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Science & Technology

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Science & Technology
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Science & Technology

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  1. Science & Technology

  2. INTRODUCTION: Science and technology have been incorporated throughout literature. Science and technology allow the authors to link their stories to society today, as well as the societies of our past.

  3. TASK • The task is to inform of the influence of science and technology throughout pieces of literature. You should be able to find the underlying themes and connections in all these selections.

  4. PROCESS • Go through the slides and answer the questions with the link provided, if applicable. • Discuss the six passages and write down any questions.

  5. “Harrison Bergeron” Within “Harrison Bergeron”, Vonnegut shows how the advancements of science and technology can be to mankind’s disadvantage. How did the advancements of science and technology within the story lead to negative results for humankind?

  6. “Dolphin Courtship” Throughout history scientists have researched the behavioral nature of dolphins. Natalie Angier used these findings in order to enhance her theme concerning the brutal nature of dolphin mating. Dolphin Behavior

  7. “Genetic Engineering” • In Jim F. Saloman’s “Genetic Engineering”, he claims that society needs appropriate controls and regulations when dealing with the research and genetic makeup of organisms. If we allow scientists to experiment without limitations, our society will be in danger of evolutionary chaos. • Genetic Engineering and Its Dangers

  8. There rests upon a science factevil wrought with business tactyet those who care demand a tagbut fools abound to put the gagto profit careless in their act. In the poem, “Gagact,” Myke Stanbridge warns of the corruption of the medical field by business. Find an instance of business’ corruption. Gagact

  9. The Big BangWas neither big Nor did it bangWithin or Without. For outside,There was no Time & SpaceTo carry the soundThere was no outside. PeriodThere was no way you could shout And insideThere was never any silenceTo know there was sound. Akhil, the author, questions the beginnings of time and the initiation of creation. The Big Bang

  10. Destiny of Science • “Oh what a novel discovery in agriculture. Poisoning the soil and cells. Increasing the yield but famishing the land. It is a destiny of science.”-Alfred K.K. Sayila • We are increasing our crops with the invention of fertilizer, but destroying our health with its poisonous and destructive contaminants. • Destiny of Science

  11. CONCLUSION • Science and technology can be advantageous or detrimental. It is up to us to determine which one it will be.

  12. GROUP MEMBERS • Will • Kent • Clay • Callie • John • Alex