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“MCH Navigator”… PowerPoint Presentation
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“MCH Navigator”…

“MCH Navigator”…

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“MCH Navigator”…

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  1. “MCH Navigator”… …is a centralized portal for pursuing continuous learningin maternal and child health… …scans the landscapeof public health training resources to help emerging and established MCH professionals map professional growth pathways


  3. Types of Learning Opportunities • Current, and Potential Future Enhancements • New trainings to fill gaps • Distance advisors • Group learning projects • Just-in-time learning modules • Tutorials • Webinars • Online and on-site courses • Conferences (both in-person and archived lectures) • Public Health Training Centers • Learning management systems • Institutes • Certificate and degree programs

  4. Vetting Processes • “Weeding,” by staff • Screening, by graduate PH/MCH students • Selection, by staff and workgroup members • User Reviews, by local, state and federal colleagues, Summer 2010 …… parent advocates, MCH grantee staff, and others over time.

  5. Learning Opportunity Selection Criteria Content • Are presentation/learning objective articulated? • Does course content support the presentation/learning objectives? • Is the material presented current, still accurate and relevant? • Is the content applicable to roles and job functions and recommended competencies of people working with women, children and families? • Is CE available? Pedagogy • Is the content well-organized and reasonably easy to follow? • Are there interactive/learning engagement components? • Are there resources to complement material presented? Are they logically related, clear? Presentation • Is there an audio or video component? • Is the speaker(s) engaging? • Presenter speaks clearly, understandable, and at reasonable pace? • Absence of technical problems?

  6. Example: Mary’s 1st Week on the Job • Newly hired program coordinator for statewide home visiting program • Recent MSW graduate • Decides with her supervisor that she should learn more about public health and MCH… …TO MCH NAVIGATOR!

  7. Orientation to Public Health: Intermediate Level

  8. Example: Mary’s 1-Year Review Acknowledging her growing effectiveness over the previous year, her supervisor agrees with Mary’s proposal to learn more about the areas of program evaluation, leadership, and child development. …TO MCH NAVIGATOR AGAIN!

  9. Logic Models and Outcome Measurement

  10. Maternal and Child Health Leadership Skills Development


  12. Where to from here? • Continue screening learning opportunities • Continue vetting materials • Develop customized “learning bundles” • Explore, and share information on uses • Pilot test the processes • Develop additional partnerships • Evolve sustainability plan

  13. How you can learn more ….

  14. Design Team Members Public Health Faculty Anita Farel, DrPH(Gillings School of Public Health, UNC at Chapel Hill) Arden Handler, DrPH (UIC School of Public Health) Colleen Huebner, PhD, MPH (University of Washington School of Public Health) Deneen Long (Howard University) Jeanette Magnus, MD, PhD (School of Public Health & Tropical Medicine, Tulane University) Shokufeh Ramirez, MPH (School of Public Health & Tropical Medicine, Tulane University) Beverly Mulvihill, PhD (UAB School of Public Health) Marjory Ruderman, MHS (Johns Hopkins School of Public Health) State Government Cathy Taylor, DrPH, MSN, RN (Tennessee Department of Health) Joan Wightkin, DrPH, MPH(Louisiana Department of Health & Hospitals) ViolandaGrigorcscu, MD, MSPH (Michigan Department of Community Health) MCH Students Alyssa Crawford, MSPH Kathy Vetter Rachel Brzezinski Nicole Steffens Sara Daleiden Heather Skanes Vetting and Consultation – AMCHP Workforce Committee, CityMatCH E-TAG, 35 State and Local MCH Professionals