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Worthy Knight. Message from the Grand Knight. Brother Knights,

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message from the grand knight

Message from the Grand Knight

Brother Knights,

Since my last letter to you, I have been both encouraged and disappointed. I have seen a few new faces at our meetings and that was terrific. We participated in several projects in October with excellent results and great participation. We began with the St Phillip Neri Parish Picnic led by Jerry Shuchart with 22 members helping to make it a great day for hundreds of parishioners. The next event was Praying the Rosary for America…and 20 people attended 9 of which were our Knights. Joe Kestler was chairman for this project. The semi-annual garage sale organized by Frank Barta involved 23 members. And our annual participation in Midwest City’s Trick or Treat City had 7 members, 1 wife, 1 daughter, and 1 granddaughter helping. We blew up what seemed like a million balloons and thousands of kids seemed to enjoy the festivities. The smiles make it all worth while. Look for pictures of each of these events on the website soon.

Now as much as I hate to do it, the disappointments. I have made a vigorous attempt to contact each member of our council by phone, by e-mail, or in person to ask for your input, attendance, e-mail addresses, approval to publish your e-mail address and/ or phone number in the new website directory, and just to let you know we care about all of you and need you. I have received very few responses. I sent an e-mail out on Thursday requesting able bodied men to help us with the clean-up and repair at the hall on Saturday. We had 5 guys show up. 3 more than 70 years old who worked til they hurt. With the help of 15-20 guys we could have finished the whole list of items in a couple of hours. Surely their are a few more of us that can spend a couple hours on a Saturday morning to make our Council better? Enough of that.


November is going to be a busy month too. We have The Running of the Silver Rose on the 10th at 9 AM. The Memorial Mass on the 20th at 6 PM. Finally, we are hosting Corporate Communion on the 30th and I would like to encourage each of you to make a small sacrifice and attend the 8:15 Mass at St Phillip Neri. I know many of you attend at different times and different places, but for this one occasion please consider helping us make a good showing at this event. We only do this a few times a year and it’s an important part of who we are. 4th Degree members are requested to wear social baldric. We have reserved a room at Golden Corral for breakfast after Mass.

There is one important issue that we will be discussing at our November business meeting. As many of you might know, each Knights of Columbus Council has been assessed $3 per member to establish a Culture of Life Fund by the Supreme. Most of us were also solicited to make individual donations to this fund. Several of our Officers have discussed a variety of options to fund this additional expense. One idea floated was to request of our members that any individual gifts to the fund be remitted to the council and used to offset our assessment? Another proposal is an increase in dues? These and other proposals will be discussed at the Officers meeting on the 1st Thursday of November and recommendations will be presented to the full membership at our November business meeting on the 2nd Thursday. I would like to have more than a dozen members discuss and decide this issue, so please try to attend.

One last item I would like to inform each of you about is a request by Fr. Fuller presented by Lyle Beemon to supply beanie babies to the troops, which they use to calm terrified children in Iraq and Afganistan. I have committed to purchasing 240 of these beanie babies from a former dealer in California for $1 each plus the shipping to get them here which could be as much as $100. We passed the hat at our last meeting to collect funds to help out and collection stands at $92 at this point. I have communicated directly with Fr. Fuller and he expressed his gratitude for the efforts of our Knights and the continued need. Please contact Lyle and commit as much as you can to fulfill our pledge.

Thanks to all, for all you do!

Vivat Jesus,

John McCarthy

Grand Knight

message from the faithful navigator

Message from the Faithful Navigator

Dear Sir Knights

Thank you to all the members who were at the last scheduled meeting in October, it was one of our more congenial meetings held in a long time, much camaraderie shared by all. November and December will be very busy months for us, not only the regular holidays of Thanksgiving and Christmas but a number of scheduled events for our council and assembly.

The first event our assembly and council will be involved in is “The Running of the Silver Rose”, on 10 Nov 08, which as most know starts in Canada and is carried by runners to Mexico. Our portion starts at Sooner Road and 29th Street in Midwest City at 9 am (0900L) Monday morning.

The next event we have scheduled is a Fourth Degree Dinner scheduled on 11 Nov 08, at 6:30pm (1830L), at Bandana Reds Grill, SE 29th St and Henney Road, Choctaw. We will have a reserved room off to the rite side of the cafe, tell the waitress you are with the Knights of Columbus group. Order off the menu, separate checks. We have a number of reviews that state they have good food. Reviews may be seen in the front office.

Then the next event is a Memorial Mass on 20 Nov 08, at 6:30pm (1830L), at the council hall, 8805 NE 10th St, MWC. Rev Patrick McCool, OSB, will celebrate Mass honoring our deceased Brother Knights. This is in place of our regularly scheduled Fourth degree business meeting and is a combined event of the council and assembly. Following Mass will be hors d’oeuvres provided by the council. For those willing to show off their creative baking skills, you are asked to please bring a dessert.


The next event is Corporate Communion with both our council and assembly at St Philip Neri Parish, MWC, on 30 Nov 08, at the 8:15am (0815L) Mass. Members with their families will sit together in a designated area to show our solidarity for our Priests. We ask that our Fourth Degree members wear their social baldric for the Mass. Following the Mass we will meet at the Golden Coral, 617 Air Dept Blvd, MWC, for breakfast in a reserved room, tell the cashier you are with the Knights of Columbus group. Separate checks, buffet breakfast.

Coming up in December is a Pancake breakfast sponsored by the assembly and council on 14 Dec 08 at 9:30am (0930L), at St Philip Neri in Felician Hall, following the 8:15 Mass. Plus a “White Elephant Auction and Dinner” sometime in December, date TBA.

Don’t forget, there will not be business meeting in November, in it’s place is the Memorial Mass, we need you there !!!

Remember, support our Priests, share our Faith, and ye shall be rewarded.

And Jesus Wept

Peter O. Maselli

Faithful Navigator

council and assembly support

Council and Assembly Support

We support the ministries at St Phillip Neri, Midwest City; St Paul the Apostle, Del City; and St Francis of Assisi, Tinker Air Force Base.

garage sale recap

Garage Sale Recap:

Brother Knights

The Garage Sale was somewhat of a success.  The donations were not what we normally get and the customers were not there either.  I would like to thank the following individuals for their support: Steve and Emily Chuma, Pete and Evelina Maselli, Joe and Mary Kestler, Jack and Julie Schuman, Charlie Gambitta, Karl Call, Ray Mussatto, Ron Keim, Dennis Campbell, John Wilhite, Sal Borrego, Jerry Shuchart,  Ron Bauer, Javier Solis, Jim Brantner, Roy Montambault, Stacy Palmer & Kathleen and Frank Barta.  These individuals helped with Set-up, sales and clean-up, without their efforts and volunteered time, this project would not have been the success that it was.  Everybodys time in valuable and because of that we can appreicate it all the more when it is given.  God Bless and our prayers are with you all.

Frank Barta

hall rentals

Hall Rentals

Available for Most Occasions

Call Jerry @737-2997

knight of the month

Knight of The Month

Jerry Shuchart

Knight of the Month for September is Jerry Shuchart. Jerry chaired the SPN Picnic and produced one of the best picnics in years, organized the volunteers for trick or treat city, worked the garage sale, and participated in the Rosary for America, not to mention his regular duties. Thank you, Jerry.

need a name tag

Need a Name Tag?

Call Jerry at 737-2997

running of the silver rose

Running of the Silver Rose

The Silver Rose of Our Lady of Guadalupe will begin its journey through the state of Oklahoma on Sunday, October, 26, 2008 with celebration of Mass at 10:30am at St. Francis Xavier Catholic Church in Tulsa.  The Running of the Silver Rose will begin after the Mass and will be traveling throughout the state for 3 weeks until it is handed off to the state of Texas on November 15. 

Former Vice Supreme Master Bob Basolo has put much effort in to scheduling and routing the Rose through as many cities, parishes, councils and assemblies as possible.  It is the goal of The Running of the Silver Rose program to have as many knights and their families as possible have an opportunity to run/walk with The Rose, schedule a local church service for The Rose each evening and to have The Rose carried on foot as much as possible.  To keep the miles that The Rose is carried by automobile to a minimum, we must have widespread participation from all of the councils in the state.

Our Councils participation is on Monday, Nov 10.  We will start at Sooner and SE 29th Street at 9:00 am and run to Norman.  All members are invited.  Either run or walk.  Have all individual that would like to participate contact Sal Borrego @ 732-5969. Also, we need an escort from the Sheriff/Police department to accompany us on the run.

november birthdays

November Birthdays

I hope you will call and wish them a Happy Birthday. Everybody likes to hear from friends.

John Black

Christopher Browne

Gilbert Campbell

George Chacon

Thomas Hawkins

Joe LeClair

Joseph Martinez

Alan Price

Charles Schuman

Mike Villanueva

Anthony Wagner

Mitchell Maichak

new project

New Project?

We are considering hosting a Texas Hold-em Tournament, at the Hall, as a recurring fundraiser. If you would like to participate as a player, planner, or doer, call Paul Reil @ 610-2116 or John McCarthy @ 737-3743



Visit our website kofc4026.com often to keep up with what’s going on. If you have pictures, stories, or news send it to me via e-mail and it will be published ASAP

e mail addresses

E-mail Addresses

We will be sending our newsletter out by e-mail each month and need your help to make it work. Currently we have less than half of the e-mail addresses of our members. If you talk to one of our Brothers, please encourage him to submit his address. This will be new and fun for everyone.



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