knight dungavel n.
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Knight Dungavel

Knight Dungavel

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Knight Dungavel

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  1. Knight Dungavel

  2. Once upon a time…. Once upon a time there was a knight. His name was Dungavel. He was very strong and he had a big black horse called Nucxt.

  3. He wanted to find a beautiful girl to marry. He rode on Nucxt to New York. At the same time a beautiful princess came from Canada olse to New York to find a knight.

  4. They met and fell in love. They ride on Nucxt on the way to her parent’s castle. Half way there, they came to a road crossing. The princess wanted to go left and the knight wanted to go right so they chose to ride straight on. After they had been riding a long time they saw a cave on their left side. The princess said that she did not see any cave.

  5. On her way to New York. So this was not the right way. They decision to to sleep in the cave over night and ride back to the crossing the next day. In the middle of the night a strange big animal came.

  6. It had six legs and a very big head with four purple eyes. Dungavel grasped his sword and stabbed it into the animal so it died. At once they rode back to the road crossing and rode to the left and soon they came to the castle. THE END 