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NCSR at INDIGO. Vangelis Karkaletsis Kick-off Project Meeting Athens, 15 February 2007. A few words about NCSR. National Centre for Scientific Research (NCSR) “Demokritos” Largest self-governing research organisation under the supervision of the Greek government

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Ncsr at indigo


Vangelis Karkaletsis

Kick-off Project Meeting

Athens, 15 February 2007

A few words about ncsr
A few words about NCSR

  • National Centre for Scientific Research (NCSR) “Demokritos”

    • Largest self-governing research organisation under the supervision of the Greek government

    • Subdivided in 8 research institutes

      • Biology, Material Sciences, Microelectronics, Informatics & Telecommunications, Nuclear Technology – Radiation Protection, Nuclear Physics, Radioisotopes & Radiodiagnostic products, Physical Chemistry

  • In INDIGO with the Institute of Informatics & Telecommunications

    • Software & Knowledge Engineering Lab (SKEL)

Athens Meeting

And about skel
and about SKEL …

Information Integration

User-friendly information access

Ontology Creation and Maintenance

SKEL researchers aim to develop knowledge technologies that will enable the efficient, cost-effective and user-adaptive management and presentation of information

Athens Meeting

Applied research at skel
Applied Research at SKEL …

  • The general-purpose language engineering platform Ellogon

  • Language processing tools and resources

  • The i-DIP platform for developing web content collection and extraction systems

  • The QUAPRO proxy server, for validating RDF labels of web resources

  • The FILTRON e-mail filter, that blocks unsolicited commercial e-mail (spam messages)

  • The FilterX Web proxy filter, that blocks obscene Web content

  • Tools for creating and maintaining ontologies

  • The PServer general-purpose server for personalization

  • Authoring tool for natural language generation systems

Athens Meeting

Basic research at skel
Basic Research at SKEL …

  • Ontology learning

  • Ontology coordination

  • Document Summarization

  • Ontology-based information extraction

  • Reasoning

  • Natural language generation

  • Web usage mining

Athens Meeting

Skel team at indigo

  • Vangelis Karkaletsis

    • Senior researcher, Head of SKEL

  • Georgios Paliouras

    • Researcher

  • Stasinos Konstantopoulos

    • Post-doctoral researcher

  • Thanasis Tegos

    • MSc student

  • Dimitris Bilidas

    • Research associate

Athens Meeting

Skel infrastructure for indigo
SKEL infrastructure for INDIGO

  • Personalisation Server (PServer)

    • General personalisation framework

      • Independent of particular applications.

      • Able to adapt to application parameters.

      • Covers a wide range of services and functionality.

      • Easily expandable.

      • Easy to set up and use by ongoing projects.

    • PServer operation

      • Application initializes the service by defining & organizing the particular features.

      • Continually notifies PServer on user choices.

      • Application can pose questions at any time

Athens Meeting

Skel infrastructure for indigo1
SKEL infrastructure for INDIGO

  • Authoring tool for NLG applications

    • Originally developed in the context of the M-PIRO project

    • Being extended in cooperation with AUEB team

    • Currently is able to

      • Import OWL-DL ontologies

      • Perform consistency checking using the reasoning engine RACER

      • Export ontologies in OWL and linguistic and user modeling resources in RDF

      • Interact with AUEB’s NaturalOWL NLG engine (a previous version with UEDIN’s Exprimo NLG engine)

Athens Meeting

Extensions needed for indigo
Extensions needed for INDIGO

  • PServer

    • Maintain both the users models and the robotic personality models

    • Integrate new services

  • Authoring Tool

    • Interact with both NLG engines

    • Support for spatial expressions

    • Support for INDIGO’s mark up scheme

Athens Meeting