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Thrdplace Social Networking

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Thrdplace Social Networking. Remote Team Member. Test Plan and Cases. Gaurav Doon. Testing Overview. Type of testing : system level acceptance test of the Thrdplace Social Networking project. Purpose of testing: verify the requirements captured in Winbook .

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testing overview
  • Type of testing:system level acceptance test of the Thrdplace Social Networking project.
  • Purpose of testing:verify therequirements captured in Winbook.
  • Scope of testing: include all capabilities and level of service requirements.
  • Focus of testing: testing will focus on use cases corresponding withwin conditions captured in Winbook.


strong points
Strong Points
  • We are good at sharing our vision.
  • We agree on a decision only after consulting everyone in the team and when everyone is satisfied with it.
  • Familiarity with technologies like MySql and HTML 5 which are used in the project will make things easier.
weak points
Weak Points
  • Due to clash of schedules, sometimes it becomes difficult to organize a team meeting.
  • Some technologies like PHP, thrdplace database are not known to the team members, but they will be implemented in the project.
overall project evaluation
Overall Project Evaluation
  • Atpresent,allthewinconditionshavebeendesignedandprototyped.
  • Initially,slowprogressandinconsistency betweenprototypeandwinconditions.
  • Adjustquicklyandcooperatewithclientscloselytocompleteaseriesofdifficultytasks,includingdatabasedesignandpopulation,influencemoduleimplementation,searchengineimplementation,recommendationsystemimplantation.
system purpose
System Purpose
  • Thrdplace.comis a venue for fund-raising, resource sharing and commerce.
  • Oursystemisdesignedtoprovidesearch,


search engine
  • WeuseApache Solrfull-textsearchenginetosearchfor projectsor contributors fromthrdPlace.comdatabase.Searchresultswillbedisplayedinalistview.


ranking system

Rankby influence(formulasagreedbyclient)

  • INFLUENCE (Contributors)
  • (Weight 1 * Number of Project Contributed) + (Weight 2 * Promotions)
  • INFLUENCE (Projects)
  • (Weight 1 * Project Success) + (Weight 2 * Promotions)
  • PROMOTIONS = (weight 1 * Facebook Likes) + (weight 2 * Twitter Shares) + (Weight 3 * Number of Comments)
  • PROJECTSUCCESS=RaisedCapital/ExpectedCapital
  • CAPITAL=(weight1 * Integer value of Funds) + (weight2 * Supply Items) + (weight3* Volunteer hours)




  • Overall Architecture
    • System Context Diagram
    • Process Diagram
    • Hardware Component Diagram
    • Software Component Diagram
    • Deployment Diagram
  • Detailed Architecture
    • Artifacts & Information Diagram
    • Interface Classes
    • Process Realization
  • COTS/ReuseSelections

Development phase - Construction Iteration

Duration: 2/10/14 – 4/17/14


In this phase, the development team should keeps detailing project plan and recording project progress and emphasize on implementing the system and performing testes.

Deliverable: Transition Readiness Review Package, Draft Transition Readiness Review Package

Milestone: Transition Readiness Review, Core Capability Drivethrough

Strategy: Development and testing

Development phase - Transition Iteration

Duration: 4/18/14 – 5/05/14


In this stage, the development team should perform system transition by providing maintenance information, tutorial session, technical support, as well as user menu which covers different user roles.

Deliverable: Operational Commitment Review Package, Transition manual, Source code

Milestone: Operation Commitment Review

Strategy: Deployment, Training, and Transition

iteration plan capabilities not to be tested
Iteration PlanCapabilities not to be tested
  • In the first and second iteration, all the three capabilities will be tested at least one time and the order of testing on each capability will depend on their priority. The requirements for max down time and system deployment mentioned in winbook will not be tested, because we are just going to demonstrate those features to our clients.
ndi ncs feasibility analysis



hardware and software costs
Hardware and Software Costs
  • Hardware and Software Costs--Development
  • Hardware and Software Costs--Operation


roi analysis


  • 10% per year increase in cost.
  • Benefits rounded up to nearest integer
  • ROI=(Cumulative Benefit - Cumulative Cost)/(Cumulative Cost)