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  1. Scholarship

  2. Versace University If you want to get an scholarship in Argentina this is your opportunity We offera passage to goin and return, an stipend to maintenance,and a health secure The trip consists in six months in the campus of the university with extra activities and art , music and sports classes.

  3. Courses in Argentina foreigners

  4. Levels of spanish: • ELEMENTARY LEVEL :This level has been designed to promote conversation from the beginning, in an elementary level, by giving a wide range of basic functional activities. When the course finishes, students will be in a position to have basic dialogues, to read and write short texts related to daily life. • INTERMEDIATE LEVEL :The purpose of this level is to develop linguistic competences from the basic knowledge acquired in the elementary level. Students will be able to read texts in general (not specialized) and write paragraphs about daily life, they also will improve writing skills by an intensive practice in authentic contexts (performing roles, situations about solving problems, discussions, etc.). • ADVANCED LEVEL :Through this level students will study fluency and linguistic command in depth involving all the fields of the Spanish language. Students will be able to have a systematic and detailed revision of the grammatical subjects which are more difficult to them and which hinder the correct expression of ideas and points of view, in the oral and written skills. At this level students will be able to discuss, contrast opinions, learning to use idiomatic expressions typical from each situation proposed, and stylistic resources in a creative way.

  5. Spanish Courses In Versace University you can learn spanish easily and with good teacher that will help you when something go wrong. For help you Versace university brinds you a big library where you can find the better and new books , and a video room . This course has a grammar workshop of the spanish that refers not only to the official rules stablished by the royal academy of the spanish language ,but also to imposed by the use and the fundamental differences between the “official spanish” and the “regional manifestations”. The material used in the course has been specially designed to cover the communicative needs of the students ,that must face different situations every day. The course are organized in differents levels :

  6. Extra activities Tennis Swimingpool

  7. Computers room Football

  8. Campus

  9. Requeriments • For the inscription in the university it ‘s necessary: • Available passport delivered by consulate • Two photos 4 x 4 • Good behaviour certificate for people from 18 years old. • Healthy certificate • Level of involvement. • Birth certificate • Demostrate academic success. • Submit short assay demostrating career goals

  10. TYPES OF SCHOLARSHIP • Merit: This is financial aid for which financial need is not used to determine the recipient. the scholarship being meant to motivate the student and promote the study of the subject. However, this is not always the case and the largest scholarships are almost always merit based. • Need: This is financial aid for which the student and family’s financial situation is a primary factor in determining the recipient. Usually such scholarship will cover all or part of the tuition and may even cover living costs. Very often even need-based private scholarships require the awardees to be distinguished students . • Sociology: This is financial aid where applicants must initially qualify by race, religion, or national origin. After filtering the applicants based on their ethnicity, additional factors are taken into consideration to determine the final recipients.

  11. General: These are other scholarships which are awarded for a variety of reasons that do not fall into one of the above categories. These may be for reasons of the student's association with the objectives of the sponsoring organization. For example, some corporations give scholarships to their employees' children or based upon academy success. • Institutional: These are scholarships awarded by a specific college or university (institution) to a student planning to attend that institution.