Writing a personal ad to introduce your partner theatre arts
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Writing A Personal Ad to Introduce Your Partner Theatre Arts - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Writing A Personal Ad to Introduce Your Partner Theatre Arts. "How to Write a Funny Personal Ad."  WikiHow to Do Anything . WikiHow, 24 Aug. 2014. Web. 25 Aug. 2014. Assignment.

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Writing a personal ad to introduce your partner theatre arts

Writing A Personal Ad to Introduce Your PartnerTheatre Arts

"How to Write a Funny Personal Ad." WikiHow to Do Anything. WikiHow, 24 Aug. 2014. Web. 25 Aug. 2014.


  • Using the information you have collected, you will write a personal ad introducing your partner to the class. You will present the person ad as a commercial so use your best acting skills to get your partner a “date.”

Online dating explosion
Online Dating Explosion

  • Single people across the globe use personal ads to find a significant other. Many choose to write a funny personal ad that helps their ads stand out from the rest and accentuate the fact that they possess a sense of humor. Writing a funny personal ad involves writing an attention-grabbing headline, being honest about your own qualities and those of the person you seek, using unconventional examples, choosing your photo carefully, and making sure your ad is well written.

  • Read the following steps to learn how to write a funny personal ad.

Tip one for writing a funny ad
Tip One for Writing a Funny Ad

  • Write an attention-grabbing headline. Use the word "you" in the headline. By addressing the other person directly, you're already engaging him or her in a conversation.

  • Use a question. Again, this engages the other person more than any other type of sentence.

  • State something that falls outside the realm of a normal personal ad. Instead of stating your gender and age, state something anecdotal, unexpected, or even shocking, such as, "Thirty-something woman with motorcycle helmet seeks man with Harley Davidson. Please respond with photo of Harley Davidson." Reading something unexpected in a personal ad can elicit a laugh from the reader.

  • Ask something of the reader that requires the use of imagination, such as, "Imagine you and me on our 50th wedding anniversary, dancing with our strollers." Imagery, especially funny imagery, creates a memorable ad that your reader is more likely to retain and pursue than a boring ad.

Tip two for writing a funny ad
Tip Two For Writing a Funny Ad

  • Be honest about your qualities and those of the person you seek. Real people have real quirks, habits and faults; but many people are not often honest about them. Being very honest about your less attractive qualities can be funny and endearing.

  • At the same time, if you think you might be intimidated by dating a supermodel or rock star, say so. Most people aren't attractive, wealthy, successful and funny all at the same time, so it will create a funny effect if you state that you'd like to find what somebody's less attractive qualities are, for example, "I'd love to find out if you snort when you laugh."

Tip three for writing a funny ad
Tip Three For Writing a Funny Ad

  • Use honest or unconventional examples to elicit a funny response. Personal ads are very often extremely general. Using very specific examples can be incredibly funny. For example, if you enjoy good food and are a little bit overweight, you can write something like, "Foodie seeks bad cook for weight loss purposes."

Tip four for writing a funny ad
Tip Four for Writing a Funny Ad

  • Choose your photo carefully. Of course, if you're very attractive, you might simply want to use a photograph that shows your features to your best advantage. For all others, you might want to consider using a photograph that contrasts or enhances the message of your personal ad in someway.

  • For example, if you claim to be extremely serious in your headline, you can create a funny effect by displaying a photo of yourself in a Halloween costume, or if you say you love books, take a photo of yourself sitting in the middle of piles of books.

Sample ad
Sample Ad

Forty-Something Man with Empty Boat Seeks Lady Companion to Make Boat Less Empty

  • First off, I’m 47, male, very fit, and a little obsessed with biking due to the stunning scenery on the coast of California. I’m also a surgeon with a crazy schedule and have a nice place in Atherton. Sounds pretty good, right? Wrong. So wrong. I’ve got a huge problem. You see, I’ve got this boat and, well, there’s no one else in it. Big problem. Not okay. What I need is a co-captain.

    Co-captain requirement include:

  • must be over 40;

  • not required to laugh at bad jokes, but must have a high tolerance for them;

  • must love BBQ, as it is the only thing I can cook;

  • a sharp wit is priority;

  • physical dimensions are irrelevant;

  • must possess hopelessly romantic tendencies;

  • must be patient with a surgeon’s unpredictable schedule;

  • must have  brilliant, beautiful, strong mind of her own.

  • I love science fiction, hang gliding, and Germany...not necessarily all together or in that particular order. I’ve heard my back rubs are as lousy as my memory, so maybe you can help me improve on one or both of those. I love a beautiful woman with a goofy laugh as much as I love a goofy-looking woman with a beautiful laugh. I dance better than I sing, but I sing better than I play sports.

  • I want my best friend, my confidante, my rock, and, most importantly, someone to help me with my cufflinks (those things are impossible). Cheers to you!

Tip five for writing a funny ad
Tip Five for Writing a Funny Ad

  • Make sure your ad is well written. Unless you're trying to make a point by using grammatically incorrect phrases and incorrectly spelled words, make sure your ad is well written. Proof read it for spelling and grammatical errors and make sure to use clear, concise language.