone that has certain proficiencies and abilities as a heavy gunner.

  10. Back Story - The sudden appearance of the Forma on the planet has forced the Dwarven race to unite against the up rise.  The surprise attack from the Forma has bestowed heavy losses on all towns and so the Alliance has sent fighters to all major towns, cities and other key locations on the planet to defend against the attacks and thin the ranks of the Forma

  11. Story Development • While fighting off the Forma in different locations, the Alliance finally discover the reason for the Forma attacking the dwarves. The attacks become more hostile and begin to aim at key cities on Formika. The player must make an important decision that changes the forward path of the story. Only one City can be saved, Malkrak or Arhid. Before the alliance can launch an attack against the protagonists, an all out surprise attack of, consisting of massive amounts of Forma is launched on Formika’sCaptial, Bofkrak. The dwarves must fight off the Queen Forma as she rapidly spawns Forma of all design at the Giant fortress. • The queen falls but only one of the two evils behind the chaos is found. How did Gildurget away?

  12. Technical Consideration - This game will be primarily designed around a PC platform build. With the success of the Unreal Engine and the UDK implementation. - This game would not be suitable for handheld consoles or smartphones due to the peripheral needs of the game (Keyboard, mouse, multikey control pad etc). although UDK does offer some mobile device platform, the spec for this title would be too high for smartphones and handheld consoles like the Nintendo DS or current PSP.

  13. Technical Consideration

  14. Characters Dwarves- The inhabients of Formika are Dwarves. Short creatures with advanced technology recently discovered and given to a select number of New-Tech commanders

  15. Characters DwarvesPlayer01The voiceless commander, “Player01”,is a veteran from the Arhid War. Although his action record from the war is brief, fighting in only 2 battles, Battle for Corwell and operation phantom strike, the weight of his responsibilities as a new-tech commander is great. He is seen as a superior fighter and respected by those in authority and by politicians. However, to other new-tech commanders he is seen as a rookie and some believe that his involvement in the defence of Formika is both folly and dangerous.

  16. Characters DwarvesVeteranWith a prestigious military history, VETERAN is one of the greatest fighters on Formika. She is well respected by military leaders and comrades. Those that do not respect her, fear her, as her sometimes aggressive bad attitude has been known to end conversations with violence and threat of death. She is a no nonsense, hard talking fighter that takes a lot of flak for being a woman, but she is quick to put them in their place. Eventually, she becomes friends with Player01 and aids him voluntarily. Although she is enthusiastic about battle, her sometimes reckless decisions make her vulnerable to planned attacks

  17. Characters Forma- After apparently laying in hibernation for an unknown length of time, the Forma are suddenly awaking and attacking the cities of FormikaThere are many different type of Forma all deadly and under the control of the Queen Forma. Some designs are stronger than others, some smarter. But when attacking as an army, tactics must be employed by the player to keep them from taking over the defence point.

  18. Characters Forma PawnThe smallest of all the known Forma, slight, and lightly armoured, Pawns make up the majority of the Forma’s force. HeavyFrom smallest to the largest of the known types of Forma, these “Hulks” are heavily armoured but slow moving BurrowersBurrowersuse their drill shaped heads to burrow at speed and jump at their foes when they are close. Burrowers are the lightest armoured and are killed with minimum effort.

  19. Characters Forma RangersThese medium sized Forma are able to launch poisonous spores from a distance, however their range is not large and they have limited amounts of spores before they begin to charge. SpeedersSimilar to burrowers, they are speedy Forma that are also lightly armoured.  Their speed can be disrupted by dazing them with explosives or building a maze like defence as their need distance to pick up momentum.

  20. Characters Forma WaspsThese winged Forma make up the majority of air-based Forma, lightly armoured and of average speed, these Wasps dive when close to their target but must re ascend to attack more than once. Ceiling CrawlersIn cave areas of Formika, these Crawlers utilize their speed climbing abilities and pounce at targets below. Once they have made their first attack however they become permanently grounded

  21. Characters Forma ShieldsSimilar in design to triceratops, these Forma with their massive armoured heads take very little damage head on. ShieldsSimilar in design to triceratops, these Forma with their massive armoured heads take very little damage head on. QueenThe central hive mind of the Forma, she is linked telepathically to each and every Forma and calls them to her defence.  She also takes many forms, after each “Form”, her skin sheds revealing other forms.

  22. Styles Formika Planet Formika is a stable planet consisting of Oceans, Seas, Mountain ranges, plains etc. The planet is under control of Dwarves. 3 main regions all individually managed by 3 leaders exist currently in harmony. Bofkrak Entjak And Orval-Tor

  23. Styles Formika

  24. Styles Formika Bofkrak The diplomatic center of Formika and the home of the Planets alliance group. The region of Bofkrak is separated in 2 as the North, home of the capital, Bofkrak. And the south, home of the 2nd capital Arhid. The region is a self sufficient island, the 2nd largest on the planet. The island mostly contains lush green rolling hills and meadows for farming. The mountainous backbone of the island offers protection to its capital. The majority of buildings in the region are made of wood, but larger buildings including the castles are made of stone Image of Bofkrak Castle

  25. Styles Formika Entjak Entjakis the capital of the Entjak region and the largest island on the planet. The geography of the region consists mostly of impassable mountains with very few flat areas for farming or residence. The capital, is a giant forging town that houses a massive forging pit at its center. The building materials for the region are made here, consisting mostly of metal. The 2nd capital of this region is Malkrak. A mere shadow in size to its sister city. Malkrak is the flatest area of Entjak and the majority of natural resource gathering, including fishing is done here. Another metionable region of the region is Duervon, a massive creator that sits between the 2 cities. Distance image of Enjak from the lip of Duervon

  26. Styles Formika Orval-Tor This small island off the south western shores of Entjak is home to the casters. Believed by the locals to be the spiritual center of Formika, the highly religious inhabitants of the island live in harmony with nature. Their architecture consists of wooden huts but the churches and libraries, the most important buildings of Orval-Tor are made from stone and glass and are the most eye opening structures on the planet. The island has only 2 towns on it, Orval-Tor and Val-Dak. The southern island, Val-Dak is home to the greatest library on the planet and is said to be the oldest structure known to casters.

  27. Styles Dwarves

  28. Styles Towers

  29. Styles Weapons

  30. USPs - Combination of FPS and RTS game genres - Content Heavy with plenty of replay ability and expandable DLCs - Coop multiplayer game modes with RPG progression - Personalize 3 classes with many skills and weapons - Over 25 unlockable Special items, awarding skilled players - 20+ weapons to be unlocked through progression