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Three Stages Prevention Personal Problem-solving Requested Intervention

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Three Stages Prevention Personal Problem-solving Requested Intervention - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Wisconsin Lutheran Seminary Restoration Process Re.: Internet Pornography (This process does not apply to child pornography). Three Stages Prevention Personal Problem-solving Requested Intervention. Stage One -- Prevention. Training in addiction Bibliography Lifestyle Management

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Wisconsin Lutheran Seminary Restoration ProcessRe.: Internet Pornography(This process does not apply to child pornography).

Three Stages


Personal Problem-solving

Requested Intervention

stage one prevention
Stage One -- Prevention
  • Training in addiction
  • Bibliography
  • Lifestyle Management
  • Education about myths and facts about addictions and Internet Addictions
  • Guidelines for development of personal accountability are explained (Stage Two)
  • Connection to Prevention Resources such as
stage two personal problem solving
Stage Two – Personal Problem-solving
  • A. The individual student recognizes his problem and seeks help from classmates and peers.
    • A.1 Repentance is expressed by the student and Gospel absolution is given by his peers.
    • A.2 The individual student and his classmates/peers form an encouragement group (accountability group)
stage two personal problem solving1
Stage Two -- Personal Problem-solving
  • B. By the mutual agreement of the individual and his encouragement group, a referral is made to a therapist. (The student may choose to seek help from the WLS approved therapist prior to seeking help from his peers and prior to forming an encouragement group).
    • 2010-2011 WLS approved therapist is:
      • Dr. Eric Seybold, Psychologist
      • 12690 W. North Avenue, Building C
      • Brookfield, Wisconsin 53005 262-785-1008
stage two personal problem solving2
Stage Two -- Personal Problem-solving
  • B.1. Confidentiality – individual, encouragement group, and therapist
  • B.2. Payment -- Individual pays a small portion of the discounted fees, WLS pays the remainder of the fees for counseling
  • B.3. Practical – WLS is billed by the therapist in a way that insures the confidentiality of the individual student and his encouragement partners. The invoice from the therapist contains neither the name, the initials, nor any other code that would allow WLS to identify the individual student who is receiving the counseling.
stage three requested intervention
Stage Three – Requested Intervention
  • 3.A. This stage involves the individual asking for assistance from WLS
    • 3.A.1. The individual has not been caught by the WLS administration and has attempted to resolve the struggle on his own through the process of Stages One and Two, but has not been able to maintain extensive avoidance of the behavior. So the individual asks for help.
    • 3.B.2. The individual, his therapist, and his accountability partners have agreed that the individual needs to report his inability to resolve the struggle with pornography to the WLS administration for the good of his future ministry – his own good and the good of the ministry.
    • 3.B.3 The commitment from the WLS administration would be not to use the revealed information to block the individual from a ministry position or vicarship if the individual meets the following requirements:
stage three requested intervention1
Stage Three – Requested Intervention
  • 3.B. The following would be key requirements for successful completion of Stage Three:
    • 3.B.1 Repentance
    • 3.B.2 The student will complete a counseling process with the WLS approved therapist
      • After consulting with the WLS approved therapist who is providing counseling to the student, the WLS administration should have a clear understanding of the student’s specific needs.
    • 3.B.3 If married, the student’s spouse would be involved in the process
    • 3.B.4 The student will maintain recovery for a period of twelve months.
    • 3.B.5 The student will make a commitment to do all key requested behaviors to assist him in changing his behavior
      • This may involve the student requesting a deferral of a call or a vicar assignment in order to complete the work of recovery.