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Scholarship 2011

Scholarship 2011. Money Matters!!! $$$$$$$ October 2011 Mrs. White. Guidance Department. Mrs. Thomas Grattan (A- Gh ) Mrs. White ( Gi - Mr ) Mr. Nason (Ms-Z). Presentation Overview . To Date Words to know Scholarship/Bursary Applications General Timelines Helpful Websites

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Scholarship 2011

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  1. Scholarship2011 Money Matters!!! $$$$$$$ October 2011 Mrs. White

  2. Guidance Department Mrs. Thomas Grattan (A-Gh) Mrs. White (Gi- Mr) Mr. Nason (Ms-Z)

  3. Presentation Overview • To Date • Words to know • Scholarship/Bursary Applications • General Timelines • Helpful Websites • Questions/Final Thoughts

  4. Summary of Credit Sheet

  5. To Date… Meeting with Potential Grads Review of Summary of Credits Scholarship Information Board News and Job Listings

  6. Scholarship Board

  7. News & Job Board

  8. Words to Know…. Scholarship- A non-repayable sum of money awarded to a student to help finance further education. Most scholarships are based on merit in areas ranging from academic achievement to athletics. Entrance Scholarship- a scholarship or award given to a student going into their first year of post secondary study. Also known as an admission award.

  9. Words to Know…. Sponsored Pool- applicants who are endorsed by the school. Direct Pool- applicants who go into the general pool for a particular scholarship.

  10. Words to Know…. Bursary: A non-repayable grant of money, Bursaries are awarded primarily based on financial need, but academic achievement is also considered.

  11. Words to Know…. Early admissions- Grade 12 students who wish to apply to a university during the first semester of their grade 12 year. NBCC application deadline is October 31, 2010 Supplementary Forms- Forms that need to be filled out along with the application to a post secondary school (Bachelor of Nursing, Bachelor of Education)

  12. Words to Know…. Transcript An official school document that shows courses taken by a student and grades received.

  13. Transcript

  14. Post Secondary Institutions Career College: A privately owned and operated institution whose main objective is to prepare students for the job market after an intensive period of instruction. Also called a Private College or Technical College. Ex. Atlantic Hairstyling Academy Community College: A post-secondary institution offers diplomas and certificates in a variety of programs in different fields (health, business, technology, trades, academic upgrading, applied and creative arts, social services, hospitality and university preparation) Ex. Algonquin College, NBCC University: A post-secondary institution that specializes in many branches of advanced learning and grants degrees in various faculties. Ex. Dalhousie

  15. How do I apply for Post- Secondary Schools? • Online applications • Ontario Universities’ Application Centre • www.ouac.on.ca • Complete application including payment of fees and transcript request form. • Students are responsible for applying to all post-secondary schools and filling out the transcript request form.

  16. What is a transcript request form? • This form is found at the office • You will need to put your name, date, and name of school you are applying.

  17. Transcript Request Form

  18. Money Matters$$$ There is money out there you just need to read the criteria carefully and apply for the scholarships that are right for you!

  19. Tuition Fees www.unb.ca/moneymatters/tuitionandfees/index.html http://w3.stu.ca/stu/futurestudents/financial/fees.aspx www.nbcc.ca/en/home/admissions/tuitionandfees/default.aspx www.canlearn.ca

  20. How do I find out about upcoming scholarships? • Scholarships are posted on the scholarship board in guidance as they come in. • Listen for the school announcements • View scholarship websites.

  21. Helpful Websites www.studentawards.com www.schoolfinder.com www.scholarshipscanada.com www.youthcanada.ca www.ohsguidance.wordpress.com

  22. How do I get a scholarship? • Read the criteria very carefully! • Deadlines Matter! Criteria can be very specific (examples)  Live in Gagetown  Play a sport Play an instrument  Relative who belongs to Legion Branch # 295  Work part time at a fast food restaurant  Overall average 85%

  23. Entrance Scholarships UNB UNB The Currie Undergraduate Scholarship $ 50,000 Beaverbrook Scholars Award $ 40,000 www.unb.ca/scholarships Awards 80-84.9% $500 85%-89.9%-$1,000 90% or higher $1,500

  24. Entrance Scholarships St. Thomas Entrance Scholarship Guarantee Average 80-84% - $500 Average 85-89% - $1000 Average 90+% - $2,000 http://w3.stu.ca/stu/futurestudents/scholarships/overview.aspx

  25. New Brunswick Community College • NBCC offers a variety scholarships and bursaries • New Brunswick Community College Entry Scholarships (one recipient per New Brunswick High School) • www.nbcc.ca/scholarships

  26. NBCC Application Deadline October 31, 2011

  27. General Timelines

  28. Keep in Mind • Most are posted after Christmas Break • Many available and upcoming scholarships can be viewed on: www.studentawards.com www.schoolfinder.com www.scholarshipscanada.com www.youthcanada.ca Deadlines are crucial!!

  29. September – January • Review your summary of credits • Prepare your resume • Start a scholarship folder • Check with your parents workplace many offer scholarships and bursaries • Surf the net • American Universities- need to write SAT’s please check for testing site dates

  30. September – January Reference Letters- consider carefully what teachers or community personnel you may wish to ask for a reference letter. Give teachers adequate time to prepare a reference letter. Prepare a brag sheet- highlight activities or events you have been involved throughout high school.

  31. September – January • Can you answer the question What do I want to do? www.careercruising.com Username: oromoctohs Password: oromocto • Attend open house events • Sit down with your family and discuss your options.

  32. January - April • Check scholarship board and ohs guidance website. • Have your reference letters ready from teachers or community members. • Watch/Listen for announcements and be sure to respect deadlines

  33. May & June • Many local scholarships are due during this time period. • If you win a scholarship be sure to send a Thank You!!!! • Please inform Mrs. White of any scholarships that you have been offered. We are very proud of our Graduates and we like to show off how smart and hard working you are!!!

  34. Enjoy the Journey!

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