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Royal Air Force Cricket Association PowerPoint Presentation
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Royal Air Force Cricket Association

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Royal Air Force Cricket Association
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Royal Air Force Cricket Association

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  1. Royal Air Force Cricket Association OIC Cricket Workshop 22 Nov 11 At The Kia Oval Cricket Ground

  2. Aim To provide a exchange forum for information, advice and guidance relating to OIC Cricket at Station Level, in order to assist Cricket in the RAF

  3. Scope RAFSB Overview RAFCA Director of Cricket Initiatives and Objectives Competitions Review of 2011and Proposals for 2012 Eagles Coaching Umpiring Adastrians Station Cricket Discussion & AOB AGM

  4. Director Sports Board (RAF) Mission To promote the value of sporting activity and endeavour as a core contribution to operational effectiveness, and as a key factor to recruit, develop, sustain and retain our personnel.

  5. RAFSB, Secretariat & Lottery • RAF Sports Board decides matters of sports policy and funding. • DSB exercises executive responsibility of all sport undertaken under the aegis of the RAF Sports Associations, and issues “authority” [duty status] for sporting activity. (Governance) • The Secretariat provides support to the Associations who, in conjunction with the PEd staff at units, deliver and promote sporting activity at all levels. (Advice) • Sources, generates, manages and distributes non-public funding for sport include the RAF Central Fund, Nuffield Trust and RAF Sports Lottery. (Funding)

  6. RAF Sports Strategy – End State (2015) • Sufficient opportunities for sport at every level. • Policies and resources allow time for sport. • COs fulfil their responsibility for promoting sport. • People remain protected by policies and processes that clarify and authorise duty status. • Sufficient high quality facilities availablefor allauthorised sport. • Sufficient public funding for sport supported by non-public funds (lottery, charity, sponsorship) • Contributions to RAF sport are valued and rewarded.

  7. Unit PEd Staff OIC Sports Chain of Command UNIT LEVEL SPORT RAF Sports Board Secretariat Unit Sports Committees RAF Sports Associations Unit Level Sport - Stakeholders Stn Cdr

  8. Unit Level Sport - Stakeholders DSB(RAF) presents at Future Commanders Study Period To ensure that commanders [Stn Cdrs, Unit Cdrs, Sqn Cdrs, OC BSW etc] understand: Role of Sport Organisation of Sport What is Expected of Commanders Key Messages

  9. Commanders invited to: • Guarantee and demonstrate personal support • Promote the benefits at every opportunity • Encourage organised sport, alongside FD, AT and fitness • Recognise and reward commitment and achievement – players, officials, coaches, OICs and committees • Advertise the importance of the Sports Lottery • Encourage information flow

  10. Key Messages to Commanders: • Sport is a key tool in developing your people. • It has a direct affect on recruitment & retention. • Powerful vehicle for recognising capability, capacity and breadth. • Use RAFSB Sec, your PEd staff and the Association Committees to create an environment in which sport can flourish. • Unit Commanders have the greatest single effect on participation: • Example • Time • Budget allocation

  11. Message From The Top RAF News 7 October 2011 ACM Sir Simon Bryant CinC Air Cmd




  15. COMPETITIONS REVIEW OF 2011 • T20 works for Leagues, but tying to Lords date hindered notice. • T20 Final a fiasco of RAFCA comms – leading to knock on complaints. • RAF Cup – Only 10 of 21 games played. • Too many teams fail to show on agreed dates – leading to knock on complaints.

  16. COMPETITIONS PROPOSALS FOR 2012 • Comp Sec post to be handed over in Nov 11. • Must be cognisant of impact of Olympics on sports competitions. • Intent is for T20 and RAF Cup. • Play by date to be enforced and rules on effort to be underlined. • Consider balance of commitment to a mini-week vs quality/guarantee of cricket

  17. REPRESENTATIVE XIsREVIEW OF 2011Sqn Ldr Jon Riddell & Chf Tech Pete Hornby One of the most successful years for Representative cricket RAFCA Senior XI IS T20 Champions RAFCA Senior XI IS 50 over Champions RAFCA U25 IS 50 over Champions RAFCA Ladies XI making big improvements’.

  18. RAFCA EAGLES Flt Lt Stu Bradford Aims to fill the ‘void’ left by demise of Cmd and Gp Fixtures Challenge the better performing stn players Provide Dev Mgr opportunity to talent spot Provide Stepping stone from stn to representative standard Challenge through: Quality Chosen Opposition Quality Natural Surface

  19. RAFCA EAGLES 2011Flt Lt Stu Bradford RAFCA Eagles Identity 5 Fixtures in 2011 9-10 May 11 – RAF Vine Lane Players Assessment – Trial Match – Selection Ashborne CC, Capt – Senior (CS) Player 11-12 Jul 11 – Lincoln Tour Trg day RAF Cranwell T20 Bracebridge Heath CC, Capt Ex U25/Dev Player Trial Match 8 Sep 11 – RAF Vine Lane United Hospitals CC, Capt Ex U25/Dev Player Season Summary – Opportunity for 39 Players

  20. RAFCA EAGLES 2011Flt Lt Stu Bradford Aims for 2012 Continue Eagles Impetus Trg Camp - Coaching Enhanced Management Set Up Replicate Other Representative Sides Comms – Stn OICs Eagles League Reps (Including Non Affiliated Stns) Stn OICs and League Secs Have a Major Role to Play

  21. COACHING • CSCCA – Minor Counties Status • ECB Coaching Structure/Pathway • UKCC2 • 2 Courses 2011: 12 RAF-RAFCA/Stn • Coaching Opportunities • OIC Trawl for Coaches • Conjoined with other Services • 2012 Coaching • UKCC2 & CDWs/Club Coach Assessments

  22. RAFCU&SASgt Gary Eustace • Umpires • Some 24 ‘active’ members – ‘core’ pool c.14 in 2011. • 3 ‘stand’ on CS Panel of 6, 2 others on the CS ‘feeder’ panel; stood at Lords (IS T20), Fenners (CS v Cambridge University), and the Senior, U25 and Ladies IS main and T20 tournaments. • RAFCU&SA appointed to 38 fixtures: RAF Seniors, U25, Ladies, LACL, Eagles, RAF Cup semis and final

  23. RAFCU&SASgt Gary Eustace • Scorers • ‘Pool’ of 8, but 5 are on CS Panel! • 58 fixtures comprising CS, all levels of Inter Services and RAF cricket including LACL, Eagles and Adastrians’ fixtures. • In addition, our members were also appointed to MCC, 1st class and International games during the season!

  24. RAFCU&SASgt Gary Eustace • CU&SA -Greatest threat is SUSTAINABILITY! • Umpires Trg Cses - Halton: • Level 1 - 2-4 Apr • Level 1A - 5 Apr • Level 1A - 15-19 Oct • POC Sgt Andy Rutter • Scorers Trg Cse • 29 Jan • 19 Feb • POC Cpl Ian Walsh – Wad 6954

  25. ADASTRIANSSqn Ldr Rich Harris • Summary of the 2011 Season

  26. ADASTRIANS – The Long Hop • Not enough playing members • Low player availability • Standard of players slipping • Cancelled matches • Weekend/Family commitments • Reduced manning • OOA commitments • Not viewed as developmental

  27. ADASTRIANS The Forward Defensive • Promote as alternative development opportunity for RAFCA (Players not getting Eagles and U25s places but have potential) • Prestigious fixtures • Representative Cricket (Duty Travel) • Open to all ranks • Competitive standard • History to be preserved

  28. ADASTRIANS – The Batting Order • Annual Dinner at the RAF Club (Feb 12) • Stage at Vine Lane • Royal Household at Windsor Castle • Stragglers at Vine Lane • Cross Arrows CC at Lords • Cross Arrows Dinner – The Long Room (Nov 12) • Committee • Match Managers • Prize Winners

  29. ADASTRIANS The Last Wicket Stand • We must field full and competitive sides. • Fixtures pared down to a minimum. • Prestigious fixtures retained. • Venues and Events are the hook. • Support needed from RAFCA. • Encourage U25s and Eagles players. • If this fails Adastrians will fold next season!

  30. ADASTRIANS – The Match Report • Comms/Publicity Plan • RAFCA • Presentations • E-mails to OICs • Websites and Scrolling News • Simon Taylor • Work • 030679 35729 • • Home • 07789 511311 •

  31. ADASTRIANS 2012

  32. STATION CRICKETWg Cdr Stu Williams CDO • OICs Responsibilities • AP3342 Lflt 706 • IMPORTANT - Does not have to be a Commissioned Rank

  33. STATION CRICKET • A Refresher – An OIC Requires: • Interest • Innovation • Imagination • Excitement • Commitment • Leadership • Persistence • Unwavering Devotion

  34. STATION CRICKET A Familiar Story At Station Level? Team Co-ordinator - OIC Match Secretary - OIC Coach - Nil/OIC Captain - Best or Oldest Player/OIC Players - Whoever is available/OIC

  35. STATION CRICKET • An OIC needs : • A Committee • Constitution & TORs • Knowledge, Support & Guidance • Sports Board • The Stn • RAFCA • RAFCA Website - Stn Page • CDO • 95461 7532 •

  36. STATION CRICKET • In a nutshell all we need is……. • Good quality pitches, Focal Point (Pavilion), Equipment, Nets & Practice Facilities, Players, Coaching, Officials, Trg nights, Funding, Coaching (Group/ Individual), Fixtures, Friendlies, Cup Matches, Stn Tournaments, Stn Tour, Stn Cricket Trips/Days out, Play day, Families Day, Committee, Constitution, Strong Links with PEd Flt and Contractors, Everyone a member of the RAF Sports Lottery, Develop promising players • Easily Achieved ? • Main Issues from the 2010/11 Review………..

  37. COMMON THEMES Difficulty in obtaining teas of a decent quality, at an affordable rate, especially with units that have PAYD. No easy answer – PAYD is reality. Low level Sponsorship from Stn Contactors? Lack of guidance for new OICs. Hopefully addressed Who can represent station teams in RAF Cup and League* games? AP 3415 Section 2 Ch 2 - Non Service/MoD Civ personnel (dependents, guests, contractors etc) are eligible to play in friendly (non RAF League or Cup) matches providing they have personal insurance in place and sign declaration - Annex A to Ref

  38. COMMON THEMES Lack of MT (JSP 752) Entitled to MT under Stn Cdr’s authority – Check contract? Driver Age - Local approach to obtaining Minibus Licence? Lack of Accommodation JSP 752. No Subsistence for Sport (exc key safety pers). SLAM = limited transit accn (sports accn at HAL, CRN & COS – BZN PCAU?). PAYD = No duty meals. Sponsorship ? Lack of player availability Use all available tools at your disposal - key stakeholders (Stn Cdr, Club President)

  39. REVIEW - SUMMARY/CONCLUSIONS • FINANCES. A mixed bag, units expressed concerns their facilities were worn however units that had requested money seemed to be content with their allocation. • MT. A big concern especially with SERCO controlled MT sections regarding driving hours or lack of vehicles. • TEAS. Most units that had to source refreshments from the Messes were not happy with the quantity or quality they were paying for. • PLAYER AVAILABILITY. A common theme. However, several units received a lot of support from local teams, and with station players heavily involved in local coaching and playing - the local teams also relied heavily on station players. Inference that cricket in the RAF was thriving through local clubs rather than unit v unit cricket.

  40. FUTURE • More Difficult ? • Improved RAFCA Support • Personality Dependent on Stns • Game is Reliant on You • We Must Up Our Collective Game if the Game is to Survive

  41. OIC Cricket Workshop 2010 AOB & Discussion

  42. RAFCA AGM 2012