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going bush with grade 3 4a n.
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Going Bush with Grade 3/4A PowerPoint Presentation
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Going Bush with Grade 3/4A

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Going Bush with Grade 3/4A
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Going Bush with Grade 3/4A

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  1. Going Bushwith Grade 3/4A A Picture Diary

  2. The beginning of our first journey – Going Bush in the Maccy Nature I saw trees and a concrete tunnel and a bird nests. Thomas

  3. I have enjoyed going outside seeing all of the birds in our area. I have also enjoyed drawing the map. I think we spotted a Helmeted Honeyeater today. (2/8/11) Harrison When I am in the nature walk I feel good, it is fun. It is lots of fun finding and identifying samples of the plants. Luke

  4. I like working in the nature walk, it is fun working outside and learning about the different plants. I like working with a group of people. Mikey We like the idea of the project. And the identification of the plants. We are also wrapped about making the huts. It’s a great activity to get outside and work as a team, we love the peace and quiet down their.

  5. When I went down to the nature walk I saw a tree with two possum nests in it. There are a lot of prickles down there. There is a big concrete pipe with a lot of rubbish in it and six handprints on it, all different colours. There are two trees behind it and I have seen a lot of twitter birds in them. This is a storm water drain which runs down into the creek in the nature trail

  6. Today I think we did a good job I have seen lots of creature and had lots of fun. Mikey