a new frontier life of the early settlers
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A New Frontier: Life of the Early Settlers

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A New Frontier: Life of the Early Settlers - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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A New Frontier: Life of the Early Settlers. Settlers arrived in the new colony of Jamestown, Virginia in 1607 and found that they needed to clear the heavily forested land.

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Settlers arrived in the new colony of Jamestown, Virginia in 1607 and found that they needed to clear the heavily forested land.
The forest provided excellent building materials. Palisades, or fences, were build for protection against Native Indians. The settlers started to build homes for themselves.
Settlers’ homes were built from the forests around them. Settlers modeled the homes to look similar to those left behind in England. People from different families shared one home. Some homes had 10 or more living together.
Rooms were very simple. Settlers were not able to bring many belongings with them. They were lucky to have a bed and blanket to sleep with.
Simple bedrooms for a simple life? Not quite! Life was far from simple. Settlers had to depend on the natural resources of this new world.
One large fireplace was used for cooking and heating the homes. Meat was smoked and preserved to eat later.Homes might consist of a small common room and one bedroom. A second floor loft would be available for sleeping as well.
settlers worked from sun up till sundown work was hard and everyone contributed
Settlers worked from sun up ‘till sundown. Work was hard and everyone contributed.

The blacksmith worked with metal to create everything from horseshoes to weapons.

Crops were grown in small fields. Everyone helped, becoming farmers for the settlement. Corn was grown for food. Tobacco was grown for profit.
Small kitchen gardens were grown close to the houses. Carrots, beets, cabbage, and other foods were grown in these gardens.
Weapons, like muskets and pistols, were used for hunting. Armor was brought from England to protect the settlers from natives whose territory was being invaded.
Settlers learned that tobacco would become the “cash crop”, bringing great profit to those who grew and harvested it.
The Jamestown, Virginia Colony members suffered through numerous hardships. Many died of diseases or starvation. Those who survived opened up a “new world” to other adventurous settlers.