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Unit 3 : Text A

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21st Century College English: Book 1. Unit 3 : Text A. Stevie Wonder: Sunshine in the Shadow. Unit Three: Text A. Lead-in Activities Text Organization Reading & Writing Skills Language Points Guided Practice Assignment. Lead-in Activities. Questions for Discussion.

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Unit 3 : Text A

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21st Century College English: Book 1

Unit 3 : Text A

Stevie Wonder:

Sunshine in the



Unit Three: Text A

Lead-in Activities

Text Organization

Reading & Writing Skills

Language Points

Guided Practice



Lead-in Activities

Questions for Discussion

Do you know who Stevie Wonder is? What do you know about him and his accomplishments?

Besides Stevie Wonder, what other people with physical disabilities do you know about who have achieved fame and success? Describe who they are and what they have done?

How do you think you would feel if you became blind? How would it affect your life?


Text Organization

The Structure of Text A

Para. 1~4 Born black and blind

Para. 5~7 Early days showing music talents

Para. 8~12 First hit as Stevie Wonder

Para. 13~14 Success as an independent musical artist

Para. 15~17 Car accident and a different life after it

Para. 18 Conclusion: Sunshine in the shadow


Reading & Writing Skills

A) When writing, it is often more effective toshowthe reader what you mean, by giving specific examples and concrete details, than it is totellthem what you mean. For example, nowhere in Text A do the authors tell you that Stevie Wonder was very musically-talented as a child. Instead, the text makes this important point by giving specific examples of how Stevie’s musical talent was expressed. Instead oftelling you he was musically talented, they areshowingyou this.


Reading & Writing Skills

B) This is a narration. This is a biography, including the basic information of character, such as birth, family, childhood and habit, characteristic and achievement etc.. In this article, the author arranged it according to time.

C) symbol

shadow: blindness, poverty, unfortunate

sunshine: joyful music, love, happy


Lead-in Activities

D) alliteration

It refers to the appearance of the same initial consonant sound in two or more words, such as “proud as a peacock” and “blind as a bat”. Alliteration is often used in poetry to give emphasis to words that are related in meaning. Alliteration is sometimes used in prose for the same effect---to join two or more related words.

Stevie Wonder: Sunshine in the Shadow

blind and black faith and fame


Intensive Study

  • Related information
  • Key words, phrases & usages

Intensive Study


Intensive Study

Stevie Wonder:

Sunshine in the Shadow

1 When Stevie Morris was born, on May 13, 1950, the doctors shook their heads and told the mother that her son was born blind and likely would always be that way. She broke into tears.


Intensive Study

2Blind and black and poor -- what kind of a life could this new infant have? In her wildest dreams, Mrs. Morris could never have imagined that her new baby would become a famous musician called Stevie Wonder. At the time, all she could do was pray — and worry.

3Stevie himself didn’t worry at all. Life was too full. He was brought up among church-going people whose faith helped them bear the poverty. He loved music and would pound spoons or forks on any surface that faintly resembled a drum.


Intensive Study

4He even ran and played with sighted children. “I didn’t realize I was blind until I was about four,” he says. That might sound strange. To a small child just learning about the world, it wasn’t strange at all. Stevie heard and smelled and touched. As far as he knew, that was all anyone could do. That was life. 


Intensive Study

5When Stevie’s mother got tired of her tables being used for drums, she bought him a toy set. He played so hard that he had actually worn the toy out within a few weeks. Other toys sets followed; then an uncle added a toy harmonica, and Stevie learned to play it so quickly that everyone was amazed.


Intensive Study

6Stevie taught himself to play the piano as quickly as he had once learned the harmonica. With friends, he began playing rock and roll music. They performed on the front porch of Stevie’s apartment building, drawing crowds of neighbors to watch and listen and clap time to the beat.


Intensive Study

7“I loved that beat,” Stevie says. He not only loved the beat he was very good at making it.

8Ronnie White, of the Miracles singing group, heard Stevie and promptly took him down to his recording company, Motown Records.


Intensive Study

9“Give him an audition,” Ronnie said. They did. All the top people at Motown got together to hear a little blind boy who wasn’t even ten years old yet. At first, they were being nice. Poor kid. They didn’t want to hurt his feelings.

10Then they heard Stevie sing and play, and nobody said “poor kid” anymore. They were too busy congratulating themselves on finding a youngster who could be the musical talent of the decade. “He’s a wonder boy,” somebody said as they watched little Stevie dart from one instrument to the next, playing each one with ease.


Intensive Study

11“Wonder,” somebody said, “Little Stevie Wonder”.

12The new name stuck and Stevie Morris became Little Stevie Wonder. He had his first hit when he was twelve years old. It was called “Fingertips” and it was a smash.


Intensive Study

13Over the following years, Little Stevie Wonder became one of the top recording artists at Motown, producing one hit after another. But as he grew into adulthood, Stevie began to get tired of the way the Motown company controlled all aspects of his career. He wanted to write and produce his own songs, but the Motown company thought it was unwise to change a winning formula. When he turned 21, Stevie finally got his freedom. Against Motown’s wishes he started exploring: he made records that combined gospel, rock and roll, and jazz and which used African and Latin American rhythms. To the record company’s surprise, Stevie’s new albums such as “Music of My Mind” and “Innervisions” were even more popular than his early ones. Stevie Wonder had become a mature man and an independent musical artist.


Intensive Study

14Just after this success, however, tragedy struck. In August of 1973, Stevie was involved in a serious car accident. For nearly a week he lay in a coma, unable to speak or walk. “We don’t know when he’ll be out of danger,” the doctor said. Everyone waited and prayed. Suddenly, it didn’t matter that Stevie was a musical genius or that he had conquered blindness and poverty. All he had left was his faith and strong will.


Intensive Study

15That turned out to be enough. Stevie fought back from the shadow of death as he had once fought out from the shadow of blindness. He went on to give more performances, make more hit records.


Intensive Study

16The car accident changed Stevie by making him reevaluate his goal in life. He still loved to make music, but he also started to pay more attention to the world outside. He worked to create a national holiday to honor the civil rights leader Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. He recorded songs urging racial harmony and raised money to end world hunger. Recently, Stevie was honored by South African president Nelson Mandela for his work against that country’s system of racial apartheid.


Intensive Study

17Stevie Wonder has faith and fame, wealth and love. He has not only conquered his own darkness, but through his music and his social activities he has been able to bring sunshine to the shadow of other lives.


Blind and black and poor —what kind of life could this new infant have?

Translate this sentence into Chinese:

The adjective phrase functions as an adverbial, which normally occurs either at the beginning or the end of a sentence.




1. Eager to meet her boyfriend early, Mary went to the airport 3 hours earlier than the arrival of fight.

2. Hit by a big stone, the soldier fell down dead.


in one’s wildest dreams

— the expression is used to imply that a particular thing is so strange or so unlikely that one has never thought of it.


邻居们做梦也没有想到温文尔雅的怀特先生竟是个杀人 犯。


In his wildest dreams he could never have expected to get the fellowship from MIT so easily.


None of the neighbors, even in their wildest dreams, could ever think of that mild-mannered Mr. White is a murderer.


At first, they were being nice.

Translate this sentence into Chinese:


The progressive tense of “be” is used to express temporary activity or behavior at the moment of speaking, but not about states of mind or feelings.




You were being stupid.

=You were behaving stupidly (although you normally didn’t).


with ease

— without difficulty

Fill in the blank:

If you work hard, _____ (你就能轻松通过四级考试).


Only the well-trained horse can jump over this gap with great ease.

you can pass the College English Test Band 4 with ease


The new name stuck and Stevie Morris became Little Stevie Wonder.

Translate this sentence into Chinese:



这个名字不胫而走,史蒂威﹒莫里斯变成了小史蒂威﹒ 旺达。


hit/smash/smash hit

— a great success of a new play, film, book, etc.


The show was a smash hit in London and New York.


The new toy is supposed to be a sure hit with kids.


The new toy is supposed to be surely popular with young children.


involve somebody/something in

— bring sb./sth. into a difficult situation


  • Jenny was involved in a heated quarrel with the store- keeper for over-charge.


Series of scandals involved the government in a lot of trouble.




fight back

— protect oneself by fighting


  • Though surprised by the German attack, the Allied Forces fought back safely.
  • He declared that he would fight back when attacked.

go on doing sth.

— continue an activity without stopping

go on to do sth.

— do sth. after completing sth else


  • How long do you intend to go on playing those noisy records?
  • He welcomed the new students and then went on to explain some of the university regulations.


  • Ann went to her father and asked him a question, but he _____ (read) his newspaper and didn’t give her an answer.
  • Once he had learned the harmonica, Stevie _____ (teach) himself to play the piano.

went on reading

went on to teach

More to do


go on doing sth.

— continue an activity without stopping

go on to do sth.

— do sth. after completing sth else

3. The man _____ (play) the violin at the subway station even though no passers-by seemed to pay any attention.

4. He took a long drink from the bottle and then _____ (tell) us about his life in that mountainous village.


went on playing

went on to tell


Text-related information (1)

Stevie Wonder(1950 - )

Pop star Stevie Wonder, who was born blind, has been a recording artist since the age of ten. His music and songs reflect his ability to draw on diverse themes and a rich variety of musical ideas and techniques. His biggest hits include “Ebony & Ivory”(1982) and “I Just Called to Say I Love You”(1984), which won an Academy Award as best original song.



Text-related information (2)

Popular Music in the U.S.A


A kind of music originally played by black Americans with a strong beat and parts in which performers can play alone.



Text-related information (2)

Country Music

Popular music based on the folk style of the southern rural United States or on the music of cowboys in the American West. Also called country and western music.


a break-dancer

Text-related information (2)

Rap and Break Dance

A type of popular music in which the words of a song are not sung, but spoken in time to music with a steady beat. The rap music is often accompanied by break dance including acrobatics such headspins and flips.


Elvis Presley

the Beatles

Text-related information (2)

Rock and Roll

A type of popular music, marked by a steady beat and a strong rhythm, which is often played at high volume. Rock music combines elements of blues, country and gospel and its popularity can be traced to the mid-1950s when Elvis Presley was its most successful performer. By the early 1960s, rock and roll, which often expressed a rebellious attitude towards society, became the most popular form of music for teenagers and such British groups as the Beatles and the Rolling Stones were influential performers. Since the 1960s, rock and roll has gained worldwide popularity not only among teens, but also among persons of college age and older.


Guided Practice




Structure Writing



IV. Fill in the blanks with the words or expressions given below. Change the form where necessary.

《读写教程 I》:Ex. IV, p. 70



wear out bear racial mature

draw conquer break into pay attention to

aspect perform as far as get tired of

1. The films he directed two decades ago still _____ large audiences today.

  • draw

2. Of all the sorrows she had to _____, none was so great as her son’s being born blind.

  • bear

wear out bear racial mature

draw conquer break into pay attention to

aspect perform as far as get tired of


3.He didn’t throw away the stockings until they were so _____ that they couldn’t be mended anymore.

  • worn out

4. He finally _____ sitting in the office all day and longed for a more active life.

  • got tired of

wear out bear racial mature

draw conquer break into pay attention to

aspect perform as far as get tired of


5. He had a vision (幻想) of a society in which the members of different races could live together in _____ harmony.

  • racial

6. He _____ so little _____ what he was doing that he cut his face while shaving.

  • paid; attention to

wear out bear racial mature

draw conquer break into pay attention to

aspect perform as far as get tired of


7. Although he’s only 16 he has very _____ ideas about life.

  • mature

8. He told such a funny story that everybody _____ laughter.

  • broke into

wear out bear racial mature

draw conquer break into pay attention to

aspect perform as far as get tired of


9. The concert at which the classical pianist _____ was a great success.

  • performed

10. Although he made a great deal of money, he could never _____ his feelings of worthlessness.

  • conquer

wear out bear racial mature

draw conquer break into pay attention to

aspect perform as far as get tired of


11. We must consider all _____ of the plan before deciding.

  • aspects

12. _____ I know, it is not necessary to buy tickets in advance. They should be available at the door.

  • As far as


《读写教程 I》:Ex. XI, p. 74



X. Fill in each of the blanks with an appropriate word.


1 Stevie Wonder’s life had been filled _____ challenges. However, he has _____ each one by finding joy even in a life with a great deal of pain. _____ he was born poor and _____, Stevie had a wonderful _____ because he played with all of the sighted children.







X. Fill in each of the blanks with an appropriate word.


2 When young Stevie discovered music, he _____ his family with his talent. Soon his _____ and the world learned how gifted a musician he was. As a man, Stevie had to _____ for the right to make music his own way. When he did make his own _____, they were very popular. Stevie had trusted his own _____ enough to become a mature musical artist.







X. Fill in each of the blanks with an appropriate word.



3 After a serious car _____, Stevie didn’t just survive. He became famous not _____ for his music, but also for his public mindedness. He sang _____ serious problems and the need for people everywhere to get _____. The life of Stevie Wonder shows the importance of having a positive _____ and trusting your own abilities.






XIV. Translate the following sentences into English.22

《读写教程 I》:Ex. XII, p. 74



1. 据我所知,他们必须做的只是来见一见他们想抚养的孩子, 并填写一份表格 。

As for as I know

bring up

fill up

all they have to do

As far as I know, all they have to do is come and see the child they want to bring up and fill up a form.



2. 随着他对世事的了解越来越多,他终于厌倦了对名利的追 求。

get tired of

fame and wealth


go after

As he learned more and more about the world, he finally got tired of going after fame and wealth.



3. 小女孩的歌声给老人带来了欢乐,帮助他忍受住种种生活 的艰辛。

joy/ happiness/ sunshine



The little girl’s songs brought sunshine to the old man and helped him bear the hardships of life.



4. 人们纷纷前来向他们祝贺又一座黄浦江大桥的胜利建成。

one after another

congratulate … on

successful building

People came one after another to congratulate them on the successful building of another big bridge over the Huangpu River.



5. 这个十岁的男孩小提琴拉得如此娴熟,在场的人都惊叹不已。

the people present

so skillfully

be amazed

All the people present were amazed that the 10-year-old boy was playing the violin so skillfully.



6. 车祸之后,史蒂威重新评价了自己的人生目标,决定更多地注意外部世界。


goal in life

the world outside

pay more attention to

After the car accident, Stevie reevaluated his goals in life and decided to pay more attention tothe world outside.



7. 母亲即使做梦也没想到她的儿子会成为一名世界著名的钢琴家。

even in her wildest dreams

never imagine


Even in her wildest dreams, Mother could never have imagined that her son would become a world-famous pianist.



8. 当听到他们的老师已摆脱了死亡的阴影时,学生们都大声欢呼起来。

the shadow of death

fight back from

break into loud cheers

The students broke into loud cheers when they heard that their teacher had fought back from the shadow of death.


Structured Writing

《读写教程 I》:Ex. XIV, p. 75


Structured Writing

Learn to use specific examples

and concrete details

Write a passage of no less than 100 words,showing that a person(your brother or sister, one of your classmates or friends, or yourself)is talented in a certain sport(basketball, football, tennis ...)or subject(math, physics, biology, history, Chinese, English ...).


Structured Writing

Sample Essay


Structured Writing

My friend David is a very talented basketball player. David doesn’t look like much of an athlete. He’s no taller than normal and is somewhat skinny. When we play basketball on the college courts, players who don’t know David are often surprised when he steals the ball from them, or when he hits three shots in a row. However, I play with him all the time and I know that it is not luck. David knows what his strengths and weaknesses are. If he can go around a defender, he will, but if not he’ll shoot from the outside or pass to a teammate. He practices so much that he is skilled at all the elements of basketball, dribbling, shooting, and passing. He’s also good because he carefully watches his opponent and then decides on the best way to beat him.



  • Revision of Text A:

Vocabulary Ex. IV, p. 70

Ex. V. P. 71

Cloze Ex. XI. P. 74

Translation Ex. XII. P. 74

2. Preview Text B