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Switching update westcon partner conference

Switching update westcon partner conference. September 2011. EX SERIES: PORTFOLIO EVOLUTION. EX8216. EX8200-VC. EX8208. EX6200. 2008. 2009. 2010. 2011. EX4500-VC. EX4500. EX4200 10-member VC. EX4200 PoE+. EX2200. EX3300 6-member VC. EX3200. EX2200-C.

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Switching update westcon partner conference

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  1. Switching updatewestcon partner conference September 2011

  2. EX SERIES: PORTFOLIO EVOLUTION EX8216 EX8200-VC EX8208 EX6200 2008 2009 2010 2011 EX4500-VC EX4500 EX4200 10-member VC EX4200 PoE+ EX2200 EX3300 6-member VC EX3200 EX2200-C

  3. SWITCHING PRODUCT POSITIONING Modular 10GbE EX8200 EX4500 Virtual Chassis EX6200 EX 4200 EX3300 EX2200 EX2200-C Hardware Redundancy 300+ ports 200+ ports 12 to 48 ports 48+ ports

  4. What's new ? EX3300 EX4200-PX EX2200-C • EX2200-C • Compact, fanless Layer 2/3 GbE switches with PoE+ for micro branch, retail and workgroup deployments • FRS Offering: • Two SKUs: • EX2200-C-12T-2G: 12-port 10/100/1000 + 2 dual-purpose (DP) uplink ports (total 14) • EX2200-C-12P-2G: 12-port 10/100/1000 PoE+ + 2 dual-purpose (DP) uplink ports (total 14) PoE+ Addition to EX4200 product family with Virtual Chassis technology • FRS Offering: • Upto 6-member virtual chassis • 24/48-port non-Poe/Poe+ 10/100/1000 switch • 4x10GE/GE SFP+/SFP uplinks. Each uplink port can be individually used for GE or 10GE applications • Any/all uplink ports can be configured as virtual chassis ports • virtual chassis by default on last two uplinks • 6 skus including one with back-to-front airflow • Fixed power supply and fans

  5. EX2200-C ETHERNET SWITCH • 12-Port Compact, Fanless Access Switch • POE+ Model Option • 2 dual purpose SFP uplinks • Fanless • 180W AC PSU • L2 and Basic L3 Features • L2, IPv4/v6 static, RIP (in base) • OSPF, PIM (Enhanced License) • SW Feature Parity with current EX2200 • Rack, Wall, Magnet • Mounting • Proven Juniper technology • JunOS operating system

  6. EX3300 LINE OF ETHERNET SWITCHES • 24-48 Port Fixed Configuration Access Switch • POE+ Model Option • 4 SFP/SFP+ uplinks • Fixed power supply (AC/DC) and fans • Data center airflow • Virtual Chassis technology • Six-member Virtual Chassis • Virtual Chassis over 10 GbE uplinks • Virtual Chassis between switches 80Km apart. • Proven Juniper technology • JunOS operating system

  7. EX3300 LICENSING (future)

  8. WHAT'S NEW IN THE EX4200-PX SKUS ? Two new skus – 24PX and 48PX PoE+ Addition to EX4200 product family with Virtual Chassis technology Ships with new efficient power supply Lower acoustics What remains the same? • Same flexible uplink modules • 4-port GbE (SFP) • 2-port 10GbE (XFP) • Dual-mode 4-port GbE/2-port 10GbE (SFP+) • Fully redundant power and cooling • Dual, hot-swappable AC, DC PSU • Fan FRU, multiple blowers • LCD display • Junos operating system • Full OSPF and IP multicast in base • BGP and IPv6 routing with adv. license

  9. Product Positioning EX4200 Resiliency-Power and Fans EX3300 Large Scaling Tables Modularity-Uplinks, PSU, Fans Over 10GE and Dedicated VC ports Virtual Chassis Virtual Chassis over 10G ports Advanced Features -BGP, MPLS, ISIS Advanced Features -BGP, MPLS, ISIS EX2200/ EX2200-C 10 Gig Uplinks 10 Gig Uplinks Layer 3 – OSPF, PIM, IGMP Enh.Feat.–OSPF,PIM,IGMP Layer 3 – OSPF, PIM, IGMP PoE/PoE+ PoE/PoE+ PoE/PoE+ 10/100/1000 10/100/1000 10/100/1000 JUNOS JUNOS JUNOS Medium Data Center & Campus Wiring Closet Data Center & Large Wiring Closet Branch & Small Wiring closet

  10. EX6200 line of modular Ethernet switches High-performance, cost effective modular solution for enterprise campus & data center access 8 or 9 I/O slots & 2 or 1 Switch Routing Engine (SRE) slots Fully redundant SREs 64Gbps BW per I/O slot Non-redundant SRE 32Gbps BW per I/O slot Other SRE slot can be used as I/O slot Each SRE has 4 10GE SFP+ uplinks and switch fabric Fully redundant power and cooling Redundant, load-sharing AC PSUs Supports PoE+ on any port Redundant fans (2x3) Front-to-back airflow Proven Juniper technology Based on EX4200/EX4500/EX8200 Architecture Junos operating system Rich feature set at FRS/ Feature parity with EX4500-VC Focus on high-density wiring closet deployments Also end/middle-of-row 1G server access  Roadmap

  11. EX6210 switch: Front view • 14 RU, 24” (H) x 17” (W) x 15” (D) • Passive backplane • Modular components • Junos operating system • 1+1 Switch Routing engines • Multiple power supplies • Fan tray • High performance • Distributed forwarding • High density • Up to 432 10/100/1000 ports • All linerate ports with 2 SREs • Management • Console • Out-of-band • J-Web / JUNOS Space 8 dedicatedline cards 1+1 redundantswitch routing engines SRE can be used as I/O slot front-to back airflow 4 PSU bays for N+1 or N+N AC redundancy

  12. EX6210 chassis overview 8 I/O Slots and 2 SRE Slots 4 PSU Slots 14RU height, 24"(H) x 17"(W) x 15" (D) Three chassis per standard rack Accommodate limited depth deployments Passive backplane Support 128Gbps backplane per I/O Slot Front to Back Airflow Pre-configured SKU available from FRS:

  13. EX6200 Switch Routing Engine (SRE) Trusted Juniper Routing Engine technology Routing Engine and switch fabric on same module Carrier-class reliability 1 + 1 Control Plane Redundancy 1 + 0 Data Plane Redundancy (graceful degradation of fabric BW if one SRE fails) Master – Backup SRE High performance, capacity and scale 360G of switching capacity 1.2GHz dual-core processor 2GB DRAM 2GB on-board flash storage 4 10GE SFP+ Uplinks Flexible management 10/100/1000BASE-T and SFP ports for out-of-band connectivity USB disk support for storing configs, logs and Junos images

  14. EX6200 LINE CARDS • EX6200-48T • 48 RJ-45 10/100/1000BASE-T interfaces • 3:2 oversubscribe with 1 SRE for any packet size or type • Line-rate with 2 SREs for any packet size or type • Up to 432 10/100/1000BASE-T ports per EX6210 • 3 to 10 s port-to-port latency • 8 queues, 3MB buffer per Packet Forwarding Engine (PFE) • EX6200-48P • All features supported in EX6200-48T • Support both PoE (802.3af) & PoE+ (802.3at) on all ports

  15. EX6200 power SUPPLIES EX6200 power supplies 2500W AC 2100W DC 5000W AC (FRS+2Q) Auto-sensing power supply Efficient energy consumption Over 90% efficient power supply design Carrier-class reliability Up to 4 load sharing and hot swappable supplies per chassis Support N+1 or N+N power redundancy 2500W AC Power Supply 2100W DC Power Supply

  16. EX6200 cooling and environmental Front to Back Airflow Fan tray is installed in rear of chassis Fan redundancy: total of 6 fans (2x3) Cooling maintained with individual fan failure Graceful system shutdown in thermal overload situations NEBS environmental standard Exhaust Intake

  17. EX8200 GbE/PoE+ ACCESS LINE CARDS EX8200-48PL, EX8200-48TL Access Card • 48 RJ-45 10/100/1000BASE-T or PoE (1st 12 ports PoE+) • 2.4:1 oversubscription • 24 Gbps, 36 million packets per second • Up to 384 PoE ports per EX8208 (3kW PSU) • Eight queues, 21MB buffer per port • EX8200-2X40P, EX8200-2X40T Combo Card • 40 RJ-45 1000T, 4 100/1000 SFP, 2 10GbE SFP+ • 2.5:1 O/S on 1G copper, line rate on 1G and 10G fiber • 24 Gbps on 1G ports, 20Gbps on 10G ports • Up to 320 PoE ports plus 16 10GbE per EX8208 • Eight queues, 21MB buffer per 1G port,512MB per 10G Designed for Converged Access with Aggregation/Core: “LAN-in-a-Box”

  18. EX8200 EXTRA SCALE LINE CARDS EX8200-8XS-ES EX8200-48F-ES EX8200-48T-ES EX8200-40XS-ES 11.1 11.4 • 2x larger FIB/control memory (no change to ACLs), 30% faster line-card CPU • Current and ongoing feature parity with standard (non-ES) cards • System with mixed (Standard + Extra Scale) line cards: • Not recommended by Juniper : Possible future option (TBD) • System defaults to standard table sizes; errors logged on table overflows

  19. EX8200 VIRTUAL CHASSIS TECHNOLOGY Standby XRE Active XRE • XRE SFP IO module • JUNOS 11.3 EX8200 Virtual Chassis Switch 2x10GE LAG 2x10GE LAG XRE200


  21. Performs Scales Simplifies • Lowers Cost • Every application performs better • Build large, efficient clouds • Less hardware • Operational simplicity ofa switch • Greater reliability • Elegance of design deliverslower OPEX and CAPEX

  22. THE REST OF THE DATA CENTER HAS ADVANCED DRAMATICALLY IN RECENT YEARS • To • From Applications Applications Software Services On-Premise Apps • Servers/Compute • Servers/Compute Virtualized Workloads Dedicated Servers Rigid, legacy model of I.T. • Flexible, virtualized model Storage Storage Shared Storage Dedicated Storage • Network Network Layers of Complexity

  23. Challenges of Scale - Complexity The ability to add capacity while minimizing complexity SCALABILITY: n = number of managed network devices Limits of Scale n x (n-1) Today’s Real Complexity ______ 2 Capacity Capacity Complexity Complexity Ideal Complexity Scale

  24. Challenges of Scale – Application performance • Location matters in a tree architecture • Typical tree configuration Bubbles Optimal performance VM OneHop

  25. Challenges of Scale – Network Services • Location matters in a tree architecture • Typical tree configuration Appliances & VLANs Shadows VM

  26. TRANSFORM THE NETWORK • One Network • Flat, any-to-any connectivity VM • Key resourcesare one hop away • Key resourcesare ALWAYS one hop away • Locality should not matter in a virtualized data center

  27. TRANSFORM THE NETWORK • One Network • Flat, any-to-any connectivity • Single switch • Performance and simplicity ofa single switch • Single switch does not scaleSingle point of failure

  28. Qfabric - Single Switch for the data center Edge Services RemoteData Center Security Services Servers FC Storage iSCSI/NAS • One large, seamless resource pool

  29. QFABRIC AT A GLANCE Scalability Up to 6144 ports Runs Junos Rich functionality – L2/L3 switch Performance <5us, Low jitter Lossless DCB compliant Storage FCoE gateway and transit Simplicity Single switch

  30. QFabric vs. competition – 6,000 10GbE ports QFabric • QFabric • 1/3 fewer devices • 77% less powerSavings: $360K/Yr • 90% less floor space • 85% fewer links • 12-16x faster • Mgd. Devices 1 vs. 193 • L2 AND L3 Non-Blocking 4 1 L2 & L3 1 125 TRILL like – Architecture L3 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 L2 only 1 16 .. .. .. .. .. .. .. The QFabric is faster than any chassis switch ever built! 105 167 21 42 126 147 1 63 84 • Note: • OS* Over Subscription 3:1 • Ports: 6000 server ports

  31. QFabric – Simplicity that Scales • To • From Applications On-Premise Apps • Servers/Compute Dedicated Servers Rigid, legacy model of I.T. • Flexible, virtualized model Storage Dedicated Storage • QFabric Network Layers of Complexity

  32. Timing and Direction • QFX3500 shipping since March 2011 • QFabric is shipping now! • Timing • Future directions • Scale down – Micro-Fabrics50-750 ports • 40GbE and 100GbEaccess speeds • Provide a fully blended fabric with full fibrechannel services

  33. QFabric HARDWARE QFabric Interconnect Connects all the QF/Node devices QFabric Node Media independent I/O ToR deviceCan be run in independent or fabric mode QFabric Director 2U fixed configurationX86-based system architecture

  34. QFabric hardware – QFabric INTERCONNECT • QFabric Interconnect • 21 U high 8-slot chassis • 128 QSFP+ 40G ports – wire speed • 8 fabric cards (10.24 Tbps/ chassis) • Dual redundant control board • Redundant AC power supply • Front-to-back air flow Front View Rear View

  35. Fabric hardware – QFabric Node • QFabric Node Front View • 1 U fixed configuration • 48 SFP+/36 SFP ports • 12 FC capable (2/4/8G) ports • 4 * 40G fabric uplink ports (can also operate in 10G mode) • Redundant AC power supply • Front-to-back air flow Rear View Will also operate as a Standalone Switch QFX3500 4 QSFP+ ports 48 SFP+/36 SFP ports 12 FC Capable ports

  36. QFabric hardware – QF/Director • QFabric Director • 2 U device • Has GbE ports to connect to QFabric Node and Interconnect devices • Based on x86 architecture

  37. Qfabric Summary SeamlessIntegration ReducedTCO ExponentialScale • HighPerformance • Convergence of FC, Ethernet and FCoE • Seamless integrationwith existing network infrastructuresand services • Works with any server, storage, hypervisor, management and orchestration systems • Doesn’t need forklift upgrade • OpEx: Single deviceto manage, one OS, lower power, spaceand cooling • CapEx: fewer devices, lower incremental costto scale-up • Built for scalable DC – 10s of 1000s of end-points • True fabric for virtualization, convergence and cloud-ready infrastructure • Ultra-low latency delivers superior performance • Non-blocking and any-to-any connectivity • Predictable application performance • Built with high availability ground-up

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