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Welcome to Theatre Arts!. 6 th Grade Theatre Arts. Meet the Teacher – Mrs. Emily Hernandez. Contact Information: Email : emilyhernandez@katyisd.org Phone : (281) 237 – 9479 Conference Period : 8:20 – 9:05 (2 nd Period) Subjects Taught : 6 th Grade Theatre & Theatre II Education :

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Welcome to theatre arts

Welcome to Theatre Arts!

6th Grade Theatre Arts

Meet the teacher mrs emily hernandez
Meet the Teacher –Mrs. Emily Hernandez

Contact Information:

Email: emilyhernandez@katyisd.org

Phone: (281) 237 – 9479

Conference Period: 8:20 – 9:05 (2nd Period)

Subjects Taught:

6th Grade Theatre & Theatre II


Bachelor of Arts – Stephen F. Austin State University


Theatre Arts and Speech

***Some 8th graders know me as Ms. Rickford***

Theatre classroom

Theatre Classroom

Room T-9 (Located Outside)

Course description
Course Description

Theatre is a performing art requiring skills in communication both verbal and non-verbal. This course is structured to provide students with a broad overview of the origins of theatre and the skills required both technically and on stage for performing.

How does theatre help my student in other core classes?

  • Communication skills- both verbal and non-verbal

    • FACT: 40% of people have stage fright (Source: 2010 Gallop Poll)

  • Willingness to work cooperatively and individually

  • Creative problem solving abilities

  • Teaches strong self-discipline and self confidence

  • Respect and encouragement of peers and authority

Course topics
Course Topics:

  • Characterization (pretending to be someone other than yourself)

  • Mime/pantomime (performing without words)

  • Clowning (entertaining an audience using humor)

  • Basic Stage terminology (Audience etiquette, types of stages, stage areas, theatre safety, etc)

  • Duet scenes (performing a memorized scene with a partner)

  • Monologues (performing a memorized speech by yourself)

  • Vocal work (Speaking so the audience can understand using projection, diction, and fluency)

  • Lip sync (performing a dance to a song, while pretending to "sing" the lyrics)

  • Puppetry (bringing objects to life through movement and voice)

  • Improvisation (creating a scene at the spur of the moment with little to no planning)

  • Theatre History (How has theatre grown and evolved to what it is today?)

Currently working on
Currently Working On…

  • Mime and Pantomime

    - Performing without words

  • Previous Units:

    - Audience Etiquette

    - Stage Fright

    - Theatre Auditions

  • Upcoming Units:

    - Improvisation

    - Vocal Work

    - Stage areas

Guidelines for success
Guidelinesfor Success:

D – Demonstrate control of yourself and your actions

R- Respect yourself and others

A- Always Try, Never say "I can't"

M- Maintain concentration and focus

A- Audience Etiquette: Watch, Listen, and Learn

Classroom organization

Classroom Organization

Theatre Folders

Absent Binder

Assignment Crate

Turning in Assignments

The Board

Weekly Journals

What a day in theatre looks like
What a day in Theatre Looks Like:

  • First 5 min of class - Journal

    • It is like a “Warm-Up” or “Focus”

    • Students answer various questions each day

  • Units:

    • Plan - Start with basic information (notes or review)

    • Prepare – review performance guidelines & rubrics, practice days with group or individually

    • Perform – Students demonstrate mastery of unit

  • Last 5-3 Minutes of class – “Cool Down”

    • Recap of important concepts

    • Time to write down assignments in planner

Theatre folders
Theatre Folders

  • Students grab their folder as they enter the classroom

  • All assignments should be kept in their theatre folder

  • The folders are kept in the classroom.

  • Folders help students keep track notes, weekly journals, and assignments.

Picture here

Absent binder
Absent Binder

  • All missed assignments will be kept in the “Absent Binder” on the back table

  • A detailed description and instructions are provided about the lesson/activities that were done that day

Assignment crate
Assignment Crate

  • If students happen to misplace an assignment, they can check the assignment crate for an extra copy

  • Extra journal sheets are kept there. This is a popular misplaced item

  • Assignments are also posted on teacher web

Turning in assignments
Turning in Assignments

  • Students turn finished work into their class periods appropriate drawer

  • Grading Scale for Theatre Arts:

    50% Major –

    performances, projects, test grades

    35% Minor-

    specific class work, quiz grades

    15% Other-

    homework, journals, participation

    (100% Grading Scale as per Katy ISD)

The board objective daily assignments and homework
The BoardObjective, Daily Assignments, and Homework

  • Objective, daily assignments, and homework written on the white board everyday

  • The last five minutes of class is given to students to write down their homework in their planner.

  • Students can always check the theatre calendar

    • hard copy given to students each six weeks and it is posted on Teacher Web

Weekly journals
Weekly Journals

  • Journals are like “warm-ups.”

  • Each day there is one posted on the SmartBoard as students enter the class room.

  • It is the students responsibility to answer the question each day.

  • Journals are due at the end of each week for an other grade.

Monday: Word of the day

Tuesday: Random Question

Wednesday: Word Puzzles

Thursday: Quote of the Day

Friday: Free Write or Draw about a specific topic

Teacher web
Teacher Web

  • http://kisdwebs.katyisd.org/campuses/BDJH/teacherweb/baileyj/Pages/Welcome.aspx(Direct Link)

  • Important announcements made frequently at the bottom of the Welcome Page

  • Fine arts – Theatre - Documents- 6th Grade Theatre Information and Assignments (Hernandez)

    • Items posted include:

      • Six weeks calendar

      • Assignments in class and homework

      • Rubrics for upcoming performances

      • Notes

      • Quiz reviews

Welcome to theatre arts

Teacher Web Continued - Theatre Web page

Important Announcements – at bottom of welcome page

Click here to see all assignments for 6th grade theatre!

“Documents” –

Where to find all assignments

Upcoming b d j h theatre productions
Upcoming BDJH Theatre Productions:

The Three Musketeers

November 16 & 17

May 17 &18 (Musical)

Audition Information is available on the theatre web page!

Tickets go on sale the week of the performances during all lunches!

Thank you for watching

Thank you for watching!


Feel free to contact me with any question you may have throughout the school year!

I’m looking forward to a fun & exciting school year with your son or daughter!