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Scholarship. Texas FFA and Beyond. Scholarships . What’s Available? Steps to Apply & Qualifications Questions?. Scholarships Available. School-wide – Counselors put out a listing of ones they are notified of each month. Be sure and go by and look at them in the Go Center

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  1. Scholarship Texas FFA and Beyond

  2. Scholarships • What’s Available? • Steps to Apply & Qualifications • Questions?

  3. Scholarships Available • School-wide – Counselors put out a listing of ones they are notified of each month. Be sure and go by and look at them in the Go Center • Bexar County Stock Show –Due Nov. 23rd • Word type document – Download and fill out (Must get all signatures) • No Interview • If both 4H and FFA you must get both signatures from 4H Office and Mrs. Kempen State Fair of Texas • Due Feb. and Available in Dec. Must show there 2 years including the senior year (up to $6000.00) Statewide Texas Farm Bureau Scholarship www.txfb.org • Must be a member • Those attending FB Camp have an advantage

  4. National FFA ($1000) • Online, upon completion, ag teacher will verify, then get signatures from Ford Dealers and Cargill reps. Mrs. Kempen will send log-in information through email. • Normal Vestal - Due 1st Friday of April (Rotary Club Scholarship) • Bexar Co Beef Cattle Committee – Due in April • Bexar County Farm Bureau – Due in April • Texas Farm Credit – Deadline January 6, 2020 • Capital Farm Credit – • Dennis Ellebracht Scholarship – Due at the end of April • Preface given to to Ag Education Majors • $500 (up 2)

  5. FFA • All of the following utilize the Texas FFA Scholarship Application and it must be turned in by April 1, 2020. Scored on 4/17/20 • Texas Level – Top 125 students are interviewed • Area Elimination – top 40 will be interviewed and top 25 move to state (Tentative Interview Date 5/9/20) • 140+ Scholarship awarded at state FFA Convention • You will be notified of interview schedules for those moving on in the process (State – June 4th) • No student earning more than $90,000 in scholarships will be eligible for HLSR • Bexar County FFA Level – 14 $20,000 Scholarship Awarded • Interview and awards presentation • Local SALE Scholarship Level • Interview and awards presentation

  6. Additional Scholarships • San Antonio Tour Guide Scholarship $1000 • Must tour your senior year to be eligible • Bexar County Junior Livestock Show $500 • Must be a Bexar County 4-H or Bexar County FFA member in good standing. • Must have exhibited at the BCJLS the (2) previous years and be entered in this year’s show. • Be a current year graduating senior. • Last year’s date was 11/23/18 • Texas 4-H Scholarship Due in January • San Angelo Livestock Show $8000 • Heart of Texas Fair ($50 - $2000) • Houston Exhibitor Scholarhsip $10,000 • San Antonio Champions Scholarship $10,000

  7. Steps in Applying for Texas FFA • Complete FAFSA for the 2018 (tax year) Oct. 3, 2019 Counseling • Must have an SAT or ACT Score (the higher the better) • Must do your Apply Texas and be accepted to a Texas College • Fill out Texas FA Application starting February • Make sure to get your transcript order from the office • Grades must be entered exactly as they are on transcript • Details are very important • Prepare for State Questions • Have everything ready to print by March. 23rd so Mrs. Kempen and review to make changes. • Perfect copy Due April 1st for Scoring. Should know results by April 20th, if all goes well. • There will be an interview at each level. • You must attend state Convention if you receive a scholarship

  8. Tips from Mrs. Kempen, as a Parent • Create a Spreadsheet that is shared between mom, dad and student • Save everything in files • Write a good hardship ½ page statement • Due Date, Contact, Link, Submit Date, Results • We tried to do at least 1 or 2 a week

  9. Tips from Mrs. Kempen, as a Parent (Con’t) • Take the SAT and Act multiple times • Do not rush through the process – proof read, have someone else proof read and give it to us in time to help you (earlier the better) • Do write down your responses to the scholarship questions and practice them. • Texasffa.org

  10. 2019 Texas Scholarship Questions • Texas FFA • Scholarship Interview Questions • 1. Describe one lesson you have learned from your SAE. Explain how this will help you in your career. • 2. Describe one concept of leadership you have learned from your FFA experiences. Explain how you will continue to use this in your life. • 3. How do you see yourself making a positive, meaningful contribution to society after completing college? • 4. What have you done to prepare yourself for college? • 5. What do you consider to be your most memorable, significant, or rewarding FFA moment? • 6. What is your major and why did you choose it? • 7. What advice would you give a freshman who just enrolled in agricultural education? • 8. Outside of the agriculture program/FFA, what factors have contributed to the development of who you are? • 9. How would you describe FFA to someone that has never heard of it? • 10. If given the opportunity, what would you say to the sponsor(s) of this scholarship? • 11. How can we work to improve the image of agricultural education and make FFA a positive experience in our schools? • 12. What does it mean to you to wear the FFA jacket and serve as a representative of the Texas FFA Association?

  11. Kaitlyn’s List Click Here

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