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Lesson 18 Grade 1 Attachment 1 PowerPoint Presentation
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Lesson 18 Grade 1 Attachment 1

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Lesson 18 Grade 1 Attachment 1
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Lesson 18 Grade 1 Attachment 1

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  1. Lesson 18 Grade 1 Attachment 1

  2. Lesson 19 Grade 1 Attachment 1:Word search

  3. Lesson 19 Grade 1 Attachment 2: Answers to word search

  4. Lesson 20 Grade 1 Attachment 1: Faces with emotions

  5. Matching words(emotions) to go with faces HAPPY

  6. SAD


  8. ANGRY



  11. GREEDY

  12. SICK

  13. Lesson 20 Grade 1 Attachment 2: List of positive emotions JOY

  14. LOVE







  21. HOPE

  22. PRIDE


  24. Lesson 20 Grade 1 Attachment 2:List of negative emotions FEAR

  25. ANGER


  27. BLAME

  28. GUILT

  29. HATE

  30. SHAME




  34. Lesson 20 Grade 1 Attachment 3 DRAWING OF NEGATIVE EMOTION

  35. Lesson21 Grade 1 Attachment 1:Picture of Back pack

  36. Lesson 21 Grade 1 Attachment 2: Resource Flash cards LOVE

  37. JOY




  41. Lesson 22 Grade 1 Attachment 1 BUBBLE THE MEERKAT TELLS THE TRUTH Bubble was a little meerkat who lived with his family in a huge meerkat colony. Bubble was one of the small meerkat’s in the family and he wasn’t feeling very important. He always dreamed of being popular like a king or a pop star. He wanted to be noticed and to feel important as well. All the other meerkats talked about their achievements and he always felt small and like a nobody. He was a good little meerkat and he always listened to his parents and did his chores in the family as was expected. But then one day he got an idea. He thought that if he told a lie about something brave that he did, all his friends and family would believe that he is a hero. Then he would be popular! So the next day Bubble told all his friends that he once scared a snake away that wanted to enter the meerkat colony (house). He told them how he fought bravely with the snake and how he gave him a big bite. The snake got such a fright that it slid away quickly. He told them that he was not scared of snakes at all

  42. Al his friends were very amazed and they believed his lie. To scare away a snake was a very brave thing to do for a little meerkat. They had never tried it before, they were all too scared. Soon Bubble became very popular in the meerkat colony and everybody heard about his braveness. Fighting off a snake brought Bubble all the fame he ever dreamed off. Then one day he and his friends were playing sliding down the sand dune. They keep on going further and further away from the colony and his friends were a bit cautious. They said: “Bubble, maybe we must go back – this is dangerous.” Bubble would just reply: ”I am not scared of anything. I’m a brave meerkat.” Then suddenly they all started to scream – snake!! Everybody was calling Bubble forward, as he was the brave one who fought a snake before. They all looked around for him and then they saw him right at the back of the group, rolled up in a little ball.

  43. They realized they would have to do something quickly and together they all started digging – kicking sand in the snake’s eyes. The snake got scared with all the sand in his eyes and slid away quickly. The friends all turned around and looked at Bubble. He realized that his friends all saved them from the snake. He got up from his hiding place and thanked his friends and said: “I am sorry that I lied. I should have told you the truth. Without all your help we could have been dead now.” He told then how he wanted to do something big and great that would make him look brave and give him fame and popularity. But he didn’t know that his lie could almost cost them all their lives. His friends told him that he was great just the way he is and that they all liked him and believe in him for who he is and not what he does.