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  2. What is University? • an institution of higher education and research • grants academic degrees in a variety of subjects • provides both undergraduate education and postgraduate education

  3. Some Important Terms 1. Major -the main field of specialization during a student’s undergraduate studies -a certain number of required courses must be taken in the major area Example: Sally is doing an undergraduate degree in General Science and she majors in Biology

  4. Some Important Terms 2. Undergraduate Degree -an academic degree achieved by a person who has completed the required undergraduate University courses

  5. Some Important Terms Two Types of Undergraduate Degrees: A) General Bachelors Degree -usually three years B) Honours Bachelors Degree -usually four years

  6. Some Important Terms 3. Master’s Degree -one to two-year university program that is taken after completing an undergraduate degree -achieved by taking courses and exams or by conducting research and presenting a thesis

  7. Some Important Terms 4. Doctorate of Philosophy (PhD) -an advanced academic degree awarded by universities -usually requiring three to five years of original research in a specialized field of study -the candidate submits a thesis that is an original contribution to the field of study -in order to complete the PhD, one must submit a thesis consisting of original academic research, which is in principle worthy of publication -once a candidate receives a PhD, they are eligible to apply to teach at the university level (professor)

  8. Some Important Terms 5. Thesis -a written document submitted in pursuit of a degree or professional qualification presenting the author's research and findings -can range in length from 20 pages to hundreds depending on the degree sought and the length of research

  9. Some Important Terms 6. Professional School -program of advanced learning that leads to an occupation governed by a mandatory regulatory body -practicing members of the profession must complete a licensing exam before they can actively practice and must keep their credentials current -professional programs include medicine, law, teacher education, rehabilitation sciences, dentistry, optometry, pharmacy, nursing, etc.

  10. Some Important Terms 7. Ontario Student Assistance Plan (OSAP) -a government financial loan program that helps students pay for their education For more information about OSAP visit:

  11. Some Important Terms 8. Scholarship -non-repayable monetary grant provided to a student on the basis of academic merit or extracurricular involvement 9. Bursary -non-repayable monetary grant on the basis of financial need

  12. What do you need? • Ontario Secondary School Diploma (OSSD) • 6 - grade 12 U or M credits • Usually Grade 12 University English is required • There may be other required courses (maths, sciences, etc.) • Check specific program requirements. • Early conditional offers will be based upon Grade 11 marks.

  13. Things to Consider • Prerequisites • Program requirements • Cut-off averages • Home or away? • Size and location of city • Size of university • Extra-curricular activities • Atmosphere on campus • Scholarships • Cost of program

  14. Universities in Ontario Carleton Lakehead Nipissing Ottawa Algoma Queen’s Laurentian RMC Trent UOIT OCAD Guelph UofT Waterloo Ryerson York McMaster Laurier Western Brock Windsor

  15. Programs Offered • Visit the Ontario University Guide (eINFO) website • Visit the individual universities’ websites to view University Calendars

  16. How to Apply • Application is made through the Ontario Universities’ Application Centre • 3 choices  $120 • Additional choices  +$40 per selection

  17. Timelines • Nov/Dec – OUAC access codes sent to SJAM • Mid-January – deadline to submit the on-line application and fees to OUAC • Beginning February – recommended last date (not a deadline) to submit all information to OUAC • End of May – the latest date to receive an offer of admission, a refusal, or a deferral pending additional information

  18. Other Important Info • University info sessions at SJAM (UW, WLU, McMaster, Guelph, Western) & Lunch-time Fair (other Ontario universities) (November) • UIP – centrally located at a secondary school with numerous university reps (October)