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ODJFS Updates

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ODJFS Updates
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ODJFS Updates

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  1. ODJFS Updates OACCA Conference April 2017 Carla Carpenter, Lakeisha Hilton, Sonia Tillman, Kevin Bullock Office of Families and Children

  2. Topics for Discussion • Predictive Analytics • CFSR/CQI • Licensing Updates • Transitional Youth/Independent Living Toolkit • SACWIS Updates for Private Agencies • Q & A

  3. Eckerd Rapid Safety Feedback Predictive analytics

  4. What is Predictive Analytics? • Field of data science that applies computational analysis to current and historical data in order to predict future outcomes or behaviors. • Once established, the pattern, or algorithm, can be applied to current, real-time data to make a prediction about what will happen next. • Applying a predictive algorithm to real-time data can allow us to make outcome predictions about the children on our caseloads. • The prediction is based off of past outcomes for children and families with similar risk factors. • Not a replacement for sound clinical judgement. • Another “tool” in our “tool chest” to inform casework practice in child welfare.

  5. Ohio’s Plan • Use historical child welfare data to develop a predictive model to identify children at high risk of suffering a child fatality or near fatality. • Apply the model to real-time child welfare data in order to identify high risk families in advance of a negative safety outcome . • Develop a Quality Assurance case review tool that will be used to assess identified cases. • QA specialists will provide consultations to the front line service teams in efforts to mitigate safety concerns and prevent fatalities and near fatalities.

  6. Current Project Activities • Work commenced in January 2017 • Initial data analysis underway • Concurrently working on development of the QA case review tool and implementation planning • Franklin and Hamilton Counties will be the first to implement ERSF in Ohio

  7. Additional Resources • The Commission to Eliminate Child Abuse and Neglect Fatalities Final Report • https://eliminatechildabusefatalities.sites.usa.gov/ • Southern Area Consortium of Human Services (SACHS), Literature Review: Predictive Analytics in Human Services, Prepared By: Dr. Thomas Packard, MSW • https://theacademy.sdsu.edu/wp-content/uploads/2016/03/sachs-predictive-analytics-report-feb-2016.pdf\

  8. cQI & Child and family Services Review

  9. CQI Advisory Team • Develop Ohio’s statewide CQI infrastructure for child welfare • Increase accessibility of SACWIS data and improve data integrity to support CQI activities • Further integrate CQI into OFC’s technical processes • Apply CQI principles to improve casework practice and supervision • Implement innovative and evidence-based or evidence-informed practices to improve safety, permanency and well-being outcomes for children and families.

  10. Accomplishments to Date • Framework for Statewide CQI • CQI Webinar Series: • Introduction to Statewide CQI • Data Reporting Tools • Statewide CQI Contact List • Establishment of Peer Reviewers for the CFSR

  11. CFSR Peer Reviewers • 20 peer reviewers from 9 PCSAs & 1 private agency. • Collectively 400+ years of experience with an average tenure of 18.5 years in child welfare. • Completed 3-hour webinar, 3 days of onsite training, 1 trial run onsite review date & certified by the Children’s Bureau through completion of online training materials & test.

  12. CQI Next Steps • Peer Review Network & Life After the CFSR • Continuing to Build Statewide CQI Knowledge: • Featured Examples of CQI in Action in First Friday • Create opportunities for learning b/t public & private agency partners • Continue Focus on Making Data Accessible: • Periodic, auto-generated reports of interest • Data reporting reference tool • Selection & Testing of Solutions in Key Areas of Focus: • Workforce Recruitment & Retention Issues • Select CFSR Measures

  13. Get Involved! Tequilla Brown Strategic Initiatives Administrator, ODJFS, Office of Families and Children 614.752.5206 Tequilla.Brown@jfs.ohio.gov

  14. ODJFS Foster Care Licensing Updates Presented By: Monica Kress & Lakeisha Hilton

  15. Licensing Procedure Manual Changes • Increased Technical Assistance for Existing Agencies • Online Licensing Inquiries, and Increase Technical Assistance Once Assigned to a Licensing Specialist • Criminal Record Check System & Procedure for Submission & Review • Increase in Universe Period for Public Agencies to 20 months from the span date noted on the Appendix T Letter • Self-Reporting option for all non-health & Safety Issues • Increase of Record Sample Pulls, 10% of all records maximum of 20 • All Recruitment Plans Will Be Entered & Reviewed in SACWIS (once All Agencies are “Live”)

  16. Criminal Background Check Procedure • 100% compliance with criminal record check requirements per ORC 2151.86, OAC 5101:2-5-09, OAC 5101:2-9-09.1, & OAC 5101:2-48-09 (FCASPL 314) • All criminal record checks for direct care staff (residential centers, groups homes, IL arrangements, residential parenting facilities, crisis care facilities, and private/nonprofit therapeutic wilderness camps) must be reviewed by ODJFS Licensing Specialists (*first wave due 2/6/2017) • All criminal record checks for current foster parents/approved adoptive parents, and all applicants must be reviewed by ODJFS Licensing Specialists. (*first wave due 3/6/2017) • The first review has begun (if your agency has not faxed in their respective criminal checks, please call your Licensing Specialist for assistance • If non-compliance noted, a complaint will be opened and a corrective action plan will be required • After the first wave, the criminal record checks will be due on a quarterly basis (last day of June, September, December, & March

  17. Sonia Tillman, Differential Response and Special Projects Manager Ohio’s Transitional Youth and Independent Living Toolkit

  18. The toolkit is intended to be used as a supplemental guide to providing consistent, meaningful services that will help the youth transition to adulthood. The toolkit will be filled with best practice engagement approaches and “hands on” activities to support a youth’s skill development in each IL area, as defined within the eleven independent living requirements in 5101:2-42-19.

  19. Academic Support Health Education and Risk Prevention Post-Secondary Educational Support Family Support & Marriage Education Career Preparation Mentoring Employment Programs and Vocational Training Supervised Independent Living Budget and Financial Management Room and Board Financial Assistance Housing, Education and Home Management Training Ohio Administrative Code 5101:2-42-19“Requirements for the Provision of Independent Living Services to Youth in Custody”

  20. Housing

  21. Home Management

  22. Meal Planning

  23. Transitional-Youth-Programs@jfs.ohio.gov

  24. SACWIS Project Updates Kevin Bullock Bureau Chief Automated Systems

  25. SACWIS Updates • SACWIS Private Agency Rollout • SACWIS Build Updates • New/Upcoming Initiatives • Knowledge Base, Knowledge Base Articles (KBAs) and Webinars • Captivate Videos • UAT Testing Opportunities

  26. SACWIS Private Agency Rollout • Private Agency Phase II statewide rollout commenced March 2015 • Currently 74 Private Agencies are Homestudy “live” in SACWIS • Kick-off/Planning Meeting for 10 remaining agencies in the Northwest Region, April 11th • Training (end-user/super-user) will be offered in three waves b/w May 2nd and May 17th in Toledo & Columbus • “Go-Live” on June 6th

  27. SACWIS Build Updates Build 3.09 • Currently in User Acceptance Testing (UAT) • KPIP – Kinship Permanency Incentive Program • Protective Service Alerts(PSA) Enhancements • In Production April 27th

  28. SACWIS Build Updates Build 3.10 • JFS 4280/4281 Enhancements • Large Family Assessment • UAT (In-person or remote) Testing Targeted for Week of May 23rd [Contact Iroabuchi.Arum@jfs.ohio.gov ] • Scheduled for Production June 8th

  29. SACWIS Build Updates Document Management • Still under development • Functionality is being tested in an sandbox environment • Project Team working with IT Department to resolve remaining issues • User Acceptance Testing & deployment timeline to be determined once remaining issues are fully resolved

  30. SACWIS Build Updates Future Builds and Beyond … • Genogram & Person Level Relationships • Text-Based Searches • Case Plan & Family Service Plan Alignment • Redesign of Visitation Plan • Bridges

  31. SACWIS Information SACWIS Knowledge Base • Free Resource – Answers to your questions • Build Release Notes • Knowledge Base Articles (KBAs) • Captivate Videos (Snippets SACWIS Functionality) • Access YouTube Videos and Webinars • http://jfskb.com/sacwis/

  32. Thank you!