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  1. Scholarship Spec: Involvement in physical activity and its impact on current / future well-being

  2. Reflect on the range of physical activity you have engaged in thus far…. Key question 2: Hauorais how your mental/emotional, social , spiritual and physical aspects intertwine to create the whole person. How does it influence your personal identity? How has this influences some of the experiences on your continuum? • Key question 1: • Define physical activity • Define healthism On a continuum, write down all your physical activity experiences from birth to now.

  3. Reflect and critically evaluate what influences your participation and decision making? Societal fffo Interpersonal • Key Question • In groups of 6 pick one physical activity experience from your continuum • Identify who or what influenced your decision to partake in this physical activity experience? • Was it personal choice, interpersonal (between peers and family) or societal (society's influences on sport/stereotypes)? • Explain how these three concepts interrelate? • SPEEECH (social, political, ethical, environmental, economic and cultural, historical) Personal

  4. GLOBALISATION - what is it? • Globalisation refers to the international spread of knowledge, customs and practices (Mead, 2012). Technology has had a huge influence as it now is easy to share knowledge, customs and practices. • What are the positive influences of globalisation? What are the negative influences? • Read newspaper, what do you notice about what sports are being reported on? Why do you think this? • Explain how globalisation has influenced our values and attitudes towards physical activity? •

  5. Using what we know now, devise strategies for lifelong wellbeing GEMS Quotes and statistics - REFERENCE THEM!! I statements…I think…I feel… Put a stake in the ground about your opinion, back it up and justify…in my opinion…this is due to… Look at the potential impact of decision making now and in the future Go into the exam with a definition of what IS physical activity, how it influences self, others and society as a whole. An understanding of what globalisation is and how it effects self, others and society. • What are the needs and requirements for people through their lifespan? • What are our needs and requirements? What are our barriers and enablers? How do we accommodate this in our society? • What strategies for lifelong involvement in physical activity experiences (in and out of just sport) could you think about making available for self, others and society?