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Natural benefits of black tea : Teafloor Tea Subscription PowerPoint Presentation
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Natural benefits of black tea : Teafloor Tea Subscription

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Natural benefits of black tea : Teafloor Tea Subscription - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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There are many health benefits of black tea for the human body. The most popular benefits include weight loss and many beauty related benefits. Black tea comes from the same plant from which we also get green tea and oolong tea. This plant is called Camellia sinensis. When compared with the other two teas, black tea has a unique origin. Black tea originated from China but it was brought there by the British people. Black tea is also successfully grown in Sri Lanka and India. Today, black tea is one of the most popular varieties of tea in the world. It is also the most consumed variety of tea in the world. It has numerous health benefits. Some of the best-known benefits of black tea are as follows- \n • Black tea contains powerful antioxidants- This is probably the most famous benefit of black tea. Like every tea variety, black tea also contains tremendous antioxidants called polyphenols. The amount of polyphenols that you can get from consuming black tea is about 8 times higher compared than when you consume fruits or vege-tables. These polyphenols are antioxidants which can prevent the DNA damage that is caused by chemical toxicity. Black tea also contains another antioxidant called flavonoids. The tea flavonoids have detoxifying effects and can protect the cells from various harmful diseases such as cancer and atherosclerosis.\n • Improves Oral Health- Black tea is also could be beneficial to maintain as well as improve your oral health. The polyphenols found in black tea have been found to be beneficial to prevent the build-up of plaques on your teeth, which means that your teeth will be healthy and also your breath will be fresh throughout the day. Re-search studies indicate that the polyphenols in black tea can stop the development of cavities. The antioxidant present in black tea is also very beneficial to prevent the growth of bacterial enzymes that form the plaque in the teeth.\n • Can boost heart health- Studies indicate that a regular consumption of black tea can prevent various health diseases such as stroke and heart attack. According to some studies, people consuming black tea as part of a daily routine, around 3 cups per day will be less likely to suffer from diseases associated with stroke by up to 21% as compared with people who do not consume black tea\n • May control Blood Sugar Levels- Studies have also revealed that black the is bene-ficial for those who are struggling to maintain the blood sugar levels in their body. Black tea contains a higher amount of a compound called polysaccharides which are commonly known for its ability to reduce the blood sugar. Black tea can also reduce the late phase plasma glucose response in humans with a corresponding in-crease in their insulin.\n • May help in reducing the risk of diabetes- Black tea is considered to be helpful in the prevention as well as treatment of diabetes. This has been associated with a compound found in black tea called polysaccharides. This compound polysaccha-ride has the ability to reduce blood sugar levels. Some research studies have indi-cated that the compound polysaccharides found in black tea are useful to inhibit the enzyme called alpha-glucosidase, which transform starch into glucose. This black tea is beneficial to alleviate the excessive amounts of glucose that can lead to dia-betes. Also, numerous research studies have associated consumption of black tea with a reduced risk of type 2 diabetes. \nWith numerous health benefits, you must surely be including black tea in your daily diets. If not for the health benefits, then try it for its amazing taste!\n

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natural benefits of black tea

Natural benefits of black tea

Black tea is perhaps the most popular brews in the world. It is really strong and rich in

caffeine, therefore helping us in waking up every morning and kick start our day. There are

some people who are so heavily dependent on black tea, that they cannot perform their

daily chores without the brew. Black tea has a strong taste and is easily available. Unlike

popular belief, black tea has almost equal amounts of-of anti-oxidants present as green tea,

but does not receive as much publicity as its green counterpart. Not many people are aware

of the fact that India has the highest tea drinking population and home to the largest tea

plantations stretch in the world, coincidentally.

Why black tea

Well, black tea is really strong and is often compared to Irish, black coffee, because of its

rich caffeine intake. However, unlike coffee, black tea will not give you the jitters which is

often the aftermath of drinking too much coffee. Also known as the English breakfast tea,

black tea gives your body the right amount of energy to work properly. If you have a long

night ahead of you because of work, then you must turn to a cup full of black tea, which will

keep you alert and focused.

To get the most amount of black tea benefits, it is important that you get the best quality

brews, which you can only find at Teafloor. Be sure to buy black tea online, if you are a

connoisseur of brews and wish to try the best teas. Black tea comes from the camellia

sinesis plant which is primarily found in China. Tea was native to China, before being

introduced to India, all thanks to the British East India company. Black tea helps in

Preventing cancer, especially breast cancer

It is excellent for cardiovascular health

And helps in digestion

It is particularly good for asthma patients.

Where to buy black tea

Now you can easily buy find quality, unadulterated black tea on Teafloor. If you happen to

be a fan of the black brews then be sure to buy black tea online from Teafloor. There are

many grades when it comes to black tea, and Teafloor stocks on the different types, so that

you can take your pick in accordance to your budget as well as preferences.

Try to include organic black tea in your daily diet to make sure that you derive all the

health benefits as well. The brew is the easiest tea to make so you don’t have to worry

about the temperature of the water as well as the steeping time. If you enjoy your tea and

want nothing but the best leaves in your brew, then you should buy pure Assam tea from

Teafloor to make sure, that your tea tastes excellent and you also make the most of the

health benefits present within it also make

health benefits present within it. Also, make the most of the latest Assam tea discounts to

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