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Battle of Somme

Battle of Somme . Hannah walker. Iraqi Aftermath She was only six! The woman cried Cradling her daughter as she died The soldier blank could not compose As up to her feet the woman rose

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Battle of Somme

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  1. Battle of Somme Hannah walker

  2. Iraqi Aftermath • She was only six! The woman criedCradling her daughter as she diedThe soldier blank could not composeAs up to her feet the woman rose • I spit on you and all your kinWhat is this hell you have us in?Is this freedom? Is this why you fight?How many more children, die tonight? • Mama I know your angry and it breaks my heartThis is not my War, this is just my partAfter the bombings I come to collateSuccess of the mission, or mistakes that we make • She points to the little lifeless pileThere's your mistake, one dead childOne more tomorrow, maybe two or threeIf that is your freedom, don't liberate me Rhyme- Fight and tonight Repetition; Mistake

  3. In The Battle Of Somme 58,000 English troops were killed on the first day.

  4. This amount remains the record of most killed on the first day of a battle.

  5. The main aim was to kill German soldiers and the other was to gain land.

  6. The German’s barbed wire and the English’s poor weapons made the attack go horribly wrong.

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