comparison between venice and singapore l.
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Comparison between Venice and Singapore PowerPoint Presentation
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Comparison between Venice and Singapore

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Comparison between Venice and Singapore - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Comparison between Venice and Singapore
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  1. Comparison between Venice and Singapore

  2. Similarities (superficial) • Early settlers were immigrants p. 88 -Venice: early settlers were refugees from Roman cities in the main land. -Singapore: early settlers were immigrants from China, India, SEA, seeking a better life. • Scarcity of land (both are city states) similar urban planning? P.88-89 -Venice: buildings built close to one another. Each islet had their own market place and church -Singapore: residential estates have all amenities: Market, places of worship, schools, etc. • Strategic geographical location: Sits at the crossroads of West-East route, hence led to rise as trading port. -Venice was strategically located at the northern tip of the Adriatic Sea. Is a natural harbour as the lagoon shelters ships from storms. Led to Venice’s rise as a trading port p. 90 + 87. -Singapore as strategically located along the Straits of Malacca and South China Sea.

  3. Similarities • Social -Cosmopolitan City-states (foreign talent + immigration) p. 98 -Multi-racial • Small population - Enterprising, Skilled Political -Strong navy (deterrence) -Diplomacy: Have to mediate between West and East. P. 91 + 93 -Good leadership. Pragmatic leaders who came up with practical policies. P.93 -Existence of checks and balance to keep the government accountable. P. 96 -A Stake for everyone, opportunities for all: Citizens (Citizen Army)→ Mercenaries Economic -Anticipate change and staying relevant. Venice progressed with the ages. -Trading hub -Primary: Salt -Secondary: Manufacture: glass, candles, scented soap, galleys p 103 -Tertiary: Financial hub (Banking etc. p. 104

  4. Differences • At least Venice had salt! • Singapore has a meritocracy. Venice operating through a balloting system – the best person MAY NOT get the job.

  5. The Pope’s mercenary army – Swiss guards

  6. Gurkhas from Nepal Singapore’s mercenary army

  7. Categories • 1) Pol, Ec, Social (Causes + consequences) • 2) Short term vs. long term (causes + consequences) • 3) Internal vs. External (causes + consequences)