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Royal Air Force

Royal Air Force. Nursing Careers. Scope. Introduction RAF Nursing Careers RAF Lifestyle Pay and Benefits Deployments Find Out More - Application and Selection. Princess Mary's Royal Air Force Nursing Service (PMRAFNS) Nursing Careers. “Nec Aspera Terrent” -  “Nothing Shall Deter Us".

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Royal Air Force

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  1. Royal Air Force Nursing Careers

  2. Scope Introduction RAF Nursing Careers RAF Lifestyle Pay and Benefits Deployments Find Out More - Application and Selection

  3. Princess Mary's Royal Air Force Nursing Service (PMRAFNS) Nursing Careers “Nec Aspera Terrent” -  “Nothing Shall Deter Us"

  4. Aeromedical Evaucation Our “raison d'être” “Reason or justification for existence”

  5. Defence Medical Services • The primary role of the DMS is to promote, protect and restore the health of service personnel to ensure that they are ready and medically fit to go where they are required in the UK and throughout the world. • The DMS includes primary healthcare, dental care, secondary healthcare, rehabilitation, occupational medicine, community mental healthcare and specialist medical care. It also provides healthcare in a range of facilities, including Medical and Dental Centres, Regional Rehabilitation Units and in Field Hospitals as well as the RAF led Aeromedical Evacuation service. • It is staffed by around 6,900 regular uniformed medical personnel and provides healthcare to 159,630 servicemen and women. (Mar 15)

  6. Defence (tri-Service) • Royal Navy: • Hospital Ship • Army: • Field Hospital(s) • Royal Air Force: • Aeromedical Evacuation

  7. Aeromedical Evacuation Tactical Aircraft Hercules C130 Puma Chinook

  8. Aeromedical Evacuation Strategic Aircraft Voyager C17 Hercules C130

  9. Aeromedical Evacuation Strategic Aircraft C17 Hercules C130 Voyager

  10. Aeromedical Evaucation

  11. Tactical Medical Wing • Aeromedical Evacuation Control Centre: • c3,500 patient transfer annually (peacetime) • c60 different countries • Defence and other entitled personnel • Aeromed clinical priorities (1 - 4) • Military, civilian and contract aircraft

  12. Tactical Medical Wing • Aeromedical Evacuation Squadron: • Routine AE: • RAF Medic, RAF Nurse, GP • High Dependence: • Anaesthetic Reg, Cons Med • Critical Care Air Support Team (CCAST): • Cons Anaes, 2x ICU Nurse, RAF Med, MDSS • Mental Health: • RAF Nurse, Cons Psychiatrist • Air Transportable Isolator

  13. Deployments Overseas Various Roles available anywhere in the world Including: Aeromedical Evacuation Medical Emergency Response Team Critical Care Air Support Team Field Hospitals Primary Health Care

  14. Clinical Specialists • Generalist (largest cadre) • Specialist Nurse (60 credits @ Level 6) • Mental Health • Primary Healthcare • Intensive Care • Burns and Plastics • Emergency Medicine • Medical • Surgery • Trauma Orthopedics • Infection Control and Prevention • Operating Theatres • Occupational Health

  15. Assignment Opportunities • First Assignment: • Secondary Healthcare (Hospital Placement) • Future Assignments: • Secondary Healthcare: • Generalist • Specialist Nurse • Primary Healthcare • Tactical Medical Wing (TMW) • Non-clinical Roles

  16. Secondary Healthcare Joint Medical Command DMG (North) MDHU Northallerton RCDM - Birmingham DMG (Central) MDHU Frimley Park Oxford DMG (South) MDHU Portsmouth DMRC Headley Court Chelmsford DMG (South West) MDHU Derriford

  17. Royal Centre for Defence Medicine (RCDM) • Centre of Excellence. • Since 2001 - main receiving hospital for overseas and operational casualties. • Aeromedical Evacuation Cell.

  18. Defence Medical Rehabilitation Centre (DMRC) - Headley Court

  19. Defence Primary Healthcare • Patient population 16 - <60yrs • (minimal chronic disease) • Dependents (inc children) in training and overseas Centre • Primary responsibilities: • Fitness to fly • Operational preparedness • Health education • Occupational health • Travel health • Cyprus, Falkland Islands, • Ascension Island, Brunei • Acention • Bruni

  20. Registered Nurse (Adult) • Eligibility: • Age 21-35 years • Diploma or Degree entry • May apply during final year of nurse education • Pay • RN(Adult) Acting Corporal £31,759 - £35,552

  21. Career Progression as aRegistered Nurse 12 – 24 months after recruit training Clinical Rotation and Preceptorship Programme Aeromedical Evacuation Training Junior Management and Leadership Course Trade Management Training 24 – 36 months after recruit training Opportunity to specialise in clinical area Commissioning if suitable Further academic and/or clinical study

  22. Nursing Officer • Eligibility: • Age 22-36 years (up to 49 years subject to relevant experience) • At least 12 months clinical experience (candidates may apply whilst gaining 12 months exp) • Diploma or Degree entry • Graduate, 2 GCSE (English and Maths) • Non-graduate, 5 GCSE (inc English and Maths) • Pay (subject to clinical experience) • Flying Officer £33,142 - £35,390 • Flight Lieutenant £40,782 - £49,628

  23. Terms of Service - LoS • Length of Service (LoS) • Initial Commission/engagement = 12 years LoS • Further service subject to career success and rank progression • Mandatory End of Service (MEOS) = Aged 60 years • Premature Voluntary Release (12 months notice)

  24. Terms of Service - Allowances • Non contributory pension - Preserved until 60 years • Recruitment and Retention Incentives - Golden Hello Certain clinical specialities attract a financial bonus £20,000 (conditions apply): Burns & Plastics, Intensive Care, Emergency Medicine, Operating Theatre, Orthopaedics and Primary Healthcare • Specialist Pay - Certain clinical specialities attract additional pay (conditions apply): Specialist Nurses £3,876 p.a. • Operational Allowance - A tax-free allowance payable when deployed: 4 month detachment £3,520 (Tax free) 6 month detachment £5,281 (Tax free) • Disturbance Allowance £102 - £1036 (+£81 children's uniform allowance) • Continuing Education Allowance (CEA) £21, 000 per child per annum

  25. Housing and Healthcare • Subsidised food and accommodation (single/ married/ civil partnership) • Substitute Single Service Accommodation (SSSA) • Free medical & dental care (dependents overseas only) • RAF Gym Access

  26. Annual Leave • 30 working days per year (6 weeks) • 8 Bank holidays • Local stand down • Post operational tour leave (9 days away = 1 days leave) • Relocation leave (5 days)

  27. RAF Lifestyle • Adventurous Training • Community Engagements • Sport and Social • Ceremonial

  28. RAF Ethos, Core Values and Standards • CORE VALUES • - Respect………….. Mutual and Self Respect • - Integrity………….. Moral Courage, Honesty, Responsibility, Justice • - Service.………….. Physical Courage, Loyalty, Commitment, Teamwork • - Excellence………. Personal Excellence, Discipline, Pride • STANDARDS • - Social Conduct • - Equality and Diversity • - Personal Behaviour • - Drugs • - Alcohol • - Financial management • - Contact with the Media and speaking in Public

  29. Application Process • Contact the – Careers Information Line 0345 605 5555 • Check your eligibility • Register your interest • You will receive an email with an application link • Attend your local Armed Forces Careers Office: • Interview, Medical and Pre-joining fitness test • Professional Interview at RAFC Cranwell • Pre Recruit Training Course (PRTC) @ RAF Halton • Recruit Training @ RAF Halton • www.raf.mod.uk/careers

  30. Information Points Submit Application via the Careers Information Line (CIL) www.raf.mod.uk/recruitment/how-to-apply/

  31. RAF Cranwell, Diversity Workshop

  32. http://www.raf.mod.uk/pmrafns/

  33. Want to find out more? Call us to book onto an informal presentation about RAF nursing opportunities. If you are interested, even slightly, I would encourage you to come along and find out more. Attendance at presentation does not commit you to anything. RAF Nursing Services Recruiting Team (01400) 26 6782 CRN-RecruitSelect-NSLT-shared@mod.uk

  34. Questions?

  35. “Per Ardua ad Astra” -  "Through Adversity to the Stars"

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