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The Way Forward

The Way Forward

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The Way Forward

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  1. The Way Forward Our Success with Social Media

  2. What types of Social Media do we use Blog

  3. We have made real advances in our membership through the use of our Website and Social Media • In 2010 our full membership had fallen to a level of about 16 with our last initiation in 2007* • *That initiate is our current master • We had exhausted all traditional methods of recruitment and our most common source of new members, Pinner Round Table, had closed • We recognised we had to do some thing different and setup a Website in March 2010 • Since 2011 we have had 18initiates and referred 32 candidates to other Lodges

  4. Our website was the key engine that drove this success

  5. The website was successful because it was focused on our target audience • We directed the Web content at Non-Freemasons who may want to know more about Freemasonry • We itemised the costs and other information about Freemasonry and a named contact with whom they could meet and discuss their interest • We were pro-active in keeping regular contact with each prospective candidate However, this isn’t enough to keep our membership engaged and the pipeline growing

  6. We use Social Media to keep up the momentum • We started a Twitter account in 2012 • We have built a network of likeminded people and communicate on a regular basis • We publicised our meetings, events and actively encourage engagement • U.G.L.E actively encourages the use of Twitter and has approx. 6,000 followers • Twitter has over 14 million users in the U.K • The Twitter Pin has promoted the communication link with Freemasonry and creates a common bond whilst raising iro £2,500 to datefor Masonic Charities Twitter supports our network of Lodge members and drives new people to our web site

  7. We are also using Facebook and run a Blog • Facebook has 24 million UK usersand is used for general communication and interaction • Any Facebook member can register to “like” a public Facebook page which subscribes them to receive any items posted • Facebook is not restricted to 140 characters and can provide more information and pictures than you can with Twitter • The website Blog is used as a newsletter to publicise the day to day activities of the Lodge and is uploaded to Twitter automatically

  8. How can you benefit from our experience? • Websites and Social Media isn’t the answer, it is just the beginning • A little technical understanding and time is needed • You need to be pro-active to maintain interest and follow up on all enquiries • Produce a clear Mentoring and Retention Policy • Focus on Retention and not just getting enquiries • Most importantly it’s all about Communication Don’t assume people will come to you, you need to work at getting them interested

  9. You can replicate our successI am happy to give you some advice and guidance Nigel Harris-Cooksley @HarrowFreemason Finally, My grateful thanks to Brian Chidgey @dorsetreg and his Team for organising and co-ordinating this event & Paul Hughes @prhughes for the Twitter Pin initiative