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OFFICE OF INDEPENDENT EDUCATION & PARENTAL CHOICE 2011 CSP Grant Training Implementation PowerPoint Presentation
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OFFICE OF INDEPENDENT EDUCATION & PARENTAL CHOICE 2011 CSP Grant Training Implementation - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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OFFICE OF INDEPENDENT EDUCATION & PARENTAL CHOICE 2011 CSP Grant Training Implementation. DOE Grant Specialists. Charlene Burke (850) 245-0897 Laura Pond (850) 245-5138 Heather Harrell ( 850) 245-0859

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Presentation Transcript
doe grant specialists
DOE Grant Specialists

Charlene Burke

(850) 245-0897

Laura Pond

(850) 245-5138

Heather Harrell

(850) 245-0859

Helen Giraitis – Grant Director (850) 245-9639

  • This is a multi-year project with a maximum program performance period of 36 months and is comprised of 3 budget periods:
    • Planning and Program Development (max 18 months)
    • Implementation I (max 12 months)
    • Implementation II (max 12 months)
  • The three budget periods combined may not exceed 36 months and the budget periods may not overlap.
project award notification doe 200
Project Award NotificationDOE 200

Items purchased with these funds must be made within the specified budget period


My district disburses the funds via reimbursement. Isn’t there another way to receive my grant funds?

Can I use this as a back up/emergency fund?

Do I have to use the whole Project Period as specified in the Award Letter?

Why should I complete the planning phase before the end of the project period?

What paperwork do I need to send to my Grant Specialist before the end of each project period?

Can there be a break between phases of the Grant?

fund disbursement
Fund Disbursement
  • Each charter school is required to utilize its sponsor as a fiscal agent.
  • Distribution of funds varies from one district to another. Contact your sponsor/district for further details.
  • Grant recipients will be required to submit receipts and inventory reports to the sponsor for reimbursement.

Project Period Dates

Spend your Funds Quickly!

  • Approved expenses are the only things allowable. As per your budget, you have already allocated these funds.
  • You should not be using the entire project period.
  • Possible bonus to ending early (Not Guaranteed)
henry flagler charter high school timeline
Henry Flagler Charter High School Timeline

Planning – 12 months

Implementation I – 8 months Remaining time – 10 months

Implementation II – 6 months

george washington elementary charter school timeline
George Washington Elementary Charter School Timeline

Planning - 18 months

Implementation I – 12 months

Implementation II – 6 months


Project Period Paperwork

All of this must be done BEFORE your Project Period end date!

  • Itemized expense report
  • Rough draft of budget reviewed by your Grant Specialist
  • Documentation of objectives that have been completed
  • Signed DOE 150 and 101s, original signature forms arrive at Grants Management.

2 Original


DOE Form 150

timeline breaks
Timeline Breaks


Project period for the Planning phase: 5/1/09- 4/30/10

Implementation paperwork arrives: 6/25/10

This is a break in your grant timeline!!!

Avoid this situation!


Implementation Paperwork should arrive 3/1/10 -

No less then a month before the project period end date.

itemized expense report
Itemized Expense Report

Track items as you spend!

budget narrative doe 101
Budget NarrativeDOE 101
  • When completing the DOE 101s Budget
  • Narrative form or the DOE 151 Budget Amendment form, be specific in Column (3) by including:
    • Category
    • Use (grades, room, etc.)
    • Description
    • Quantity
    • Price Per Unit
allowable expenditures
Allowable Expenditures

Project funds must be used for activities that directly supportthe accomplishment of the project purpose, priorities, and expected outcomes.

All expenditures must be consistent with applicable state and federal laws, regulations, and guidance.

use of funds
Use of Funds

Deal or No Deal

(Allowable or Not Allowable)

budget amendments
Budget Amendments
  • For budget amendments, grant project recipients shall submit a Project Amendment Request Signature form (DOE 150) describing the reason for the budget revisions.
  • This must be accompanied by a Budget Amendment Narrative form (DOE 151). List only the budget items that are being amended.
      • Green Book, Section B:
doe 151
DOE 151

submit implementation budgets
Submit Implementation Budgets

Florida Department of Education

Office of Grants Management

Florida Department of Education

325 W. Gaines Street, Room 332

Tallahassee, Florida 32399-0400

All original DOE Forms (150, 101s and 151) should be submitted to the Office of Grants Management.

Make sure you review the budget with your Grant Specialist BEFORE you submit it .

documenting expenses
Documenting Expenses
  • It is required to have supporting documentation
  • for all your expenses.
  • This includes:
    • Payroll records
    • Written contracts
    • Invoices
    • Receipts (Tax Exempt)
    • Travel vouchers/requisitions (Use DOE travel forms)
expenditures travel
Expenditures - Travel
  • Travel expenses paid for with grant funds must be documented on the appropriate travel forms:
      • Authorization
      • Reimbursement
      • Receipts:
      • Hotel
      • Transportation (Airfare, Auto Rental/Gas
      • or Mileage if personal car used)
      • Meals – State Rate $36/day *
      • Pro Rate if any meals are included in registration.
travel expenditures
Travel Expenditures
  • Travel Authorization and ReimbursementForms also available on the Comptroller’s Web site at:

  • Travel Information Sheet – available on the Charter Schools Web page.

financial best practices
Financial Best Practices
  • Develop strong financial policies related to:
        • Budget approval and amendment procedures
        • Separation of duties
        • Cash controls
        • Capital asset management
        • Payroll and personnel administration
        • Market Analysis (per EDGAR 3 estimates)

Guidance for Developing and Monitoring Charter School Financial Practices – available on the Charter Schools Web page.

transitioning between phases
Transitioning Between Phases
  • Planning to Implementation 1:
      • Signed DOE 150 Project Amendment Request (Original Signatures)
      • Signed DOE 101s Budget Narrative Form
      • Signed Copy of Charter Contract
      • Signed Copy of Lease Agreement for Facility
      • Proof of Governance Training
      • Itemized Expense Report
approval conditions
Approval Conditions
  • Planning to Implementation 1 Approval Conditions
    • Board Certified Governance Training
    • Conflict of Interest
    • Procurement Policy
    • Random Lottery Policy
    • Admissions – No Articulation Agreements
    • Objectives for Phase 1
transitioning between phases1
Transitioning Between Phases
  • Implementation 1 to Implementation 2
  • Watch your Project Period End Date!
  • 12 months Implementation 2
    • Rough Draft Budget to Grant Specialist
    • Documentation for Objectives that have a deadline of “End of Phase 2”.
    • Itemized Expense Report for Imp 1 funds.
    • Signed DOE 150 Project Amendment Request
    • Signed DOE 151 Budget Amendment Form
project award notification doe 2001
Project Award NotificationDOE 200

Items purchased with these funds must be made within the specified budget period



Attachment J of your original grant application

attachment j reporting tips
Attachment JReporting Tips

When reporting on

progress towards grant

objectives, be sure to

label each document with

the specific objective that

it supports or verifies.

how to report
How to Report

Documentation must be submitted

to your Grant Specialist:

Office of Independent Education

and Parental Choice

Florida Department of Education

325 W. Gaines Street, Room 522

Tallahassee, Florida 32399-0400

general reporting tips
GeneralReporting Tips
  • To expedite the transition between phases and
  • avoid time consuming errors:
    • Make sure you are using the appropriate forms (Charter School Use Only)
    • E-mail or fax DOE Forms to your Grant Specialist
    • for review prior to submitting them to the Sponsor.
    • Make sure to give yourself plenty of time well BEFOREyour project end date.

inventory management
Inventory Management
  • Item Categories
    • Capital Outlay - All 600 object codes
    • Materials and Supplies - All 500 object codes
inventory management1
Inventory Management
  • Use of Equipment
    • All items purchased must be used for the school
    • (K-12) receiving the grant – even after CSP funding
    • expires.
  • Disposition of Equipment
    • When original equipment acquired under the CSP
    • grant is no longer needed, the disposition of
    • equipment will be made as specified in the DOE Green Book (Section F).
inventory management2
Inventory Management
  • Item Documentation
    • Serial # or other ID, description of item, funding source and percentage, acquisition date, cost,
    • room location, condition, and disposition date
  • Inventory
    • Conducted annually
    • Update item condition, inventory date, room location, and disposition date
    • Must research any unusual findings

Property of:

School District of Palm Beach County

Henry Flagler Charter HS

Purchased with Federal CSP Grant Funds

Item # 3067

  • All items purchased with grant funds must have an individual label attached which includes:
        • District
        • Purchased with Federal CSP Grant Funds
        • Individual Item Number(Corresponding to the inventory list)
board minutes
A comprehensive board agenda and accurate minutes are essential!

Resource: Board Minutes for Non-Profits

Board Minutes
board minutes1
Board Minutes
  • Best Practices minutes include…
    • Organization Name
    • Time & Location
    • Board Member Attendance: Present/Absent/Quorum
    • Identify any people making presentations/comments
    • Proceedings
      • Meeting called to order
      • Minutes from prior meeting – Amended & Approved
      • Reports/Special Presentations
      • Any Action Taken
    • Announcements (Next Meeting, Assignments)
board minutes2
Board Minutes
  • Reports/Presentations
  • Report from Director/Principal
  • Report from Parent Organization
  • Update on School Performance
  • Discussion of Budget
  • Recognition of Student Achievement
  • If the board oversees two or more schools, these reports should address each school individually.
notify doe
Notify DOE
  • School Name Change – Contact District, who will contact DOE (Education Information and Accountability Services).
  • New or Change of Principal – Contact your Grant Specialist ASAP.
  • Physical Address of School – Grant Specialist
charter school web site
Charter School Web Site

csp news
CSP News

Are you receiving it?


Principal is primary contact,

Management Company,

Board members.

All Schools – Future Webinars

Implementation Boot Camp June 20 - 24, 2011

ESP and Management Company July 7, 2011

School Monitoring Visits September 20 & 21, 2011

Budget Amendments & Detailed Documents TBA

Florida Charter School Conference Training

November 14-16, 2011

Required Future Training

Q & A