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Royal Air Force: Commissioned Rank Badges PowerPoint Presentation
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Royal Air Force: Commissioned Rank Badges

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Royal Air Force: Commissioned Rank Badges - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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VR VR VR VR VR T T T T T Royal Air Force: Commissioned Rank Badges Royal Air Force: Non-Commissioned Rank Badges Air Training Corps: Adult Senior Non-Commissioned Officer Ranks Air Training Corps: Cadet Non-Commissioned Officer Ranks

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Royal Air Force: Commissioned Rank Badges

Royal Air Force: Non-Commissioned Rank Badges

Air Training Corps: Adult Senior Non-Commissioned Officer Ranks

Air Training Corps: Cadet Non-Commissioned Officer Ranks

Do you know each of these ranks? If not, take the time to learn them!


Aircraft you will fly AFTER you have passed your 1st Class Training!

Grob Tutor

Grob Viking

Grob Vigilant


RAF aircraft you may have the chance to have an experience flight in!

But do you know what these aircraft are called?


Cartridge platform and ejector

Sight system – front and rear sights

Trigger mechanism


Safety devices

Enfield No.8 Rifle: Circa 1961

Enfield No.8 Rifle - .22 calibre, bolt action rifle

Always remember your Normal Safety Precautions (NSPs!)



You pickup a weapon that has NOT been under your direct supervision, check it to make sure it is NOT loaded.


You hand a weapon to another person you must first show that the weapon is NOT loaded.


Point the weapon in such a direction, that there is no danger if it is accidentally fired.


Rest your finger on the trigger.


Lean a Rifle, whether loaded or unloaded, against a wall or other object.


Point the weapon at anyone, even in fun!


Rest the muzzle of the weapon against any part of the body.


Attempt to fire a weapon unless under supervision.


Region Marksman

Wing Marksman


Marksmanship Principles

1. Position and hold should be firm enough to support the rifle

2. The rifle must point naturally at the target without undue effort

3. Sight alignment and aim must be correct

4. The shot must be released and followed through without disturbing the position


2510 (West Denton) Squadron

Young people aged 13-20 are enjoying flying, gliding, going on annual camps, taking part in all sorts of adventure training, military skills & fieldcraft, sports and shooting in your area at 2510 (West Denton) Squadron!

So you think you have what it takes to be an Air Cadet? Do you think you could navigate your way across the wilderness on an expedition trying to reach your next checkpoint with only a map, compass and your skill as a navigator? Do you think you have the patience and the skill to hit a target at 1000 yards with a competition target rifle? Do you think you could fly an aeroplane on your own with no one else in the cockpit?

In the Air Cadets you will have the opportunity to do all of this and more!

Expand your horizons with real qualifications like the Duke of Edinburgh Award Scheme or a BTEC in Aviation Studies. Push yourself to the limits by taking part in a March and Shoot competition, gain your solo wings in a state-of-the art glider or get right on target by achieving a marksmanship badge. Bring out your true potential by becoming a Non-Commissioned Officer and lead other Cadets from the front!

If you are aged 13-17 years old and think you can take up the challenge, why not come down to the Squadron and get involved with the best and most exciting youth organisation in the UK!

Parade Nights

Every Tuesday & Friday: 7.00pm– 9.30pm

2510 Squadron Location

ATC HQ, Slatyford Lane, Newcastle-upon-Tyne

Contact Us

Plt Off James Elliott RAFVR(T)

Sqn (Parade nights only): 0191 228 0645

Wing: 0191 213 1919

2510 Sqn



Laws of Combat


Harrier GR7

1, 3, 4, 20(R) Squadrons

Sentinel R1

5 Squadron

Chinook HC2

7, 18, 27, 78 Squadrons

Sentry AEW1

8, 23 Squadrons

Typhoon F2 17(R), 29(R) Squadrons

Canberra PR9 39 Squadron


Merlin HC3 28(AC) Squadron

BAe 146

32 (The Royal) Squadron

Squirrel HCC1 32 (The Royal) Squadron

BAe 125

32 (The Royal) Squadron

Puma HC1

33, 230 Squadrons

Nimrod MR2 42(R), 120, 201 Squadrons


Jaguar GR3

6, 41 Squadrons

Dominie T1

55(R) Squadron

Hercules C1, C3, C4 and C5

24, 30, 47, 70 Squadrons

Tucano T1 72(R), 207(R) Squadrons

Beechcraft King Air B200 45(R) Squadron

Griffin HAR2/HT1

60(R), 84 Squadrons


Hawk T1

19, 208, 100 Squadrons

VC10 K3/4

101 Squadron

Sea King HAR3A

22, 202 Squadrons

Tristar K1/KC1/C2

216 Squadron

Tornado F3

25, 43, 56(R), 111 Squadrons

Tornado GR4 2(AC), 9, 12, 13, 14, 15(R), 31, 617 Squadrons

C17 Globemaster 99 Squadron


Hawk T1

‘Red Arrows’ RAF Aerobatic Team


Battle of Britain Memorial Flight

Spitfire Mk IIA

Battle of Britain Memorial Flight

Hurricane Mk II

Battle of Britain Memorial Flight

C-47 Dakota Battle of Britain Memorial Flight

Chipmunk DHC1

Battle of Britain Memorial Flight