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Bloomsburg University

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Bloomsburg University
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Bloomsburg University

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  1. Bloomsburg University How It Prepared Me

  2. First Glance • Before being accepted into the education program one had to do 30 hours of observation • This lets you know if you really want to be an educator • There are certain requirements one needs to fulfill for the observation hours to count. Bloomsburg wants us to experience every kind of diversity possible • ESL- school district must have a program • Exceptionalities- School is classified as inclusive • Gender- Classroom has both male and female students • Race/ Ethnicity- 20 % or more of non white students • Socio- Economic- 20% or more students registered for free/ reduced lunch

  3. Classes Before Acceptance into Major • There classes one can take before being accepted into the education program that deals with education such as the following: • Introduction to Individuals with Exceptionalities • ELL Basics of Language and Communication • Multicultural Education • Math Concepts 1 and 2 • Early Childhood Development • Early Childhood Cognitive Development • Introduction to Education • Introduction to Early Childhood

  4. Application Packet • The application packet is a 27 page packet that had to be turned in after completing 48 credits • The purpose is to be accepted into the education major so you can stake specific education classes • First real portfolio • Includes the following: • Resume • Two letters of recommendation • 3 clearances: FBI fingerprints, PA child abuse, PA criminal background check • Essay about diversity experience • Notes about observations and participation • TB shot

  5. Classes After Acceptation • After being accepted one is allowed to take classes that teach one to teach certain subjects and to certain age groups such as the following: • Teaching reading in early childhood: birth – kindergarten • Teaching mathematics in early childhood: birth- kindergarten • Teaching science and environmental education: PK- 4 • And so much more

  6. Field Experience • After being accepted and taking education classes it is required to: • Do a practicum- which is going into a classroom for a different amount of times a week ( like 2 hours every Tuesday and Thursday) to observe and help out • Student Teaching- which is where you spend a whole semester in a school going to the class all day everyday. You help out the teacher, observe the teacher, and even get to teach lessons in the class

  7. What Make’s Me Different • Unlike every other early childhood I did more then just majoring in early childhood education • I minored in Deaf and Hard of hearing • Giving me a advance over every other major • I could have a deaf child in my class and would have the skills to help him learn • To pass my concentration I have to take 24 credits in classes pertaining to the major. Including up to ASL 3.

  8. Why Should You Hire Me • I have had experience since my freshman year • Unlike everyone else I have a concentration in deaf and hard of hearing • I have practiced a portfolio • I have experienced teaching in a diverse setting • I have taken a wide variety of classes that have prepared me for almost anything