dalton dickson s culture project n.
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Dalton Dickson’s Culture Project PowerPoint Presentation
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Dalton Dickson’s Culture Project

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Dalton Dickson’s Culture Project - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Dalton Dickson’s Culture Project. Language. In my household , we speak in the English language. English is a European language belonging to the West German branch. It is the official language of Great Britain, the United States, and most of the commonwealth countries. Religion.

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  • In my household, we speak in the English language. English is a European language belonging to the West German branch. It is the official language of Great Britain, the United States, and most of the commonwealth countries.
  • My family belongs to the Catholic Church. The Catholic religion is one of the most widespread religions throughout the world, and it is one of the earliest religions to be created.
  • In my house, you will find food from all different walks of life. My family’s favorite type of food to eat is the All-American type of food, such as hot dogs and macaroni and cheese. My family also likes Tex-Mex, Italian, and Chinese food.
  • The clothing that my family wears is very modern. We like shirts that have logos on them and a good pair of jeans. My family is also a huge Texas Longhorn family. Half of our closets consist of Longhorn shirts, pants, and more.
  • The house that my family lives in is very modern. It is not your usual white house with boring decor. My house is painted light blue with yellow trimming. It is very bright and has a lot of trees and plants surrounding it. On the inside of my house, we have wood flooring and walls, with bright colors for the individual rooms.
ethnic background
Ethnic Background
  • My family is pretty much all Caucasian, with a touch of Indian on my fathers side. Although my dad is the only person who looks like he is part Indian.
  • My family loves to listen to music. Our favorite types of music to listen to are Country, Christian, Rock, Alternative Rock, and Pop music.
  • My family is not very artistic when it comes to paintings or drawings, although we do love to take pictures. In my household, there might be one or two paintings, but that is all.
  • My family is not very fond on reading books. Although we are fond of certain series like the Harry Potter series, we do not read a lot.
family history
Family History
  • My family has many different background heritages. We are part Italian, Irish, German, and Cherokee Indian. My last name, Dickson, is German from my dad’s side.
family traditions
Family Traditions
  • My family does not have many traditions, but we do have one that we do every weekend. On every Sunday, my immediate family works outside with my grandmother and works in her garden. It is a lot of fun, and I get to spend a lot of time with my family.
  • My family celebrates the main holidays in the American culture. We celebrate Thanksgiving, Christmas, Fourth of July, etc. My favorite tradition is during Christmas when my family gets together on Christmas morning and exchanges gifts.
  • My family does not have a set party that we vote for. We are neither Democratic nor Republican.
daily life routine
Daily Life/ Routine
  • My family’s daily life routine is not that complicated. My father is the first person to get up at four in the morning to go to work. My sister is the second person to get up to go swim team practice at five-thirty in the morning. After my sister has left, my momand I get up at six-fifteen and she drops me off at my friends house. From there I go to school and am picked up at three by my dad. After school I go to my grandma’s house and wait for dinner. After dinner my family does any activity that has been planned for the evening. We go to bed around nine-thirty at night and start the day over again.