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Chapter 22 References. References. 1. Book List Digital Signal Processing Implementation using the TMS320C6000™ DSP Platform Naim Dahnoun Publisher: Prentice Hall- Pearson Education Ltd ISBN: 0-201-61916-4

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Chapter 22 references l.jpg

Chapter 22


References l.jpg

1. Book List

Digital Signal Processing Implementation using the TMS320C6000™ DSP PlatformNaim Dahnoun Publisher: Prentice Hall- Pearson Education LtdISBN: 0-201-61916-4

DSP Applications Using C and the TMS320C6x DSKRulph ChassaingPublisher: John Wiley & SonsISBN: 0-471-20754-3

The Application of Programmable DSPs in Mobile CommunicationsAlan Gatherer and Edgar AuslanderPublisher: John Wiley & SonsISBN: 0-471-48643-4

Real-Time Digital Signal Processing: Implementations, Applications and Experiments with the TMS320C55xSen Kuo and Bob LeePublisher: John Wiley & SonsISBN: 0-470-84137-0

References cont l.jpg
References (cont.)

DSP System Design: Using the TMS320C6000Nasser Kehtarnavaz and Mansour KeramatPublisher: Prentice-HallISBN: 0-13-091031-7

C6x-Based Digital Signal ProcessingNasser Kehtarnavaz and Burc Simsek Publisher: Prentice Hall ISBN: 0-13-088310-7

Les DSP Famille TMS320C54x Developpement d'applicationsGenevieve BaudoinPublisher: DunodISBN: 2-10-004646 2

DSP First: A Multimedia ApproachJames McClellan, Ronald Schafer, Mark YoderPublisher: Prentice HallISBN 0-13-243171-8

Digital Signal Processing: A Computer Science PerspectiveJonathan (Y) SteinPublisher: John Wiley & SonsISBN 0-471-29546-9

References cont4 l.jpg
References (cont.)

Digital Signal Processing: Laboratory Experiments Using C and the TMS320C31 DSKRulph ChassaingPublisher: John Wiley & SonsISBN 0-471-29362-8

A Simple Approach to Digital Signal ProcessingCraig Marven & Gillian Ewers Publisher: John Wiley & SonsISBN 0-471-15243-9

Digital Signal Processing with the TMS320C25Rulph Chassaing and D.W. HorningPublisher: John Wiley & SonsISBN 0-471-51066-1

Digital Signal Processing with C and the TMS320C30Rulph ChassaingPublisher: John Wiley & SonsISBN 0-471-57777-4

Communication System Design Using DSP AlgorithmsSteven A. TretterPublisher: Plenum Publishing ISBN 0306-450321

References cont5 l.jpg
References (cont.)

Digital Filter DesignT.W. Parks & C.S. BurrusPublisher: John Wiley & SonsISBN 0-471-82896-3

Active Noise Control Systems - Algorithms and DSP ImplementationsDr. Sen M. KuoPublisher: John Wiley & SonsISBN 0-471-13424-4

A Digital Signal Processing Laboratory Using the TMS320C30Henrik V. Sorensen, Jianping Chen, Publisher: Prentice HallISBN 0-13-741828-0

References cont6 l.jpg
References (cont.)

Publisher Addresses:Computer Science Press41 Madison Ave. New York, NY 10010

John Wiley & SonsProfessional Reference and Trade Group605 Third Ave.New York, NY 10158-0012

Prentice-HallCollege Technical and Reference Div.Englewood Cliffs, NJ 07632

Plenum Publishing233 Spring StreetNew York, NY 10013-1578

References cont7 l.jpg
References (cont.)

2. Useful Plug-ins

Developer's Kit for Texas Instruments DSP from TheMathWorks, Inc

Extends MATLAB and Simulink to simplify software design and analysis for TI DSPs. This product has 2 components: Integration of Matlab with CCS to provide seamless data transfer between CCS and MATLAB, as well as direct MATLAB access to CCS functionality for controlling and debugging DSP applications; and integration of Simulink with CCS to automatically construct a CCS project from C code generated by Simulink and rapid prototyping.SystemView from Elanix

SystemView with Real Time DSP Architect extends the SystemView design environment, providing a design flow from bit-true system design to implementation in TI C54x/C6x processors.

References cont8 l.jpg
References (cont.)

Visual Application Builder from Hyperception, IncIt can be thought of as a "Graphical DSP Compiler", able to create a DSP Algorithm from a graphical design, or block diagram approach.

3. Training at Texas Instruments

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Chapter 22


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