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FY11 Cisco Partner Update PowerPoint Presentation
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FY11 Cisco Partner Update

FY11 Cisco Partner Update

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FY11 Cisco Partner Update

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  1. FY11 Cisco Partner Update 2010년 12월16일

  2. Korea Organization Structure (FY’11) GM Bum-Coo Cho Ops & Strategy Won Kyun Cho Architecture (APAC) CA/AS/TS J W Kim Transformation Chris Yang SE Il Yong Seong Channel Kyeong Deog Kim Enterprise Il-Gwon Shon Public Sun Mok Son SP Jae Hyung Jin Commercial Hee Beom Park Data Center BDM Team Marketing/PR Government Se Jin Kim MSO Chang Seop Kim Metro Sang Bong Nam Industry Youn-Gwi Jeong S + CC Collaboration Finance LGT Jong Soo Kim Branch Won Young Kim Mid-Ent Chung Chae Cho Vertical Han Seok Lim Managed Service Borderless Network HR IFEZ Sun Mok Son FSI Chang Ho Kang KT (CD) Jae Duck Ahn ECO Partners Capital SKT (CD) Joong Wan Shin SEC, HMC (Global) IBSG WPR / Legal

  3. Scaling the Expert Organization Improve Collaboration… High Availability of Cisco Team… To Support Your Sales Teams! Partner’s Customers SalesServices PRM Partner Interactions Channel Services My Cisco Portal Quoting & Ordering Virtual Concierge Cisco Experts Marketing Services Click to Chat Business Advisory TelePresence Technical Services Face to Face Training WebEx Business Intelligence Incentives Desktop & Phone App End Users

  4. New Partner-Led Structure Distribution Philip Park 안병설SM 이혜원SB 김태훈TJ 신준섭 DI Kim JK Kang JY Cho James Nah 김춘이DR 서길영CJ 왕미정 JH Shim 박선영KJ Metro : Tier 1 City 김민권BJ 유고명SB 변재형BJ 박민욱CJ 류기훈CJ 이원희KJ 이광섭CJ 이동열BJ Ted Nam 임혜정KJ 이경준KJ 김능환GJ 서상진CJ 정정례KJ 양혜경DR Branch : Tier 2 City 조대식BJ 변경록BJ 박성덕SB 서혜선BJ Busan Gwangju Daegu WO Kim Daejeon 김양미 백승록GJ 김용남DR 송은정KJ 안혁 BJ 최웅석CJ 박찬량CJ

  5. AvantGarde: What in it for your!! Prospects Reduced cost of Sale through Business Intelligence Engagement & Communication Recognition Rewards for top performing PAMs & OIPD for AG Partners Priority Access to Management & facilities accelerating Sales Sales Tools & Marketing Sales Training Exclusive access to AG platform, performance reports & Marketing content Exclusive training

  6. Geographical Diversity Europe3,613 Japan564 U.S. & Canada2,762 Asia Pacific2,149 Emerging3,403 12,610 certified Partners across globe

  7. Integrated Technology Breadth Cisco Korea Partner Status (FY’11 Beginning) • Gold SI (14) • AUTOEVER • COMTEC • DATACRAFT KOREA • FUJITSU KOREA • IBM KOREA • ICENT • INNET • INSUNG • LG N-SYS • RINGNET • SAMSUNG SDS • SICC • SNET • YOUNGWOO DIGITAL Distributor(3) SKNetworks, Inetbank, YoungwooSNN Silver SI (4) AIRQUAY ECS TELECOM HUNEED POSCO ICT Premier Reseller (66) Technology Depth • Gold Reseller (4) • HIT • KDC • KT NETWORKS • JINDOOI.S Select Reseller (53) • Silver Reseller (2) • UNNET • SEOUL COMMTECH Registered Reseller (620) Gold (18) Silver (6) Premier Select Register

  8. Cisco Channel Route Direct VARs, Systems Integrators Distributors Reseller Customers

  9. My Cisco 제공 정보 url:

  10. Cisco Partner Bulletin(시스코 파트너 게시판) 현재 시스코 채널에서 진행되는 모든 프로그램 / 공지 / 프로모션 업데이트 url: ID :ciscoPW: partner

  11. Cisco Partner Bulletin(시스코 파트너 게시판)

  12. 파트너 센트럴- 한국어 자료실 총 12개의 기술 부문에 대한 자료와 VoD 제공

  13. [이후시스코파트너세미나일정] 파트너를 위한 월간 시스코 업데이트 웹 세미나매월 첫째 주 금요일, 오전10시~11시 한달간의 제품,프로그램,인센티브,프로모션, 교육 정보를 간결하고 쉽게 전달

  14. CSG ( Channel Specialist Group ) Proactive Engagement • 파트너 운영 지원팀 • 원스톱비즈니스 지원 • Cisco Channel Operation • Single PoC for Channels – Product & Service cases 한국 전담지원팀: 080-377-0880 한국어무료전화 프로그램 교육 프로모션 PEC 기타 파트너 프로그램 인센티브 프로그램 리포트 프로세스 파트너 툴

  15. 고객을 위한 CBC지원 • 시스코의 다양한 AT (Advanced Technology) 솔루션을 직접 체험할 수 있는 데모 센터가새롭게 꾸며 집니다. • 현재까지 CBC 진행내역 • 2007년 4월 이후, 약 1200번의 브리핑 진행 • 약 5,000명 고객 참석 • CBC의 새 단장 • 인천도시 축전소개 솔루션 추가 - Real Estate & Healthcare, Virtual Concierge • 본사연동 - EBC Virtual Demo, Business Video Demo Center • UCS (Unified Computing System) 추가

  16. Cisco Capital as Platform to Transform Customer Experience Leasing, Svc financing Project financing, Service financing One account plan, Integrated offer New Business Model (Utility, Revenue sharing, Build to Grow) Loan Financing offer is optional. Financial proposal become must. Technology Partner Business Partner SOURCE: Services Portfolio Council

  17. NFR (Not for Resale) • Eligible Partners: Certified Partner (Gold, Silver, Premier, Select, Registered**) • Specialize Partners • Authorized Distributors • Technology : All Technologies • Proposed discounts: Special DC (Contact Distributor) • Eligible products : All products in GPL excludes ATP, Services and Refurbish product • Registered** partners can only purchase NFR for demo lab equipment to meet specialization requirements • Note: ATP partners are not eligible at this moment

  18. Distribution vs. CBN Commission Commission Cisco Ships Cisco Ships AM Receives Bookings Credit AM Receives Bookings Credit NORMAL DISTRIBUTION SALES PATH Creates oppty or Registers a deal Creates & Approves DART Places order & auto-approved Cisco ships Post-Sales Build quote 1 Disti stock fulfillment CAM CAM DVAD Disti CBN Sales Path ORDER BOOKED ORDER BOOKED PoS DART approver Partner Partner 2 CBN SALES PATH AM AM AM Communicate Deal summary Places order & CS validates Cisco ships Post-Sales Sales Out Report Business Controls Metrics

  19. CBNSplit Deals CBN Split Deals will be made available on May 17th, 2010. This means that one single deal id can be used for both CBN and DART(POS). Cisco Commerce Workspace will be enhanced to allow Distis to select the product lines which will be fulfilled via CBN. The selected CBN lines will still need to meet the CBN threshold of minimum US$100K. Disti will need to request for DART for the lines not flagged as CBN via the current as-is process for DART. Overview

  20. Connect Rewards

  21. Channel Incentive Program

  22. OIP (Opportunity Incentive Program) 개요 OIP는시스코에 알려지지 않은 새로운 비즈니스 기회(Opportunity)를 발굴, 개발한 파트너에 제공하는 프로모션입니다. 본 프로그램은 1. 새로운 비즈니스 기회를 발굴한 파트너를보호하고 2. 거래를 성사시킨 파트너에게 보상을 제공하기 위해 3. 프로그램 요건에 해당하는 Deal을 등록한 파트너에게 추가 할인을 제공합니다.

  23. OIP및 OIPD구분

  24. 차세대 VIP16 (Value Incentive Program) VIP는 Cisco 및 Cisco 채널 파트너 프로그램 진화와 더불어 적격한 아키텍처 범주 내의 Advanced 솔루션을 판매하는 파트너를 대상으로 한 혜택을 지속적으로 발전 및 확대하고 있음 UC -> 협업(Collaboration) DC -> 가상화(Virtualization) 보안, 무선 -> 무경계(Borderless Network) • 비즈니스 혁신을 주도하는 아키텍처 • 최대 22%까지 Rebate

  25. Incentive for VIP

  26. PDF (Partner Development Fund) PDF(Partner Development Program)란?중소기업 또는 커머셜 시장을대상으로 비즈니스를 하는 파트너 사의수익 증대를 위해 만들어진종합적인 프로그램 2. 프로그램 기간 :2010년 8월 1일~ 2011년7월30일 3.프로그램 등록 기간 : FY11 4. 프로그램 대상 파트너 :각 Track 별로 대상 파트너요건을 만족할경우,해당Track에 대해등록이 가능   5. 등록 방법:하기 url에서 해당 Track을 선택하여 등록

  27. PDF (Partner Development Fund)

  28. Incentive for PDF

  29. Q2 Fast Track 2 Accelerator SBTG - Managed Switch + Security Appliance @ 10% discount NEW 300 Series Old SRW Series Security

  30. Q2 Fast Track 2 Accelerator 2K, 3K Switches, 1900 ISRs @ 5% discount

  31. Q2Cash Now Buy 3, get the 4th one FREE Access Points Video Surveillance

  32. Small Business Allscripts CRM Mitchell1 Timecard View Communicate Secure Connect Firewall Anti-Virus Security/UTM Anti-Spam VPN Broadest Portfolio of Products and Solutionsfor Small Business UnifiedCommunications Storage

  33. Small BusinessAs of Dec. 2010 현재 KCC인증 요청 제품 Jan2011 Order 가능 Order 가능한 제품

  34. Q & A

  35. Sales, Technical and Lifecycle Services Portfolio of Specializations URL: Master Specialization UC / Security Advanced SpecializationUC /Security /Routing & Switching / Wireless LAN / Data Center Network Infrastructure / Data Center Storage Networking Ability to Deliver Technology Depth Express SpecializationUC / Foundation Entry Specialization SMB Specialization

  36. Master Adv.UC Adv.Sec. Adv.WLAN Adv.R&S Any twoAdv. Any Adv. * + Exp. UC New Certification ExpressFoundation 2 CCIE’s 4 CCIE’s SMB Spezn. Premier Silver Gold Select Integrated Technology Breadth Certification Portfolio URL: UC Security Technology Depth

  37. TAP - Trade-in Incentive 프로그램 • 보상 판매 프로그램 • 시스코 제품 / 경쟁사 제품 • Upfront Discount /Credits • TMP 연장선 상의 프로그램 • Backend Rebates (based on TMP credits amount & returns) • 6-month Period

  38. TAP 프로그램 내용

  39. ATP & APP Status