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The Indigo Trust

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The Indigo Trust - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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The Indigo Trust. Identifying Sustainable Solutions Which Use ICT to Encourage Democratic Transparency & Increase Basic Literacy in Africa. Dr Loren Treisman. Relevant Themes. Ownership Increased access to information results in increased democratic transparency

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The Indigo Trust

Identifying Sustainable Solutions Which Use ICT to Encourage Democratic Transparency & Increase Basic Literacy in Africa

Dr Loren Treisman

relevant themes
Relevant Themes
  • Ownership
  • Increased access to information results in increased democratic transparency
  • Participatory methods are most effective
  • Open Source
  • Enabling innovation
  • Partnership
  • Sustainability
criteria for allocation of funding
Criteria for Allocation of Funding

For NGO Effectiveness:

  • Alignment (with National Strategies)
  • Harmonisation (transparent and collectively effective)
  • Managing for Results (effective

use of resources and strategy)

  • Mutual Accountability
  • Ownership (Partner-led)

Other Relevant Criteria:

  • Aligns with Trust outcomes
  • Participatory/empowers communities
  • Innovative
  • Appropriate Technology
  • Scalability
  • Sustainability
  • Reaches marginalised groups
potential projects to fund
Potential Projects To Fund

Open Mind Question Box- ”It gives easy access to info in areas

with illiteracy, language and technical barriers”

  • Aligns with Trust outcomes
  • Clear strategy -1 step design, removes barriers, user-led
  • Appropriate technology-simple to use, repair, access
  • Sustainable & scalable-simplicity, low cost
  • Marginalised groups dictate relevance

But..Will community utilise as aid to democratic transparency?

aptivate aptivate believes in the right of every individual to inform and be informed
Aptivate“Aptivate believes in.. the right of every individual to inform and be informed”
  • Aligns with Trust outcomes
  • Supports institutional use of net-democratic transparency
  • Appropriate tech.-low power, low bandwidth, simple, usable,
  • Participatory, iterative, agile-builds capacity/empowers
  • Effective partnerships
  • Relevant projects incl. Enclusion-brings info to mobile phones incl. e-gov, Loband-simplifies web pages for easy access
  • Focuses on national priorities
  • Increases access to info
  • Builds LEDC capacity at national & local level
  • Participatory-user led, links to int. comm., social networking
  • Build capacity-empowering, effective partnerships
  • Sustainable-country owned, consider political, social, eco & env.

factors, cascade organisational approach, establishes networks

  • Projects to fund incl. Evidence informed policy making,

parliamentary info literacy workshops, low bandwidth, access to

Global info, assist research to public communication

potential partners
Potential Partners
  • Thibbault Jamme or others to ensure Open Source of

funded projects-peer review, transparency of process, cheaper,

more reliable, increases access, flexible, more choices, less bugs

  • Dadamac-can link the Trust to grassroots social networks &

Online communities, facilitate partnerships & enable 2-way comm.

  • Encourages participation, innovation, self-help, sustainability
  • Relevant projects incl. Practical Design for Social Action, Pan

CW Forum 5, ESSPIN-work w. govs. to improve basic education,

  • EpiCollect-potential partner eg carry out research to establish

local views or monitor project outcomes


VC4Africa-Connect w. local entrepreneurs, ID ICT4D innovations

  • Extensive partnerships, Southern-led, aligns w. national priorities
  • Sustainable model, bottom-up
  • Focus on new tech, new media, the web, mobile & green energy
  • Relevant successes include Eye on Kenyan Parliament,

Budget Tracking Tool, Kibera mappers

  • MetaLab-Partners in getting businesses off the ground
  • Social entrepreneurs
  • Strong model which builds capacity, sustainable, scalable, multi-

Stakeholder, user-driven, appropriate tech, participatory

  • Relevant projects incl. Wireless Africa & Bsmrt (big potential for

scalability and sustainability)

final thoughts
Final Thoughts
  • Further info required to establish efficacy of projects

against Trust outcomes & international effectiveness models

  • Need to investigate routes to embed successful innovation
  • Small grants
  • Stage-gated approach
  • Embed innovator into current structures
  • Adapt and adopt
  • Mediated user voice
  • Research into Practice
  • What support to offer funded projects to

ensure success

  • Projects to support policy makers/gov/media capacity
thank you for listening

Thank You for Listening

Any Questions?

Dr Loren Treisman