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Database PowerPoint. Guy Wade Comm 165. What is a database?. A collection of data stored on a specific topic in an organized manner The purpose of a database is to manage data. Main parts of a database. Fields Records Database File. What is a field?.

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Database powerpoint

Database PowerPoint

Guy Wade

Comm 165

What is a database
What is a database?

  • A collection of data stored on a specific topic in an organized manner

  • The purpose of a database is to manage data

Main parts of a database
Main parts of a database

  • Fields

  • Records

  • Database File

What is a field

What is a field?

A field is a single category of information for which data is given in each individual record

What is a record

What is a record? field

A record is all the information listed for one particular item in the database file

What is a database file
What is a database file? field

The complete database filled with records and fields is also known as a database file

Main types of databases

Flat Database field

Relational Database

Main types of databases

What is a flat database

What is a flat database? field

A very simple database. Flat because it is flat like a piece of paper with one database record per line

What is a relational database

What is a relational database? field

A relational database contains tables which are linked together. Each table contains records which contains fields.

This power point is a general overview

This Power Point is a general overview field

There are many other things that you can do with databases. If you are interested there are several websites and books out there that will give you more depth.