a look at a day in the life of bloomsburg block party n.
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A Look At A Day In The Life Of Bloomsburg Block Party PowerPoint Presentation
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A Look At A Day In The Life Of Bloomsburg Block Party

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A Look At A Day In The Life Of Bloomsburg Block Party - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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A Look At A Day In The Life Of Bloomsburg Block Party. The Block Party.

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the block party
The Block Party
  • Bloomsburg University students have for decades historically hosted an unsanctioned day long outdoor festival that has traditionally taken place on the last Saturday of April. This year however a change has been made to host this even on April 18th, 2009, one week earlier in order to avoid the downtown Bloomsburg Renaissance Fair.
  • Hundreds of Alumni, students and other area university student’s from all over the east cost will visit and party through the weekend, generally in the areas of Lightstreet Road, Fetterman Avenue, East Street, Chestnut Avenue, Iron Street, and nearby college housing areas.
regulated social gathering ordinance
Regulated Social Gathering Ordinance
  • Anyone who intends on having an outdoor congregation of persons for social interaction where alcoholic beverages are served or consumed and which is attended at any one time by more than 150 persons, regardless of age is required to obtain a permit from the town of Bloomsburg.
enforcement of the ordinance
Enforcement of the Ordinance
  • Any person violating the Ordinance shall, upon conviction in a summary proceeding, be sentenced to pay a fine not to exceed $600.00 to the Town of Bloomsburg, along with costs of prosecution, or to be imprisoned for not more than ten days or both.
  • The Police Department of the Town of Bloomsburg shall have the authority to disperse persons, upon notice, who attend a Regulated Social Gathering for which no permit has been obtained. Failure to disperse shall be a violation of the Ordinance.
  • Nothing in the Ordinance shall limit the Town of Bloomsburg from filing an action in equity to enjoin a Regulated Social Gathering held in violation of this Ordinance nor limit the Police Department from making arrests for violation of the laws of the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania and the ordinances of the Town of Bloomsburg.
permits distributed
Permits Distributed
  • These are the five locations where Social Gathering Permits were given out for Block Party 2009.
bloomsburg police departments mission
Bloomsburg Police Departments Mission
  • Our mission is to Protect Life and Property, to Serve the Public with Integrity and Professionalism and to achieve an Atmosphere of Mutual Respect and Cooperation with All Citizens. Since 1997 the police have provide a highly visible and professional presence with the intent of preserving law and order during the weekend events.
preventative measures
Preventative Measures
  • The Bloomsburg Police Department is the primary law enforcement agency providing 24 hour-7 day a week, law enforcement services to the citizens of the Town of Bloomsburg, Columbia County, Pennsylvania. This year for Block Party the Pennsylvania State Police assisted the Bloomsburg Police with Uniformed Troopers, Vice, Aviation, the Mounted Unit and Liquor Control Enforcement Officers helped assist in undercover alcohol efforts. Area municipal police and other law enforcement agencies, Columbia Montour SWAT, Columbia County Drug Task Force, Columbia County Adult Probation and the Columbia County Sheriff also assisted Bloomsburg Police pursuant to Title 42, Section 8953 of the Pennsylvania Municipal Police Officers Mutual Aid statutes.
  • It is projected through this significant effort that injury and property damage during the event are prevented or reduced.
at what price
At what price?
  • The costs of Block Party for 2009 exceeded $18,000 for municipal officers, state police costs absorbed by state police, mounted unit, vice, uniformed troopers and LCE.
  • However money is not the only thing lost during this party. The town gives up its streets, cleanliness, safety, and sometimes even its property.
  • Trash is definitely an issue for Block Party. Even with all the effort that the town puts into get dumpsters and trash dispensers, garbage is still a problem. As quoted from Norman Mael of the Press Enterprise, “Did you walk the streets of Bloomsburg on Sunday? It was a shameful mess of broken glass and empty cans and bottles.”
  • With thousands of students, and even more beer containers, trash is certainly an issue.
battling the trash
Battling The Trash
  • To help with this problem the Bloomsburg Police sent out this letter to the students of Bloomsburg University asking them for their help to clean up the garbage that would pile up from the weekend. Because of this letter some students did help with the clean up.
arrests during block party weekend1
Arrests During Block Party Weekend
  • Underage Alcohol Violations: 48
  • Traffic Warnings: 42
  • Open Container Violations: 21
  • Disorderly Conduct: 17
  • Traffic: 12
  • Criminal Arrests: 10
  • Public Drunkenness: 9
  • DUI: 3
  • Criminal Mischief: 1
  • Scattering Rubbish: 1
  • Noise Ordinance Violation: 1
  • DRE Evaluations: 1
injuries that occurred in 2009
Injuries That Occurred In 2009
  • Numerous people received cuts from glass/bottles, nothing from the ER that was substantial though.
  • One officer from Scott Twp injured his knee during a scuffle with a person involved in a fight on East Street.
non alcohol events held in bloomsburg during block party
Non-Alcohol Events Held In Bloomsburg During Block Party
  • Students could go out to places like the Grill and Chill that was held by Honeysuckle Student Apartments. They had food, a DJ, a Pie eating contest, and a few other things for students to do in a safe environment. This offers kids an alternative to going out and drinking, which some students clam is the only thing to do.
ways bloomsburg police are staying proactive with block party
Ways Bloomsburg Police Are Staying Proactive With Block Party
  • Here Bloomsburg allowed venders to come in and serve food to all the participants of Block Party. Serving food offers a way for people to slow down from the drinking, and offers the body some nutrition and a way to absorbed some of the alcohol to help prevent over intoxication. This also keeps people full and happy.
safety letter to students
Safety Letter to Students
  • Here the Bloomsburg Police went door to door in the areas with the highest concentration of students, residents and locations where students gather, and provided them with this letter on recommended safety guidelines. If students did not receive this letter at their door personally, they received this letter through the mail, or email.
information session
Information Session
  • This is a Block Party Information sheet that informed students, faculty, community members, and the media of a scheduled meeting where they could talk to board members and ask them questions about the guidelines and procedures that would be expected at Block Party.
information session details to the board members
Information Session Details To The Board Members
  • This is a letter that was sent out to the board members who would be attending the information session, listing a few details about the day.
what to expect
What To Expect
  • This is another letter that was sent out to the board members letting them know what to expect of the information session.


other agencies who assisted or contributed to helping with block party
Other Agencies Who Assisted Or Contributed To Helping With Block Party
  • Code Enforcement- Conducted safety and fire inspections
  • Bloomsburg Fire Dept- Stayed on stand by and foamed down the dumpsters the night before
  • Fire Police
other agencies who assisted or contributed to helping with block party1
Other Agencies Who Assisted Or Contributed To Helping With Block Party
  • On-call Magistrate Judge
  • On call District Attorney
  • Adult Probation
  • Prison
  • Columbia County Sheriff- For prisoner Transport
  • 911 Center-

Additional Staff

other agencies who assisted or contributed to helping with block party2
Other Agencies Who Assisted Or Contributed To Helping With Block Party
  • North Central Highway Safety
  • Town Public Works-

Clean up and garbage bags

  • Recycling Center-

Additional pick ups

  • Refuse Haulers-

Empty dumpsters to prepare for the trash generated by the party


Message Boards along roads

other agencies who assisted or contributed to helping with block party3
Other Agencies Who Assisted Or Contributed To Helping With Block Party
  • Bloomsburg Hospital and Greater Columbia Medical-

For injuries and alcohol overdoses

  • Pennsylvania Liquor Store-

To prepare for the amount of kids

  • Bloomsburg Greek Life and Students
  • Landlords or Property Owners-

Asked to be visible

state police unites that assisted with block party
State Police Unites That Assisted With Block Party
  • State Police Uniformed Troopers
  • State Police Mounted Unit
  • State Police Vice
  • State Police Motorcycle Unit
  • State Police liquor Enforcement
costs for the additional assistance
Costs For The Additional Assistance
  • It is unknown how much money is spent in addition to the $18,000 already spent for Block Party, for the assistance and contributions that these agencies provide.
questions or comments
Questions or Comments
  • If you have any questions or comments please feel free to contact the Bloomsburg Chief of Police, Leo Sokoloski, at (570) 784- 6779.