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Royal Australian Air Force PowerPoint Presentation
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Royal Australian Air Force

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Royal Australian Air Force
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Royal Australian Air Force

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  1. Royal Australian Air Force The Learning-Centred Organisation Learning Futures Project

  2. Critical Air Force Imperatives Maintaining the ‘capability edge’ ‘Learning is what most adults will do for a living in the 21st century.’[S.J. Perelman] Being an ‘employer of choice’ ‘[Gens X&Y want]feedback ... coaching ... access to learning ... development opportunities … options … challenge … collaborative work environments … respect from managers.’[Avril Henry]

  3. Central LCO Imperative To take what most of us do, most of the time, and make it the model for what all of us do, all of the time. ‘We are what werepeatedlydo. Excellence, then, isnotanactbut ahabit.’ [Aristotle]

  4. Opportunities/Challenges (1) We already have … We aim to also have … Progress to date? An excellent training system Greater focus on learningoutcomes On-going liaison with like-minded projects Efficient method/media analysis Effective method/media analysis Intensifying focus on learning theory in analysis Identifying existing trail blazers. Enhancement programs Comprehensive formal education & training program Unbounded learning. Integrated workplace learning Broaden definition of PD&T. New induction strategies Comprehensive PD&T Program Commitment to lifelonglearning

  5. Opportunities/Challenges (2) We already have … We aim to also have … Progress to date? Very good formal learning Comprehensive use of ‘PPK’ Developing proposal for reporting changes Evolving individual competency regime Excellent collective evaluation regime, eg CRM/GIHRE Developing generic model for specific applications. Basis for an effective feedback system Thorough resolution of all shortcomings Exploiting other systemic changes underway. Evolving knowledge management system Proactive,interactive relationship with all stakeholders Cheering on-going silo demolition! Finding exemplars!

  6. ‘Adaptive Culture’ Objectives Fostering systems thinking Working effectively with complexity & uncertainty Encouraging critical & creative thought Questioning existing practices Critically reflecting on options for improvement Innovating & learning from doing Innovating & learning from mistakes Valuing intellectual capital, seeking knowledge Building trust-based relationships Developing teamwork & cooperation Leveraging off members’ inherent knowledge Sharing knowledge

  7. Discussion?

  8. High Recommended Reading Australian Youth Centre Faculty of Education University of Melbourne The post-1970 generation: findings from the ‘Life Patterns’ study Debra Tyler