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Way Forward…. PowerPoint Presentation
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Way Forward….

Way Forward….

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Way Forward….

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  1. Way Forward….

  2. Govt. • Civil Society • Pvt. Sector – business (& fin. Institutions) • Media • Community

  3. Do we need (a )National/Regional Finance Mechanism(s)? • Government: • Yes • It must effectively channel funds for adaptation and mitigation activities in my government • Civil Society: • We need a national and a regional mechanism, that should be participatory and flexible and responsible to local needs • Pvt. Sector – business (& fin. Institutions): • As the clean energy association of country we support the mechnaism to expand our business and provide service to citizens • So we need concessional finance and subsidies, we face a lot of risks so cover us, help us compete with the dirty energy companies • Media: • Media strategy to disseminate the message of CC • Motivate and engage the people • Community: • Most affected, do not understand the technicalities but need the money • Systematic and transparent support - At my doorstep • Response to points from community – • from media: in a language which everyone understands • From govt. - If it becomes a vote catching issue • From pvt. Sector – provide Enabling conditions

  4. How it should be developed • Government: • Because we believe in the polluter pays principle, the funding should come from Annex I countries, and managed by us • It should be developed with due participation of all stakeholders except media • Civil Society: • Examination of different options through consultations amongst stakeholders • Pvt. Sector – business (& fin. Institutions): • We want to be included as a stakeholder and would like the mechanism to be open and transparent to include windows for both large and small investments and to provide technical assistance along with investments • Media: • Collection of plan from govt. and response from stakeholders – we will make a bridge between govt., private sector and others • Community: • Something is happening so its good • We do not understand but we should be involved in the process

  5. How do we strengthen the regional mechanisms and make them an effective one? • Govt. • Fund should allocate certain amounts to countries and access to the fund should be extremely simple to avoid overly complicated procedures and bureaucracy • We want to talk to other regional funding mechanisms and learn from them, perhaps with a study tour • Civil Society • By developing greater consensus amongst political leaders with highest participation of all stakeholders • Funds to be controlled by civil society and not civil servants • Pvt. Sector • Better inform us about financing opportunities and market access and to increase both equity as well as debt financing • Risk guarantees and other concessional mechanisms • Media • Take the public opinion and stakeholder view and disseminate the information to public to obviously ensure transparency • Community • We do not understand what regional mechanism is. It is foreign to us, we need national mechanisms to deliver support to us

  6. What would be the role of private players in the regional mechanism? • Govt. • They can be eligible to access the fund if they have projects consistent with the fund objectives and provide some co-financing • They can be included in the study tours, privided…. • Civil Society • May contribute to the fund directly by way of csr policy • The civil society can influence the decision making process by getting into the negotiation mechanism • Pvt. Sector • We want to on the board. If not the board, we want preferential access to the board through some sort opf advisory com. • Media • Media can project the entire process vividly • Whatever the players are, their roles should be to strengthen the mechanism • Community • No comments, we do not understand, we are hardly concerned about the regional mechanism so we have no view about the role of private sector in the mechanism