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Knight Skills

Knight Skills. A First Year Experience Opportunity. Research Guiding Knight Skills.

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Knight Skills

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  1. Knight Skills A First Year Experience Opportunity

  2. Research Guiding Knight Skills “…students in first year experiences interact more often with faculty and other students and on a deeper level. These students also tend to join in more campus activities and generally like their college experience better than students who do not benefit from a first-year experience. In terms of academic achievement, these students ‘have more positive perceptions of themselves as learners. They also achieve higher grades.’” (Goodman & Pascarella 27)

  3. Research Guiding Knight Skills “Many students do not persist for reasons unrelated to academic and intellectual pursuits. In fact, some students cite a lack of social engagement with instructors or peers as the reason for discontent: They simply feel personally isolated and lonely.” (Feldman & Zimbler 2)

  4. Research Guiding Knight Skills “Success in college depends as much on the social and personal dimensions of college life as on particular classroom skills. Given that one-third of first-year students seriously consider dropping out during their initial semester, the first step in truly supporting them is helping them feel connected to the people around them and giving them a sense of belonging in their new home. The more students interact with other students, faculty and campus resources, the greater their chance of persistence.” (Feldman & Zimbler 8)

  5. Research Guiding Knight Skills “Courses may cover non-academic ‘soft-skills’ that relate to career and life success, including decision-making, relationship and diversity issues, health and stress, and – increasingly – financial literacy skills.” (Feldman & Zimbler 4)

  6. Knight Skills Topics • Study Skills • Sexual Relationships • Wellness • Managing Interpersonal Conflict • Resilience • Alcohol and Drugs

  7. EXY 100 Student Feedback “Now I know what I should do whenever I want to go out, or whenever I feel homesick, etc.” “It was nice to have; gave good insight into certain topics” “I thought the Knight Skills class was useful and helped me to learn about what I need to know for College” “Generally expanded my worldly knowledge” “We touched on a lot of key experiences in college” “The Knight Skills labs helped me adjust in that they did address a lot of topics I was worried about – such as going to parties and drinking. The labs in relation to EXY 100 was helpful”

  8. EXY 100 Student Feedback “It helped me learn more about myself. It helped more in EXY 100” “The topics we talked about were more personal which helped me get along better through my 1st semester” “I thought they [Knight Skills] better helped me transition to college but I don’t know how it related to the EXY class. Everyone should benefit from them, not just EXY classes” “Gave me thoughts about how everyone goes through the same feelings when they’re first here” “Knight Skills helped remind me of a good work and social ethic like the link between both classes”

  9. EXY 100 Student Feedback “The setting of the class helped me understand that a lot of students are in the same place as me, a more relaxed setting in this class really helped” “Knight Skills class was great. I learned the do’s and don’ts of being a college student. Knight Skills should definitely be associated with EXY 100” “Many of the labs helped me get used to the college life. They are a great addition to the EXY course” “Gave us insight on the college life basically an overview of what to expect in a college setting which was interesting because it made you think and reflect on certain issues. Like a therapeutic session” “Knight Skills sparked great talks and I learned a lot”

  10. Works Cited Goodman, Kathleen and Ernest T. Pascarella. “First-Year Seminars Increase Persistence and Retention: A Summary of the Evidence from How College Affects Students.”Association of American College & Universities Summer 2006 peerReview(2006): 26-28. Feldman, Robert S. and Mattitiyahu S. Zimbler. “Engendering College Student Success: Improving the First Year and Beyond.” September 2011. McGraw-Hill Research Foundation. 1 Feb 2013. http://mcgraw-hillresearchfoundation.org/wp-content/uploads/2011/09/white-paper-engendering-college-first-year-experience-by-bob-feldman.pdf University of South Carolina – Evidence of Univ101 Course Effectivenesshttp://www.sc.edu/univ101/aboutus/pdf/u101_digest.pdf University of South Carolina – University 101 by the Numbershttp://www.sc.edu/univ101/aboutus/bythenumbers.html

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