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the way forward...

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grow. not just classes…. …all things are possible. d reams s tart here…. expand. learn. the way forward. History of E ducation. 1960’s - Today. 1860’s - early 1900’s. 1920-40’s. 1700 - late 1800’s.

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the way forward...

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not just classes…




start here…



the wayforward...


History of Education

1960’s - Today

1860’s - early 1900’s


1700 - late 1800’s

National Network of Community Colleges exploded in the 1960s with 457 established Colleges. Growth of Community College enrollment continues to outpace four year institutions. A total of 1,166 loosely linked Community Colleges today.

Shift in purpose of colleges to develop a workforce. 1947 Commission on Higher Education created a network of public Community Colleges

Elite colleges like Harvard, became increasingly exclusive

In 1905 fewer than 1,000 colleges exist in the United States


Meet Our Students...

Christopher here… Just retired, I’m finally ready to dive into my PASSION!

What’s up! I’m Jamie. I’ve got BIG ideas!

Hello, I’m Ann. I’m looking for a new career, one I will LOVE!



I just found out that I will be transferring to Cal next semester to finish the Biology degree I started at NVC. NVC’s experienced faculty &STEM Center has done a great job of setting me on my path to Medical School!


Ann’s Success...

I’ve always been interested in Community Service, now with my new degree in Criminal Justice, I’m ready to give back to my community while doing something I love!


Christopher’s Passion...

After decades in technology,

I can now apply my experience to my PASSION. My VWT Degree is the first step in creating my new life making wine. There is no better place to be!